Fringe Benefit

dittos jeans / celine sunglasses/ posch boutique top / balenciaga boots

Happy Thanksgiving! Last Thanksgiving I was on the prettiest horse farm, and this year I will be home celebrating with close friends whose family is also away. Since being on my own in South Florida, Thansgiving is the holiday I spend here without my family and theres always a certain melancholy attached to it, but I try to be positive and thankful for the love around me from my non-related family! 

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  1. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Also, love the fringe top!

  2. I definitely understand the missing the family thing! It's hard living so far away and now I'm planning on moving farther so that's a challenge. But you're definitely tackling the challenge in style - you look amazing, that top is perfect :)

    xx, Ashleigh | www.fashioninflight.com


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