Embroidered Statement

For me, this is dressing up. I prefer to live in cut offs and sneakers, but on occasion, when I do glam up a little, I always incorporate some level of distress. I have found that this embroidered jacket, which is part of a short/jacket suit, can pair with so many things. It's currently part of a major French Connection sale, 80% off! 



There are no limits when it comes to little black dresses. I have them in various fabrics, patterns, lengths and widths, and I love them all the same. Their practicality knows no bounds, and their classic aura is indisputable. I spent the day outdoors in this getup, and I felt chic and comfy. The only downfall was trying to figure out how this dress was supposed to go on; it was like untangling fine jewelry. 



Photos by the talented fashion & street style photographer Ryan Chua

This was one of my looks for swim week in Miami. I was there for three days, and all three days I touched on different sides of my style. The first day, I wore a large white tunic, second day I wore a body-hugging royal blue dress, and on day three I wore this heavily accessorized, tribal get up. I played up the beautiful beaded embroidery of this top, and wore every gunmetal accessory I own. I used to be more into gold accessories, but as of this year, gun metal has become my favorite for its edgier tone. 

As I type this, I am listening to Sam Smith's acoustic songs, and felt like sharing my adoration for his soft, beautiful voice. "Lay Me Down" is my current repeat. Everything from his voice, the lyrics, to the music is flawless. He's on tour in Europe right now, but I found out he will be in Nashville the first weekend in October, and if work permits, I would LOVE to travel to hear him live! 


Pattern Mixing: Stripes & Ikat

jcrew factory skirt / blouse via nordstrom / H&M jacket similar one I just ordered here / flats / ray ban sunglasses / prada bag

I am not a pattern mixer at all. I don't know how to pull it off, and frankly, I just don't like it on most occasions. I value simplicity above all other style "rules." With that said, when I bought this skirt ( a long time ago) I thought the shiny stripes were so cute and elegant, and I assumed I could easily pair it with a lot of things. I was wrong. Although I still like the skirt; I have found it is has not been easy for me to style it with other items. I wanted to throw a pop of color to it, and I came up with this coral/red combination, paired with a classic bag and flats. 


Floral Blues

Kipling recently hosted an event in Miami, partnering with Nylon Magazine and a special performance  by Megan Nicole to showcase their back-to-school collection. I was so impressed by the selection and quality of their bags! They are definitely my new destination for travel bags. They have luggage, totes, weekenders, backpacks, lunch bags, and even handbags, like the one I'm wearing above. What I love about this bag I'm wearing, besides its cool tribal vibe, is that on the inside it is sturdy, has a resistant lining and has a lot of safe compartments to store things. I have been traveling a lot recently, and my carry-on has seen its day, so I've been shopping around for a trusty travel bag and after seeing the quality of this handbag, I'd love to go with one of their light, wheeled options. Below are a couple shots from the event! :)

Thanks to Kipling for sponsoring this post, and to my readers for supporting the brands that support our family. 


Notoriously Red

When I saw this dress, I ran towards it. Though the color is very attractive, it was the volume that attracted me to it. I absolutely love how long it is on me, and how it flows when I walk. It is currently, my favorite dress,I just wish it wasn't so notorious, so I could wear it more often! 


Smoked Purple

Last year, when Rihanna collaborated with MAC and developed a deep purple lipstick, I looked everywhere for it, but it sold out quickly. I tried this one that I'm wearing, but back then, it seemed too dark, and "witch-like" for me. I walked away from it and didn't think about it again, until I was in Macy's the other day getting my dad a present, and I saw it on display and decided to give it another try. This time, I felt more at ease with it, and liked the deep shade. It's definitely not a shade I could wear every day, or even often, but with the right edgy look, I feel it goes very well. 



When I was in Memphis with my mom for her surgery last week, while she was recovering, I had lots of time to sneak in her closet. She dresses so impeccably, classic to the t; that I knew I would find more than one treasure. And find it, I did. Gucci is one of her favorite designers, and this is one of three belts that she has collected over the years. She has this tan one, a black and a chocolate one. I begged and pleaded to "borrow" this one, and being the generous woman she is, it didn't take much. I based this outfit around the belt, with a recent J.Crew (on a major sale) purchase of this scalloped marino sweater. It's so light and comfy, I would love it in every color. 


My Thoughts on Being a Woman

While I was in New York this past weekend, I had a moment of realization brought to me by an act of kindness from a group of women. My friends and I were out, when out of nowhere a waitress walked up to us with a bottle of champagne. We told her she had the wrong table, and she assured us she didn't; that it was a gift from a few tables down. I searched the room, assuming it was a group of guys until the waitress pointed out exactly who they were. It was a group of young women, celebrating a birthday. At first, I was confused. Did that really just happen? Are they hitting on us? …
I walked over to them and thanked them. They kindly said, "no problem," and acted like it was no big deal. Nothing else was said. They carried on celebrating, and we did too. Turns out they weren't hitting on us and it wasn't a mistake. These girls were simply being generous to another group of girls. I could not get over it. I was so impacted by that act, that it got me thinking about women and how we interact with one another. 
Isn't it peculiar that I immediately assumed the gift was a mistake, flirting, or from a group of guys? I thought that because as women, we are competitive in the ugliest ways. We look at beautiful and sexy women as threats and not team members. We criticize at every chance we get. I am guilty of it. We (intentionally or unintentionally) threaten or feel threatened by each other's boobs, curves, jobs, influence, and designer bags instead of being so focused on growing ourselves, that it causes us to understand the struggles we all face and clap for each other's wins. We see powerful women as a rarity and not an option for all of us. We are so accustomed to inferiority, that it has become a way of thinking. 
This is not the cry of a liberal feminist. Instead, it's a personal realization that I wanted to share with you ladies.  It's something I'm thankful that I see early on and I can one day pass to my daughter. I've noticed that there are three extremes that people think of women in our culture. Die-hard feminists who have acquired the "I don't need a man" mentality; women who are dependent on men, and women who think they can't have it all. 

I am proud of being a woman. I'm proud of being gentle and physically weak. I'm proud of being emotional and tender. I am also proud of my professional life. Beyond that, of dreaming of a life- furthermore-building a life, that impacts a multitude of women. I dream of being able to employ widows. My mother and mother-in-law are both widows. My husband and I lost our fathers at an early age, and our mothers were left on their own, with children to take care of, emotionally broken, and starting from nothing. My heart breaks for the most special woman in my life. I lived it all with her.  I saw strength manifested in her that is unparalleled. So much so, that it inspired me to focus my entire life on helping women in the same terrible situation to succeed as she has. 
And that is just my story. But we all have one. We should all have the mentality that we are precious women, with the ability to change our environment, to make history. We can be wives, moms, professionals and world-changers at the same time. And we can be encouragers of one another to do the same.Random acts of kindness like sending someone a drink, a pair of shoes, and showing them we believe in each other can go a long way.  
“A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies, and men ran half our homes.” - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO. 


Frayed Shorts

Distressed shorts are my favorite thing to wear in the Summer. However, they can get pretty pricey, ranging in the $200 department for really good rips. And although they can be time consuming to make, they are not difficult to create. I looked up a video, and with my husband's help on one leg, a utility knife and pair of tweezers, we killed these within an hour. 
1. Start off with any pair of cut offs.

2. Make cuts as wide as you want them with a utility knife, with about half an inch of height separation.

3. With a tweezer, pull the frays until you see white. You will then pull the vertical, blue threads until you go across the shorts. 

4. Between two people, it took an hour to make these, and it was a fun project! 

5. After all the threads were pulled, I used the utility knife to cute the sides further out. 

6. Voila! 

I'm off to the Hamptons for a girl's weekend, and will be sporting these there the whole time! Hope you all have a great weekend! If you are in the Miami area, I wanted to share this event that will be a lot of fun!

Ever think you could make jorts with a cowboy? Here's your chance to meet a man who crafts his heart out. Okay, so maybe he's not the best DIY-er. But what he lacks in cutting skills, he more than makes up for when he makes the perfect Sauza-rita. Watch him in action for ideas for your next ladies' night in: http://bit.ly/1juaLln.

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Checking In

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to pop in and tell you that I am taking this week to do some re-inventing of this site. I have been blogging for two and a half years now, and this blog, as well as my life, has developed a lot since; and I want to ensure that I stay connected with you all. 

I want you to know that I appreciate you more each day, as you give me a reason to keep coming here, and share my life with you all. 

I used to write a lot more regarding my personal life, but have shied away from that, because being vulnerable is a hard thing! I don't want anyone to get the impression that my life is near perfect, (come on, people) but for the sake of keeping my struggles, and the struggles of my family ours, I have kept the blog a happy and recreational place for all. 

With that said, I have also noticed that your engagement with me and the blog has decreased, and I assume it is because I may not seem as personable, and my posts have simply become boring. I am  taking a step back in an attempt to fill the gaps. 

I plan on doing this by first, re-designing this space, thinking of more creative ways to engage you, and focus on what you guys want to see. I want to take more time producing photos that tell a story, and piecing outfits that express who I am. In addition, I want to share more of who I am, and connect with you on a personal level. 

This blog is very special to me, and I want to ensure that if you take the time to stop by, you leave happier and inspired. 

Wishing you a great day, and thanking you in advance for your continued support. I love you guys! 



There is nothing I like better than spending an afternoon at the beach, by myself, reading a book and unplugging from the world. I feel so refreshed every time I get a chance to do it. And I count myself infinitely blessed that the beach is just across the street. I hope you all enjoy a lovely 4th of July weekend! I am spending it with my family traveling in Tennessee! 


Valentino Sale

80% Off via Amuze

I rarely get so excited about something that I have to tell all of you about it. However, this is something I cannot keep from sharing with fashion-loving people. I feel my fingers hitting the keyboard harder with excitement, and I can't wait to hit publish. I found this site, Amuze, and it is a game changer for luxury fashion obsessed people. For a period of time, a specific brand, and specific items are on sale, for about 80-90% off. What I am saying is, these Valentino's above are mostly all UNDER $200! These shoes retail on average $1,000. In real life, I would say, "I can't even." Insert hands on cheeks emoji. This Valentino sale is over 7/15, so run, don't walk over there! Currently running are also YSL, Gucci, Georgio Armani, and Tom Ford sales! It's too much goodness in one place! I just saw under upcoming sales that they will have a special 4th of July markdown starting tonight. Ah! 
Y'all have a great weekend! 
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