Sneakers Galore

Style Mafia Shorts (on sale) / Lulus sweater  / Balenciaga bag /  Stila "olivia" lips / Nike sneakers
I love a good black and white ensemble, and this one comes to you from one of my friend's own line! So cool to wear something of hers. Style Mafia is local, and also online, and they have some extremely unique and affordable pieces! 
I have been on the hunt for black sneakers for a long time, and while I was at Sawgrass Mills the other day, I ran by the Nike outlet and found these on a major sale! Ever since I traveled to Vegas last month, my feet have been bleeding every so often due to the ungodly amount of blisters from heels and hard flats. Believe it or not, I get more blisters from my flats than I do from my heels. But knowing that I need to let my feet rest while they heal, these sneakers came at an opportune time, and boy have I gotten my use out of them. Suddenly I'm trying to convince myself that they rock with a cocktail dress. ;) 

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  1. I hope you feet feel better soon. Have a great week.

  2. this is something I would wear minus the sneakers but I love love the sweater. it looks so comfy!
    Xo, Belen from A Hint of Life

  3. Sporty & chic..love it!

    xx, Alyssa


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