My Coolsculpting Treatment

A few weeks ago I was approached by the Coolsculpting team asking if I'd like to try out a treatment. Within seconds I replied an excited yes, because this whole year I have looked into it, but never pulled the trigger on it. One, because I just didn't have enough information on it, and I didn't know if it could work. There are so many fads that come and go, that you really have to almost know someone who did it and see the results for yourself to actually make the investment, and make sure that it is safe. 

So, if you've never heard of Coolsculpting, it is the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. That's the official definition. In my words, it is this ultra modern machine that is placed on your stubborn fat area (i did lower abdomen) for an hour, and it breaks up the fat through extreme cooling. 

These are some questions I had prior to, that I could really only prove by doing it; so if you are considering it, these are some questions you might have that I can answer for you ahead of time, in complete honesty. PS. I'm not being paid to do this, but I did get the treatment for free, and have complete freedom to write an honest review. 

1. Does it hurt? 
It does for the first eight minutes of the treatment while the skin goes numb. It feels like cramps. After the first eight minutes you feel nothing. When the treatment ends, like 20 minutes after you begin to feel the skin come back to life, similar to when your leg falls asleep, and its a little weird, but it goes away within minutes. 

2. What does it feel like after?
For about ten days when I wore pants and they rubbed on the treated area I'd feel a little numbness. Other than that, I did pee more than normal, and the day after my stomach was a little upset, but I don't know if it was related. 

3. How do you prepare for it? 
This I wish I'd known because since the first 8 minutes feel painful and crampy, I wish I'd had a big breakfast because I began to feel dizzy and not having sugar in me didn't help. Thankfully the staff at Miami Plastic Surgery gave me some starbursts lol 

4. Does it work? Can you see a difference and how soon? 
They tell you you won't notice any difference for two weeks, but I noticed after one week. I was skeptical because I thought i'd see something right away, but not at all. However, after a week I definitely noticed a flatter lower abdomen. I knew something would happen because I felt like while it was being "frozen" something had to be happening, and I do see that some of that fat went away. However, its just part one of the treatment, and I have my last one in December. Then I'll be able to gage how much it really worked for me.

5. Why and where did you have it done? 
I had it done because although I am thin, I have a little pudge on the lower part of my stomach and that fat is so stubborn. I've tried dieting and exercise for it, and im sure if I did like 10000 crunches a day and ate no sugar it would go away, but I am not that disciplined and its just never going to happen so Coolsculpting was a pretty cool solution. 

I had it done at Miami Plastic Surgery and it was relaxing, as I watched TV for an hour while it was being done and the staff was really nice! They gave me starbursts!!! 
My second treatment is in December and I am excited to show y'all final results but I can say that I do see a flatter stomach after the first treatment! 

You can see a lot of before/after pictures on the Coolscupting website and find treatment centers, and more detailed info, but this is a good before/after and this is what the machine looks like. 

coolsculpting lower abdomen

coolsculpting review

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