Horse Farm

French Connection jacket / French connection jeans Turtle neck / j.crew boots
I sometimes work with people in the horse business, and I am around horses quite a bit. Before this, I didn't think much of them, aside from their obvious beauty and strength. However, now I appreciate their unique personalities, unawareness of their power, and I've found that I connect with some of them like I do with a special puppy. This one was so snuggly and soft I could have hugged that face for days!! 

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  1. Those sunnies, those boots, and that horse. Perfection. I used to ride and show Quarter Horses...a hobby I'd like to pick up again this summer! Do you ride?

  2. Love the all black, always a great choice! xx


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  4. Horses do have very unique personalities! If I wore all black to the barn I would be absolutely coated in horse hair ha ha :D


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