sugar love boutique dress / just fab heels 
When I first saw this dress I fell absolutely in love. It is such a resort dress, and it reminds me of Tory Burch's resort line with fringe, straw and mixed in leather- for a fraction of the cost. I love a unique mixture of subtle textures and colors that give way to the vibrant pops of florals that can be worn on the beach, a Spring wedding, etc. 

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These are my favorite pants currently in my closet. I was getting dressed recently and I just really didnt want to wear the skinny jeans I've been wearing since high school. I felt like I needed to graduate from those and give slacks a shot.
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Forever Moto

Forever 21 moto jacket / express leggings / jcrew tee / nike sneakers / phillip lim sunglasses
I rarely, almost never, go to a shopping mall. I hate them!! I hate having to look through racks, try things on..just shopping altogether. I typically look through a lookbook and order something from it. However, I had to run into Sephora and walked past Forever 21, and saw this jacket from afar and it looked like a YSL one I saw on the runway, so I ran in, grabbed it and ran back out. I love it so much and now that I was trying to find it on the F21 website to link so you guys can shop it, I noticed they have so many amazing moto jackets for like $30! Amazinggg!

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Express leggings / bebe shoes (sold out) / lulus top / celine sunglasses
I recently began to embrace wearing tight things, as I used to primarily wear oversized ones..which I still love, but I like to give everything a try. Right now this olive green is my favorite color, and as we dive into Spring, I am becoming fond of yellow, but have yet to find a good yellow piece that isn't chicken like, but also not mustard. The struggle...
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Everyday Waves

This post is sponsored by TRESemme.

In the past three years, I've had every hair I can think of. Long, short, red, blonde, and I'm finally back to my natural color, and mid length. I think it's my favorite, and least complicated I've been with my hair in a while. I've settled into a effortless routine and I style my hair in this wavy, beach, loose style almost everyday, because it really is as effortless as it looks. I wash my hair with TRESemme Perfectly (un)done shampoo and conditioner, and I love how it gives it a little volume and texture. I then let it air dry, and quickly blow dry it with my head flipped over for extra volume. 
After that, I add a root lifter, ends moisturizer, shine enhancer in the middle, and finally, I mist it with heat protectant spray and let it dry for a couple minutes. The products thicken my hair some, and then I curl five strands on each side, and go through it with my fingers and lightly mist some hair spray. It takes about ten minutes, and I love the end result. 

For more hair inspiration and tutorials, visit www.youtube.com/TRESemme.

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misguided dress / lulus pumps / celine sunglasses / michael kors bag
One of my closest friends, Cassidy, casually happens to own multiple planes/helicopters..and I'm just lucky she takes me along for entertainment (crying, screaming, fear of death lol) But even if it wasn't for the fun of it all, she is just an amazing friend. The girl moved me out of my house into my apartment, drove a uhaul (she literally stepped out of her Bentley to drive my uhaul LOL) and does anything and everything for me. She actually also single handedly put together my bed, takes my blog pictures..like, what is life without this one. Every single day I wake up grateful for the people who fill my life with joy, and for the ones who have been a lesson learned.
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lulus skirt / jcrew vest / carrera sunglasses
I've attempted to get rid of this skirt several times while cleaning out my closet, but I end up finding new ways to love it. How can I really get rid of this flowy pink thing :)
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express pants / valentino shoes / bebe jacket (last year, limited edition collection jacket) 
Just..going up on a Tuesday..
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Style Mafia

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bandelettes®

celine sunglasses / chicwish skirt / style mafia top / Bandelettes® (use code SWAY for 15% off valid until March 31st)

I am happy to wear this outfit on my blog because it happens that this amazing top is from my friend Simonett's line- / style mafia.  I get excited typing this because nothing is cooler to me than an ambitious, driven woman, and supporting her is instinctive. 
I am also wearing Bandelettes® under this pencil skirt, and it is my first time wearing them, and I am impressed by how they keep your inner thighs together.  Thigh chafing is rarely discussed, despite it is a very common women’s problem. It is not an overweight problem, but more often – a body structure challenge. Women of all sizes, ages and shapes with ”no thigh gap” can get inner thigh chafing. Even fit and slim women can suffer from chafing if their thighs touch. Many sport, muscular women also can have this problem. Bandelettes® are designed to provide comfort while being fashionable and sexy; non slip silicone inside holds bands in place without moving and slipping. I am glad I tried them out because they work great when I'm wearing body-forming clothes like bodycon dresses, skirts or pencil skirts. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bandelettes®

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SXSW with Nine West

Nine West gladiator heels / Cognac Wednes

On Tuesday I will be headed to Austin for SXSW to host an event with Nine West, and while getting prepared this morning, I was excited to put together a couple looks based off the shoes that I'll be wearing. Shoes are my building block when putting together my outfits, and these two are amongst my favorite. Especially the gladiator ones, because they add so much interest to my lower half, and are a subtle statement. The cognac ones are classic, and I know I'll be wearing them throughout the festival as they are so comfortable, fun and add a bit of height to a shorty ;) 

It will be my first time in Austin and at SXSW, and I'm so looking forward to spending two days in Texas! I'm not super familiar with SXSW aside from knowing its huge and awesome, and I can't wait to the adventure! Especially because I'll be there on St Patty's! 

Nine West has been a shoe brand that's existed in my house since my mom, and then passed on to me. I love their classic styles, and the newer, modern spins on classic styles. Their quality is one of the best, and the prices unbeatable. Excited to wear their shoes and represent them in Austin! 
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Understated Nudes

posch boutique skirt / just fab shoes / celine sunglasses / still lipstick
This is one of my favorite outfits that I've worn recently. I am currently on a shades of nude/camel/tan kick, and while some people claim it washes them out, I think it makes you beautifully understated. I wore this while in Curacao, and wish I could already wear it again. Doesn't it bother you when you've already worn something you love and its been photographed so you can't re-wear it that fast? haha
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