Magenta Couture espadrilles / French Connection pants / Rock and republic shirt / Celine sunglasses

This past Saturday night I went out to Art Walk and I stayed out pretty late, and on sunday I was not feeling up to par. I actually felt like staying in all day in PJ's and ice cream, but I knew I had things to get done, and getting dressed seemed like a task, so initially I went to denim shorts and a tee, and my mood did not seem to lift, so I changed into this ensemble, and I immediately felt more put together and ready to tackle the day. Espadrilles are some of my favorite shoes because of comfort, and they add a certain cool to any outfit. These ones are from  Magenta Couture and the quality is superb, plus I love the two neutrals together. I was surprised I wore them with leather pants, but it just worked for an errand-running day! 

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  1. Black on black is my favoriteeeeee "go to" look!

  2. It's funny how an outfit can change your entire mood and make you feel like a million bucks. Nice outfit!

    Rosie x

  3. I love your pants

  4. Fabulous trousers, they look stunning on you!



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