I value simplicity a lot. In the way I dress, what I purchase, and I like to think in my attitude as well. I like to keep around only the things I absolutely love. As a blogger, we get a lot "free" stuff. Initially, I thought I should just take it, because it was being gifted to me. But shortly into it, I realized, one, it's not free. Companies rightfully expect something in return. And two, just because it is an item to add to my wardrobe, doesn't imply it should be there. I don't have the biggest closet in the world for that reason. I could, but I choose not to, because I like to have at hand, items that I absolutely love. Things that I would notice are missing from my closet immediately. And when this romper came around, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 


  1. Love the off shoulder romper, and flats really matches!


  2. I love the fact you only keep things in your closet that you love.


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