To Give

French Connection Leather Trousers / Posch Boutique Velvet bodysuit / justfab booties

I recently attended the grand opening of my friend's business, and it was a cocktail dress occasion, but for whatever reason I was not feeling like a dress that day. I wanted something equally sexy but slightly edgier...
This is my last post for the remainder of the year, as I want to unplug from social media/computer/work to really devote myself to my family and doing some charity work while in Colombia. In this Christmas season I am reminded that "it really is more blessed to give than to receive" and I hope that I can give my heart, time and mind fully to loving and making memories. Merry Christmas! xo
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Winter Box

express faux leather leggings / blaque label blazer

I got this faux fur scarf a couple years ago before going to NYC during the winter, and I only wore it there and put it in my winter box thats been hiding away since and completely forgot about it. I recently found the box and went through it and saw so many Winter items that I could have used on trips over the past year, like when I went to the French Alps and had to buy a skiing jacket there- found three in the box... I pulled out the fur and made an outfit for Bogota which is pretty cold right now!
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Olive Pumps / asos skirt / posch boutique bodysuit

I am leaving to Colombia for my birthday and Christmas today and I am SO excited! I just want to say a quick thank you to those of you who visit this site frequently, and wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope to see you guys again next year and hope you all unplug and relax! xoxoxoxoxo
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bella dahl jacket / french connection jeans 

I got these shoes on a whim, because they were like $20 at a random little store, and I thought they were a little funny looking, like clown shoes. But I also thought they were different and didn't have a whole lot to lose if I only wore them once. I couldn't believe the amount of compliments I received from them. I laughed every time thinking how when I buy something and think its so cute and maybe even an investment piece, it often goes unnoticed but these funky "clown" shoes were the quite the attention getters..
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Camel Suede

 Hot Miami Styles Suede Jacket / zara skirt & top / shoes / Ray bans 
I wear my black leather jacket more than any other piece of clothing in my closet, and I've been looking for a suede moto jacket in this camel color for a long time to alternate between this and my black one.
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Neon x2

neon yellow valentino rockstud shoes

hot miami styles two piece grey set

the chiffon diary two piece grey set neon yellow valentino
grey two piece set / Valentino shoes / h&m faux fur scarf, celine sunglasses. 
Monochromatic outfits have become an easy and fun outfit selection, and grey is my favorite color to wear if im just doing one color head to toe. I've had this monsters inc look a like scarf for a while (don't even remember how it ended up in my closet), but I randomly wanted to incorporate it as a pop of color and the shoes were a similar shade, so I went with it. 

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Denim Skirt

red ribbed turtleneck bodysuit hot miami styles
the chiffon diary denim skirt hot miami styles

the chiffon diary denim skirt hot miami styles
Hot Miami Styles Skirt / HMS Red Turtleneck Bodysuit / French Connection Booties / Black Ray Ban Aviators 

When I saw the denim skirt trend coming back about a year ago I did not like it at all. It reminded me of middle school days (90's baby) where everything was awkward and my fashion sense was confused and heavily misguided by stores like wet seal..lol does anyone remember that store? Laughing over here thinking about it. 
I do love this skirt though, it fits well, and its a good alternative to wearing jeans. Everything from Hot Miami Styles fits like a glove and is so flattering.  

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Stylish Holiday Destination

This post is brought to you by SearsStyle. 

I love having holiday parties to prepare for, and I love that during the holidays a little extra oomph is totally acceptable via metallics, sequins, and glitter. While I was searching SearsStyle for a holiday outfit, I was impressed by how many sophisticated and stylish options I found at at very affordable prices. While at it, I also picked up some basics like shirts and leggings. I found Sears  it to be a good place to find really great deals and statement pieces like this pink faux fur jacket for only $35! I can also see myself wearing it in a more casual way with black ripped jeans, a black tee and pumps! I can't wait!

The hottest trends, celebrity style, and fashion tips you can afford to try. #SearsStyleFind 

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The Usual

A top that I mix and match most often is this super affordable under $10 striped top from Sears. I treat it like a neutral along with this cozy quilted coat that saved the day when freezing in Europe. I love that I can reach for a couple of pieces in my closet and be sure that I will be put together because they are timeless and versatile. It's a top that I like to use while shopping during the holidays because I hate trying on, but it usually works with most things I try without having to create a whole outfit. Anyone else have fitting room rage?
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Repeat Offender

Express Jeans / Hermes Belt / just fab booties / gifted cape blazer

Last weekend I was in a rush to get to church on time, and I knew I wanted to wear all black but once I was fully dressed I felt too plain, so I ran back in the house and grabbed this blazer that was still in a bag that it'd been gifted to me in and threw it on the way out. Little did I know I'd commit a repeat offense only two days later because of how much I liked the outfit. 

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