Laser Cut Heel

White button up, distressed denim, heel gladiators

White button up, lovers + friends jeans, black celine bag, sandal boots
Lovers + Friends Distressed Denim / Laser Cut Heel Sandals / Celine Bag / Oversized Boyfriend Shirt
I wanted to wear these laser cut heel sandals that I don't wear too often as they are super statement shoes in my opinion, and I wanted to be casual, funky, so I wore my favorite pair of jeans and topped it with a simple men's button down that I've had forever. Can never have too many white shirts.
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Denim Truth or Dare

This post is sponsored by Target

grey distressed target denim

grey distressed target denim

grey distressed target denim

target skinny jean

target skinny jean

I partnered with Target this month for a denim truth or dare where I tried a style I don't usually wear, and one that is typical for me. I wear these light wash skinny jeans all the time, as I can pair them with both white and black, and most other colors. When I wear these jeans, I always wear heels with them, because if I don't I feel a little too casual for a work day. I love the grey jeans too, but they are not something I would wear every day because they are high waisted, and I consider myself too short, and they cut me off even more. However, I like the rips on these, and they were great with sneakers and a tee to run errands in. Trying new denim styles can be intimidating because once you find a brand, wash and fit that you love, its hard to let it go. However, Target denim has a really extensive range of options like jeggings, skinny, flare, bootcut, straight, boyfriend style, as well as colors, to fit every personality, style and lifestyle for a great price. 

Find your style at @Targetstyle
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Suede Crop

Suede Crop Top

Lovers + Friends Distressed Denim

The Chiffon Diary Suede Crop Top

I have seen a bazillion people wearing suede skirts, and I think they're so cute! But I'm not much of a skirt girl, so I wanted to find my own version of suede that I love, and that can easily transition from Summer to Fall (Florida Fall), and when I stumbled upon this crop top, I fell in love, and more so at only $16! I wore it with shorts in the Caribbean and fell asleep on a sail boat and got the most unflattering tan lines ha!
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Traveling To St. Kitts

I got back from St. Kitts this past Saturday, after spending four days on the beautiful island in the Caribbean. Before this trip I didn't know much about the country, but I was graciously invited by St. Kitts Marriott, and I am always eager to visit a new place. And after being to many of the Caribbean islands, I've never been disappointed, and this time was no exception. 
Brimstone Hill St. Kitts

St. Kitts is a mountainous paradise, full of deep Caribbean culture, incredible views, and even more spectacular people. The former British colony, which gained its commonwealth independence in 1983 has little remains of the British culture, except the language. It is very Caribbean in the best way possible. The music, food, and way of life is easy, delicious and vibrant. 
I got there Wednesday afternoon, and was welcomed by a TING, which is a local grapefruit soda, that is a must have. (and Ting with a Sting, for a more adult version). That night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the steakhouse inside the Marriott and called it an early night. 

St. Kitts Flag

St. Kitts Rainforest Hike

View of St.Kitts

St.Kitts Brimstone Hill

caribbean salad with blackened fish

st.kitts ocean view

st.kitts marriott pool view room

st.kitts marriott pool view room

caribbean fish lunch

beach at st. kitts marriott

Friday night, after being relaxed from the spa time, we did a really casual dinner at Sprat Net, an outdoors restaurant on the beach, where you eat on picnic tables and the food is caught fresh that evening. Honestly guys, it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I had two huge lobsters and a whole snapper, and I am not kidding, I was in heaven. It was so delicious. I would go back to St. Kitts just to eat there! 
sprat nat st.kitts
That night we had some CSR rum which is made on the island from their own sugar cane production and is 80% but surprisingly smooth. If you get a chance, try to find some Hammond which is like our moonshine, except its really sweet from the cane. It's also not legally sold, so only if you find a rum hole ;) We went dancing at some of the bars on the strip and then back to the hotel at the new Sky lounge where we enjoyed a local Caribbean band and showed off our booty dancing. 

ocean st.kitts

beach makeup
Earrings from Happiness Boutique
dragonfruit sangria st.kitts ocean view

pink body con midi dress

breakfast in bed at hotel

On Thursday, we took the St. Kitts Scenic Railway train which takes you all around the island, with unlimited pina coladas, traditional singers, and a phenomenal view of the island that you can't get in any other way. 
We took the train on the west side of the island, and then switched on to a sailboat to finish the east side. Accompanied by a couple of rum punches, and some cruise tourists, the tour was a great way to spend half the day seeing the island. 

st.kitts scenic railway

st.kitts scenic railway

st.kitts scenic railway

sailing in st.kitts

caribbean oxtail

caribbean ocean view

caribbean meets atlantic st.kitts

caribbean meets atlantic st.kitts

st.kitts national flower poinciana

Friday we got a little more physical and went on a rainforest hike, which was so amazing. Our tour guide O'neill (he has his own tour guide company and is the best!) is 70 years old and climbs up to the volcano twice a day. He is in ten times better shape than I am in my twenties! Hiking the rainforest for the first time was an experience I'll never forget! 
After the hike, we went back to the hotel and shortly after a casual lunch we hit up the spa. I got the bamboo treatment which is a combination of a deep tissue, and rolling hot bamboo sticks on your body, as well as incorporating hot stones. It was so relaxing! 

Once we got back, we lounged by the pool and went to dinner at Carambola Beach Club. There, I had lobster risotto, which i'm still thinking about, and some really fresh sushi. 

st.kitts rainforest hike

st.kitts rainforest hike

st.kitts rainforest hike
Saturday, we went to the farmers market early, and up to Brimstone Hill for the best view of the island. We went all the way up to the top, got some pictures, and then headed back to the hotel to have one last Caribbean salad with blackened fish before heading out to the airport. 
My stay at the St. Kitts Marriott was amazing, and I hope to be back in St. Kitts soon. Now, on to plan the next destination! 
st.kitts blue ocean

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On The Spot Acne Treatment

neutrogena on the spot acne treatment review

I have recently been on a skin care kick. I've tried a line of products for different concerns, like redness, dryness, acne, and sunspots. Luckily, I've never suffered from consistent acne, but I do have break outs at least monthly, and my skin goes from generally dry to oily. I realized I needed something to target these few days that make me feel less confident and like I need to wear make up consistently. 

I started by taking this quiz where I received a personalized skincare regimen based on my results. I received the power cream wash to address the acne but also the dryness, as well as the on the spot treatment, moisturizer and a skin clearing foundation that I use strictly on days that I have break outs. 

I recommend the quiz so that you don't blindly get products hoping to target your issues, but rather buying with the security of knowing they are specific to you. 

My favorite of these products is the On The Spot treatment. I put it on the blemish and in about four hours I notice a difference and the swelling and redness dramatically reduce. 

I wish acne was a problem you pass with your teenage years, but thanks to hormones, they continue long after teenage years. Thankfully, there are products like these that really work in solving this problem and put you on the road to clearer skin and a more confident you. 

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Little Black Romper

Romper by Laundry  / Celine Bag / Just Fab Shoes
I love a structured piece of clothing, and this romper fits so nicely, that I got it in both black and white, which I rarely do. I love a good, thick piece that forms to your body, and this romper does just that, while being as classic as can be.
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