Thank you for stopping by today! It is so nice to have you here and be able to introduce myself to you.

Some simple get to know me's:

I'm Nicholl.

I live in Miami.

I was born in the beautiful country of Colombia and raised in Memphis, TN. I love the South for the tranquility it raised me with, but owe the fire under me to my Spanish roots.

I laugh all day long.

I am easy-going, silly, and sarcastic.

I believe in God, love, and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, but I am not religious.

I work in freelance Media Relations & Communications.

I believe in empowering women to reach success. "I am not interested in competing. I hope we all make it." - Erica Cook

I have loved fashion since I discovered it helps me find myself, and express who I am. I wear black more than any other color, and I appreciate luxury fashion.

I believe that gratitude is the greatest multiplier.

I enjoy Netflix because I can watch endless re-runs of Grey's Anatomy, peanut m&ms and salt & vinegar chips. And the obvious things like the beach, my family, wonderful friends, traveling, and eating.

"There are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Einstein 


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  1. Your blog is too cute! We are currently living in Memphis and also have a pup named Cooper :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. So glad you found Three Bracelets and now so glad I found your blog!!!! You two are so cute!

  3. Haha, another Cooper here as well :)

  4. You had the most beautiful wedding!!

  5. adorable little blog and you have stunning style my friend! thanks for stopping by my blog...look forward to following!

  6. Love your blog...I am a newly wed too and my name is Nichole! We have a couple similarities.

    Thanks for stopping by BlissfulVida!!

    Hope to see you back!

    Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

  7. Hi Nicholl!!!! Greetings to you in Miami-ami-ami (isn't Miami a song, I have no idea!). I'm Nicole from Three 31 and your blog is adorable ... just like YOU. I'm glad to have found another Southern Gal. I live in Texas but I am originally from Kentucky. I'm following your blog and look forward to future posts.

    Big hug,

  8. cute fam!! i also helped myself to a gander at your wedding pics. such a beautiful day :]

  9. Hi! New follower from the GFC linkup! Love love love the look of your blog! :)

  10. thanks for stopping by my site earlier today! i'm also a new follower from the gfc link up

  11. I have one word for you, gorgeous! Well actually two words, sweet and gorgeous!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my site this past week, stopping by to say hi! :D LOVE your pictures! Looking forward to browsing through and reading more posts :) <3

  13. Hi Nicholl! I just came across your blog from Neely's blog and let me tell you...you're blog is so cute! My husband and I also love the Lord and are semi-newlyweds (married in January 2011!)! I look forward to keeping up with you!

  14. I am dying over all of your style posts. You're too cute!! Love your blog oh so much. New follower : )

    xx Amy

  15. Adorable blog! Glad to have found it :)

  16. nicholl, i'm so GLAD i found your blog- i feel like i already know you :) my husband grew up in pittsburgh, too, and we lived there for a year after we got married!

  17. This is too cute. It is wonderful to 'meet' you. :)


  18. Cute blog! I have my BA in English as well and my hubby is from the Pittsburgh area as well. :-)


  19. Love your blog. I live in the Tampa Bay area. Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment. It is always appreciated.

  20. i love the pictures!
    they're gorgeous

  21. You guys are just adorable!! Took a peak at your wedding pictures and they look fabulous! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower...xoxo.

  22. I have a BA in English too :)

    I seriously love your blog. I just drooled over all your wedding photos. Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Hi Nicholl!!! I'm your new follower.. your blog is beautiful!!!! I'm italian.. married to a "Denveriano".. :)
    Mucho gusto de conocerte!


  24. srsly the middle picture with your dog squinting is adorable!!!! thanks for stoppin by :)))))
    new follower :)

  25. Thank you for stopping by my site! I love your blog and will be following you! Its so wonderful that you and your husband share the same passion for blogging!


  26. Thanks for coming by my blog last week! So sorry it took me this long to visit yours. I am loving your style! Will you shop for me?? I am now following you, so hopefully I can copy some of your adorable outfits! Oh...you mentioned finding your dream job. What would that be?!

  27. Thanks for the visit! I love your fashion ideas!

  28. You're so cute! Love your blog and pink and gold?
    I'm in :)

    Returning the follow!
    xo Kathy

  29. Thanx for your comment on my blog! Like your blog!

  30. SO cute!! Your blog is so sweet and so beautiful! I'm so glad I stopped by :) New follower, for sure

  31. Greetings from Found Love. Now What? Your blog is so sweet! As a newlywed, I am inspired to add an "Our Wedding" page to my blog as well.


  32. Thank you for stopping by my site! I love the gold glitter and your dog is just too cute!

  33. Hi Nicholl! Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me luck on the new job. I will be blogging all about it. I love your style... so cute and chic. Cheers!


  34. Just looked at your wedding pictures! They're great! I love how your accented with red! Happy weekend! :)

  35. I am so glad I found your blog!! You and your little family are adorable! Thanks for stopping by!

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have poked around here and I love your style. Plus, you have a super cute puppy .
    New follower:)

  37. I'm a new follower from today's blog hop. You're stunningly beautiful and I love your shop! Excited to continue reading your blog!
    Rhiannon at Being mom{me}

  38. whoohoo for english majors that also love the Lord! :) thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, definitely following back! :)

  39. I LOVE your blog. I am your newest follower. I hope you have a great week! your so beautiful :)

  40. Hey I'm from Miami too! Aww it's nice to finally meet another local!

    Have a great week!

    Yesi @ For Miami and Love <3

  41. Hey! Thanks for finding and following my humble little blog. I am loving yours! You and your hubs are so cute and I'm thinking I'm going to pick up some style tips here. :)

  42. Hi, Nicholl! Thanks for stopping by the blog! So glad to have you following along. Love your blog and your heart for the Lord! I'm following, too!


  43. Hi, Nicholl! New follower! Well...we have loving the Lord and being from Memphis in common! Love your blog!

  44. Your blog looks so lovely! Following now and can't wait to read more! Did I mention you are incredibly gorgeous?! Thanks for stopping by at my baby blog :)

  45. Glad you stopped by my blog last week! I stopped by to say hello and now I am hooked. Love your blog! <3

  46. I just learned of your blog from Sparkling Footsteps and I see we have a lot in common :) I'm a Latin girl married to a Pittsburgh boy (major Steelers fan) & we met at church! And we live in Ft Lauderdale too!!! Great to come across another blogger with some commonality :)


  47. Hi Nicholl - paying back the love (thanks for stopping by over at Sophie At Home!)Love your style, girl! S x

  48. Just found your blog through The Kinch Life. I love your "about me" and I'm looking forward to following your blog!

  49. Hey lady!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! So excited to add you to my list of must reads. I love you are satisfied with the small things in life!! Did I mention your wedding photos are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    Thanks again,


  50. saying hi- your newest follower!
    love your blog already!


  51. Following from the blog hop. Beautiful pics, my teen daughters love, love your style. Becca wants that burgundy sweater, and green boots:)www.cheermamadrama.blogspot.com

  52. So cute, love your blog! Just stumbled upon it over on for Lauren & Lauren. Newest follower right here!


  53. Hello there,
    I am not sure if you will read this or not, but I just wanted to say thank you for doing this blog. I found it this morning through another blog I read a lot. It brings me SO much joy to see a fellow Christian blogging. You're gorgeous, stylish, honest & real, and you love Jesus! That is so awesome! I follow quite a few blogs, but it is difficult finding young Christian women who have great blogs like yours. Keep up the great work! Hope you have a blessed week!

  54. Hi! Following from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Great photos! Would love for you to check out my blog - thanks!

    Michiko @ www.theressomethingaboutmichiko.com

  55. Hi! Wow, you are gorgeous and so was your wedding. I'm a sucker for wedding pictures. Love your blog and wanted to say hi!

  56. Hi! Just found your blog while looking for stuff do to. We will be in Miami this week and are trying to find fun stuff to do, let me know if you have any advice!!


  57. Just wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. Tried to respond back via email, but you're listed as "no-reply". Can't wait to read more of your blog!!

  58. For some reason it wont let me click on your wedding tab :(

  59. The ring is back on people, but I don't think the marriage is. If that is the case, then that is really sad news.

  60. I think you are right. She is no longer with her husband anymore. I find it interesting that these bloggers are always portraying this "perfect" lifestyle, but when something real like divorce happens, nobody addresses it. Very weird.

  61. Hi Nicholl,

    I just wanted to say your blog is beautiful. I can see how much time and effort you put into it. I also want to apologize for some people's insensitive comments on here. Your personal life is your business, and I don't think you owe readers or anyone else an explanation for what happens in your life, that's between you and whoever it concerns. Hey, if it's any consolation, you know you've made it when people start hating ;)


  62. really love the look of your blog!

    Christina :)

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