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Nitrogen Healthy skin blush

nitrogen healthy skin blends

nitrogen healthy skin blends

nitrogen healthy skin blush
the chiffon diary neutrogena healthy skin blends

Hi guys! I am currently in New York City and headed out to Venice tonight. So excited to meet my sister there! I like to travel in my comfiest, and most neutral in case the travel time is extended, then I can be in the same clothes. I also use very minimal make up on travel days because they are most often long days and I don't like to get my skin clogged. Also, when I get tired I don't want to rub my face and look crazy. When I received these Neutrogena blush and powder, they actually worked perfectly for this type of day when I want my skin as radiant and unclogged as possible, but without shine and a subtle blush. I got the oil-control powder which is really great to wear over a moisturizer and look even, and I love this soft blush, which I wear on the highest part of my cheekbones since my face shape is oval. This blush blends evenly and is a nice pop on a "clean face."

 I will keep you guys updated on my European travels as much as internet permits! Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (nichollv)! Hope you have a great week! 

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