Swimsuit Season

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Living in South Florida, swim suits make up a big part of my wardrobe year round. I have a whole dresser dedicated to them, and over years of buying them, I've become good at finding the perfect fit for me. Of course, as my body has changed, I've had to change with it, and that is not always an easy transition. I had breast augmentation surgery, and before it, I was barely an A-cup, to now being a C-cup, so buying swimsuits had to change pretty drastically. I went into Target last week to check out their selection, and I loved how versatile and large the swimsuit section was. I love mixing and matching, and they have just about every color in every style you'd want, as well as trendy and statement ones. Wearing a swimsuit in public can be a stressful thing, and feeling confident in one is pivotal to enjoying yourself. For me, it's been a funny thing since having boobs, because while I am still a small bottom, my tops are mainly large, so finding separates is key for me. Bandeaus are a huge no, and most triangles are under boob central for me. This sporty shape above works for me to provide me enough coverage where I can move in it, but not get weird tan lines. When it comes to bottoms, I stick to low hip hugging ones, as my torso is short, and I have to be strategic in making it look longer, so the smaller the bottom is, the better fit for me. 
Many times that I am out in a bathing suit it is for a social event like a pool party or beach bbq, so I style my swimsuits appropriately. I rarely, if ever, get in the water, so the styling part is important to me. I like cover-ups that double as regular apparel, so I can get the most use out of it. I like maxi skirts like this pretty crochet one, or a large button down blouse that I can leave open with a necklace. 


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  1. I really like your skirt. I so miss live in south FL.



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