I Woke Up Like This

I have never doubted that black is my favorite (lack of) color. I don't think its boring nor plain. I find it classic, elegant, and above all- chic. And it has never been a struggle to find a selection of black dresses that I love. However, this one is currently my number one. 

I reminds me of something Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen would wear. Their lose-fitting, "I woke up like this" style is amongst my biggest inspiration. Looking effortless says "it didn't take me two hours to get myself together, and I'm confident in what I look like, and what I'm wearing." It comes and goes, and its taken me a long time to truly embrace it, but confidence is the most beautiful characteristic I find in a woman. I hate hearing women making derogatory comments about themselves by comparing any part of their bodies or lifestyles to another. The way I see it, there are plenty of things I would change about myself. So I do the best I can to change those. And if I can't, then I move on. I catch myself all the time, especially when I am around people who have those characteristics I wish I did…tall, long torso…thinking "if I had that, then everything would look better." And its funny, because what the hell am I going to do about being short besides wearing the highest heels? Simple, but time wasted magnifying someone else, is time taken away from making yourself more beautiful. 


  1. love that last line! what i often forget is that as much as i might envy something someone else has, there is always someone out there who wants what i have. it's just a fact of life and we need to be more grateful for those things we have been blessed with.

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  2. Gorgeous Dress!! I love how you styled them with those adorable shoes.

  3. Confidence is key! Love that dress on you lady, you look gorgeous!

    Kristin of LivingInColorPrint.com

  4. got to love a simple but classic look

  5. yes, I know what you are saying... sometimes we think if I had that I would be prettier.
    My friend once said to me " the time invest in yourself, will be the best time you have invested in your life" it has stuck with me forever.
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  6. YES, love the look!
    hope you can stop by sometime!

    xx shirley

  7. This is a gorgeous dress and you wear it so well! Love the all black look. ~Cynthia | My Rose Colored Shades

  8. Such a unique, pretty dress! I'd love it in white with a brown sandal.

    Miranda xx


  9. you make this look so effortless and and fab!! those pleats are so fun!!

    Tara Belle


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