Beauty Gift Guide

I am half way through my Christmas shopping this year, and I swear it seems like every year it only gets harder! I feel like the women around me have just about everything I can think of! Of course they can always use more clothes, shoes, or handbags, but those are super personal and I prefer to have them pick those out themselves, as I know I like to pick that stuff out on my own. 
When I thought long and hard, I opted for beauty gifts that perhaps are pretty low on our own priority lists. Because I know at least for me, I'm more focused on finding the perfect gifts for others and not spending money on getting myself really great hair products, much needed laser hair removal, eyelash serum, or favorite make-up. Those are things that rarely go on sale anyway, so its most likely not something that your girlfriends picked up over Black Friday. 
These are my personal favorites right now, and I know they would make a great quality gift for your mom, sister, best friend, mother-in-law...
1. Body Details Laser Hair Removal
I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS. I had my armpit and bikini lines lasered off at Body Details in Palm Beach Gardens (they have locations all over South Florida) and it is by far the best beauty decision I've made. It has made life easier (no, not trivial, I promise it has.) as I don't shave anymore, and I don't worry about going to the pool and forgetting to shave my bikini line..or wearing tank tops and realizing I didn't shave. Ugh, the dog days. lol. 
It doesn't hurt at all, and the staff was super friendly. Plus, they have some great specials and if you love someone, help them be happy and without unwanted hair. You're welcome. You'll be thankful forever. Life is hard, uncomplicated it when you can. 
2Nomad x Firenze Make Up Palette

This make up palette is inspired by the beautiful city of Florence, one of my favorite Italian cities, and I love how it includes something for your whole face. This is a simple, and really well rounded gift for any lady. 

3. Shu Uemura Art of Hair
I am almost sure we all have a friend recovering from a gone-wrong ombre, over bleached head of hair. I have been that friend, and I have that friend. For this very reason, try and save what's left and bring it back to life with this Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo. I was over bleached two years ago, and I am STILL on the very last stages of growing out and getting healthy hair again. This shampoo is sulfate free which is the first of all lethal hair weapons, and it really does a number on moisture which is what those dead locks need. 
4. Buxom Mascara / Lip Gloss Bar
This turned out to be a really cute gift for fun, quirky girls. The mascara bar is really cool because it has several brushes and a mascara pot so you can experiment which brush does what. I love this because I am eyelash obsessed, so this gives me something to play with, plus it comes in fun packaging! 
The lip gloss bar I liked for the younger audience because its quite the collection and it comes in a big fun box that anyone would be happy to open and play with. 
5. Girlfriend to Girlfriend. Gift her your favorite beauty products! 
Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer  
I get so many compliments and questions on my foundation, which I switched to about 6 months ago and I don't think I will ever go back! This Clinique foundation + concealer all in one bottle of liquid magic is super correcting, perfecting and not heavy. The color options are vast and I have found a foundation soulmate and I want to turn all my girlfriends to it because once you go to this you'll never go back! 
Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara
At the time I switched to my life-altering foundation I just ranted about, this mascara was coming out  so I decided to give it a go because I've yet to meet a mascara I didn't want to try. Not having heard much about it my expectations werent too high, but nonetheless I tried it and IT IS VA VA BOOM good. Only one I've been using since! Just got my second bottle ;) 
6. 21 Trans Dermal Eyelash Growth Serum

I've tried a couple different eyelash serums, and this is my newest one. I like it. Not necessarily any better than others, but for the price ($58 on Amazon) it is a good option. I have noticed most of them make my eyelashes fuller and longer, and I get asked if I have eyelash extensions at least once a day, which didn't use to happen before I used serums religiously. Whatever serum you go with, it is a gift that keeps on giving and something different to enhance her beauty!
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  1. so many great gift ideas for the beauty lover.


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