Holiday Getaway

 DITTO sunglasses 1. The Row 2. Phillip Lim 3. Raen / shorts / top / sandals / bag / necklace 
Last year for the holidays my family and I retrieved to a coral island west of Colombia in the Caribbean sea for a long week of unplugging and enjoying family time on nothing but ocean for miles. It was amazing being in a place with no "developed" economy, and only a boat to get us around. It was minimal and fantastic all at once. This year, we are still in talks of an incredible destination for our family getaway, and while I won't say where yet, because I want to be sure, it gets me jittery with excitement thinking about it. I haven't done a typical Christmas in years as I've been surrounded by sun and beaches (not complaining) and one year I'd love cold and traditional for a change, however I don't think this year will be it! Creating this collage while I couldn't sleep one night made me excited to still be wearing swimsuits, cutoffs and sandals, and I realized my favorite accessory to wear is sunglasses, since they go directly on your face and are so visible. My DITTO sunnies picks are my favorite to date!

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  1. I hope you have an amazing holiday vacation

  2. I love this !! So cool and inspirational!





Thank you so much for your comment, I love you already.

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