Skin Care: Redness Solutions

Cheek Pop in Ginger 
Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer in Honey
Extreme Volume Mascara
Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
Redness Solution Redness Regimen
Redness Solutions Makeup with Probiotic Technology 
The beginning of Summer I had the chance of going to a Clinique counter and take a skin test to diagnose my concerns and properly address them. I was impressed by the accuracy of the results, as they diagnosed me with redness and dryness, which have always been my skin battles. I came home with these skin care products above, and some new make up as well, which I told you guys about some in this post. After trying these products for the past month, I returned a couple of the make up things (contour sticks- I prefer powder and cream eye shadow for same reason) but I was really satisfied with everything else, especially the Redness Solutions Regimen which is very effective and can be used for people with Rosacea or reactive redness. The 3-step regimen includes a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. What I liked about these is that they are very soothing, and they do in fact reduce redness. My cheeks are red a lot of the time, and since using this cream I began to notice the redness decrease and the skin tone even out after about 9 days of use. I also got the redness solutions foundation which is light and I use it for "natural" days spent casually. I use the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer on a more daily basis to work and out, and it is hands down my favorite foundation I have ever had. It is thick, but not cakey and it doesn't run in humidity. I love how even it makes me look, and I don't have to use a concealer with it. If you suffer from redness or dryness, Recommend you stop by your nearest Clinique counter and try these out, and if you have oily or normal skin, they have a whole regimen for you too!
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Big Star

I've never been a color denim person, but in staying true to my olive obsession, these Big star jeans have become my most frequently worn as of late. And I've had this white linen shirt for about three years, and it is my favorite Summer shirt. I have it in a couple other colors, but the white one is just so easy to wear and crisp that I may have to pick up another one to have in store. I really love linen in this horrible heat!
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A couple months ago I spent a month in France with a group of girlfriends, and having only packed one suitcase, I learned that basics are my best friends.  Now, with my whole wardrobe readily available, I learned that just a basic tank top can go a long way. I feel comfortable, chic, versatile and sexy. Not to mention crazy affordable.

I love this olive tank, one because olive is my favorite color, but also because I wore it all day and night and it didn't lose its tight fit. Paired with distressed jeans and some fun pumps, I was out and about at Art Walk and felt chic but casual. I love that with any basic, adding a pattern in another article of clothing or via a statement jewelry piece like this tribal-esque necklace.

This maroon isn't normally a color I wear, but I thought it would be nice with a stark white, and there's nothing better than a linen wide leg for summer. Being that the pants are so lose, the tight tank worked perfectly to slim my figure and make it proportionate.

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Lastly, this neutral tank was ideal to create a layered look with other neutrals and interesting details. Tanks like these work well with a light jacket, as you can take them off and we appropriately dressed, or leave them on and add color and interest with jewelry, prints, etc. 

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Love Forever

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I recently bought the new Caress Forever Collection body wash, as I was intrigued to try the world's first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology. It comes in two fragrances, and I opted for the Caress Love Forever one because it's a nice floral/sweet fragrance mixture that doesn't interfere with my perfume, but has a natural all-day scent that is activated by touch and leaves a long-lasting impression . It really lasts all day and leaves skin feeling soft and sweetly fragrant. I liked it because it is so feminine and it reminds me of my mom, whom I have never once seen in my life and not smelled that sweet scent she leaves everywhere she goes. 

I always relate scents to memories, and I find that my sense of smell is keenly connected with emotions. Coco Chanel said, "Wear perfume if you want to be kissed." I find that smells evoke a strong sense of sensuality, emotion, passion and even affection. In the same way that most people love the way babies smell and it makes you wanna squeeze them and kiss them a million times, I find that having a feminine scent adds to my overall image. When I walk into meetings and wait for others to arrive, I love seeing a well-dressed woman walk in with a strong but not overbearing perfume smell. Can anyone else relate to scents being tied to memories and long lasting impressions?  

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Summer Makeup + Kylie Jenner Lips

I go through beauty phases where my make up focus changes. Sometimes it will be my mascara, other times foundation, countouring was it for a while, and always eyebrows. I go through phases of trying new products, especially when seasons change, and I try to find my favorite products. For my transition into Summer, I stopped by the Clinique counter at the mall and I stocked up on new beauty routine products + make-up. I'll share some other favorites, but I really loved their new Pop Lip Colour + Primer Lipstick, and I have been a fan of their lip liners for a while, but they really work with the array of colors they have in both the lipstick and liner. It's been tricky for me to find that Kylie Jenner lip color that I LOVE, and I finally hit the nail on the head. I tried the four lipliners above, and they all give a similar shade with the lipstick. I got all of them because they're a good subtle variation depending on night or day, my outfit and make-up mood with the lipstick. I am typically an online shopper, but for this, I really liked going to the counter because not only did I get to test them, but I also took a short skin test on their iPads that guided me through getting the best products for me. Besides the lip products, I also found my new favorite foundation. Actually, two of them, one heavier coverage than the other, which focuses on covering redness as I have a lot of it.

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One Eleven

Sometimes I look back on my blog and my instagram and see how over the past few years I have grown into myself and discovered my style more and more. While I still play the field, solids are what I do best in. I like to have jeans in every color, fade, and style so I can dress them up with heels and a belt, or down with a tee and sneakers and can be on the go easily. I love these Express jeans because they fit like a glove. I started wearing their jeans about two years ago, and they are still on my favorite denim destinations for their affordability, fit and variable styles. 

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Color Crush

Express Denim / Top / Just Fab Shoes / Givenchy Purse

I love this color, olive. I feel like it compliments my skin color and it works year round. I also feel like you can mix it with an array of colors like black, white, navy, cream, even red. I'm working on finding a great pair of pants in this color. 

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