Thanks to Sara Lee®  for bringing this post.
My ten favorite outfits / images from this year on the blog:

Every year, millions of people kickstart their new year with a list of resolutions to better a part of their lives, with hopes that given a new chance, they will achieve those things that they almost did the year prior. One of those resolutions on almost everyone's lists is to be healthier in some way. Which is great, since physical wellness is just as important as mental and emotional. I am a huge believer in resolutions and written goals. Every year, I look at my life as a whole made of four parts: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I separate emotions and spirit, because what I've learned about myself at least, is that my emotional health is closely tied to the physical and mental health of my body, whereas spiritual is more of a long term character thing. 
2014 was a difficult year for me in all aspects. Truth be told, it might have been my most difficult year as an adult. I was in the hospital four times, twice with serious health issues-once cancer. And emotionally, I dealt with more stress, sadness, and pain than ever before. For the first time I saw a counselor, and opened a can of worms that needed to be opened, but affected me deeply. My relationships were tried, and while some failed, others were put through the ringer and were refined through it. Something that I found especially beautiful about this year was that through the hard times, I learned who my friends are. I learned to rely on them to help me through to the other side, and to achieve the goals I had for myself. 
This year, in efforts to fortify myself, I tried a lot of new things. I spent two months traveling to five countries around the world that I'd never been to, and I started working for a new company, one that changed my life forever. Because emotionally and mentally I was undergoing a lot of change, I needed my body to keep up; so I began Pilates. At first, it was challenging, but when it became a lifestyle, I was hooked. I began to change my diet too, and my health began to improve, my stress to lessen, ad I was filled with positive energy. 
Today I partnered with Sara Lee® Delightful Bread to bring you this transformation story, and I wanted to sincerely share with you guys that when you change aspects of your life, things really do change- you're in control. Quit that job that's not fulfilling, walk away from someone not to make them realize your worth, but because you finally realize your own, become healthier not because of a fad, but because you really are what you eat, and you feel better when you look better. Sara Lee® Delightful Bread bread is one of my small changes in the kitchen, as its so tasty, the oatmeal one is my favorite, its made with 100% whole wheat and whole grain, its heart-healthy, providing a great source of fiber, and best- it has no high fructose corn syrup, which is almost impossible to find in a bread, especially at only $3 a package. I really encourage you guys to give it a try with your sandwiches, toast, or jam...however you eat your bread.
I hear debby downers say every year that they don't want to make resolutions because they know they'll fail, and I encourage you to NOT think that way. You will become what you think, and making changes for your body, heart and mind will result in positivity, and because you are in control, you will not fail. 
Wishing you God's best in this new year. 2015 will be the best one yet! Happy new year! 
Thanks to Sara Lee®  for bringing this post.
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  1. You wore a lot of great outfits for 2014. Happy New Years

  2. Great retrospective!
    I wish you an amazing NYE and a very happy 2015!




  3. Love your pictures and style. Happy new year!



  4. Wonderful Post! Wonderful Breakthroughs! Good Luck with All your endeavors for the New Year!

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