I LOVE this dress. Not that I would wear something I don't truly love, but I favor this one. This length is one of '14 Fall's trends, and I am smitten. Though I am only 5'3, I still love where it hits me. I like pairing black and white with grey accessories, and these booties are a fun, edgy touch. 
When it cools down more, I will throw on a leather jacket for a more Fall-ish look. Shapeless is one of my favorite cuts, and this one nailed it. 



Tunic / Gucci Sunglasses / Madewell Sandals / Chanel Bag / Stila Balm "Isla"

I could wear this comfy-chic tunic every day of the week. I have been using this lipstick balm on my lips every day in this nude color, and I love how subtly it blends in. I was walking around in one of my favorite parts of South Beach, and was particularly taken by a tree that wasn't a palm tree. Naturally, we shot some pictures on our walk and I connected with the tree. I'm now ready for my African safari. 

In other news, these sunglasses have topped all others in obsession. I love how light they are, and how they add a touch of edge to everything I pair them with. They are Gucci and came from Smart Buy Glasses. This site has a huge selection of designer sunglasses at a great price, plus free shipping. This is not a sponsored post; I just wanted to share this gem with you! 



I value simplicity a lot. In the way I dress, what I purchase, and I like to think in my attitude as well. I like to keep around only the things I absolutely love. As a blogger, we get a lot "free" stuff. Initially, I thought I should just take it, because it was being gifted to me. But shortly into it, I realized, one, it's not free. Companies rightfully expect something in return. And two, just because it is an item to add to my wardrobe, doesn't imply it should be there. I don't have the biggest closet in the world for that reason. I could, but I choose not to, because I like to have at hand, items that I absolutely love. Things that I would notice are missing from my closet immediately. And when this romper came around, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 



I think lace is really pretty, but I don't own much of it, because it became so trendy after Kate Middleton wore that stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown, that I felt it was over-worn. However, when I saw this delicate pattern, I thought it was perfect. 
I love having a variety of casual dresses I can throw on and go.  My dad got me this necklace on one of his trips overseas to Dubai, and I love how unique it is. For years, he worked overseas and we only got to see him a few days a month, and although we wouldn't trade having him home for anything, it was always fun to receive gifts from around the world. Chocolates from Belgium, pastries from France, scarfs from India, candy from China; it felt like I was getting a small part of his experiences from these unfamiliar places of the world. 



I got this French Connection dress alsmot six months ago, and I still haven't gotten around to wearing it a full day. When I got these grey booties, I immediately thought of it, and how it would compliment the grey flowers on the dress. I'm excited for bootie season! Which is all I will get in South Florida, since tall boots are a thing of dreams and fantasies. I will settle for these cool zipped up cuties though. JustFab has such a great selection of heels that are super affordable. I recommend a membership. 
The only thing about this dress- don't wear it to dinner. If you are stuffed, it has no room for dessert. I don't know how Kim K does it in her bodycons. 



A nautical outfit is always practical. The navy, blue and red theme will probably never fade away. I love a casual, loose dress for an every day outing. And dresses with large pockets are a fist-pumping win. There is this little area in South Beach where boats dock up, and people paddle board and kayak that I love. It's always quiet, and watching the sun set in the afternoon on the benches by the water is so peaceful. You can see the skyline of the city, but all you hear is the water. One morning I was in the area, and I saw several dolphins swimming so close I could almost touch them. I absolutely love living by the water. It is so soothing. 



Sugar Love Boutique Romper / Isabel Marant sandals 

The colors in this print are so vibrant, I love them. The shades of blue and moroccan pattern are inviting, but still subtle in a way. Ever since I've had this romper, I've worn it several times, because it's easy to. I wore it once to brunch with high heels, and another time to an outdoors dinner with these sandals and bag. Some of you have asked what I have been doing to my hair in regards to color- and the answer is absolutely nothing. After suffering heavy bleach damage, I don't use heat or any color on it anymore. I've let it do its thing. However, sulfate free shampoos have kept the blonde from turning colors. I will work on a hair post, but I must say, short hair is the way to go! So much easier to handle! 


Live in Levi's

These jeans are quite a bit different from the denim I typically wear. I tend to stick to distressed, ankle cut denim, especially for summer time. Now that we're approaching fall, I'm shifting into dressier jeans that I can wear with boots. I partnered with Levi's for the launch of Live in Levi's and got the Mid Rise Skinny Jeans to style. I'm short, so they look more high-waisted on me. However, I like that they stretch in all the right areas and quickly recover to their original shape; the feel of the denim is also super soft.

Compensation was provided by Levi’s® via Mode Media.  
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Levi’s®.

Live in Levi’s®


Best of Both Worlds

Ever since I moved to Miami, I've noticed so much about me has changed/grown. Of course, I moved here when I was 20 years old, so naturally, it was bound to happen. However, I am so thankful I was able to be in this city for these development years. There's not a lot that can compare to what "city-life" does for you. It diversifies you, and it creates a love in you for cultures and people. Namely Miami, with its laid back beach culture, yet glam energy, is to me, the perfect combination. One day, I will be in sequins and loubs at a fancy event, and the next, I will be in a cover up like the one I'm wearing- from a surfing brand. I wore a slip under it to make a dress, but its equally lovely over a bikini. Thank you for letting me have the best of both worlds, Miami - I love you forever. 


A La Elle

H&M skirt / J.Crew Top / Fashionphile Chanel Bag / Valentino Flats
This is such a frilly skirt that I can only pull it out when I'm feeling extra girly. I recently added these Valentino flats to my shoe collection, and I felt so giddy that I wanted to go a-la Elle Woods. This embellished top has been in my wardrobe for a long time, and typical of most J.Crew items, its just as wearable now as it was initially. I love that about J.Crew tops. Most of the blouses I get from there, especially the silk ones last me years. And going back to my rockstud flats (gidddyyyyy)..being that pink is not my first choice color, I was nervous about choosing these. However, I own the neon yellow heel version of these, and they add a great pop of color. I think these pink beauties will serve the same purpose with black, grey and navy outfits in the Fall/Winter months. If you are thinking about purchasing Valentinos, I say DO IT! They are the most comfortable. 



All items from Shop Emporium

I stopped by Shop Emporium this week, a boho-chic boutique located in the heart of Coral Gables, and got to style a couple looks with the help of super sweet boutique owner and style maven, Sara. We played around with her new stock, and some of the items that she thought might look good on me. I love her shop because I can always find great quality over-sized tees, and really unique pieces that she hand picks. Her accessories are personalized, and so delicate -- perfect for layering on. 

In my first look, she picked out these loose, denim pants for me, and I paired them with the softest striped tee I've ever worn. It's so comfy! I love pairing nautical blue stripes with black leather, so I wore my black flats for a casual shopping day.  

For my second look, we went a little more out there by pairing these patterned pants with a delicately embroidered sweatshirt and small layered jewels. 

I love supporting locally owned boutiques, and shopping at them is great because you get such unique items. Although Shop Emporium is Miami-based, they ship everywhere. 

Find them on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Shop Emporium 
2606 ponce de león blvd 
coral gables, fl 33134


Miami Swim Week with Stila Cosmetics

Last month, I was the partner blogger for make-up brand, Stila, during Mercedes Benz Swim Week here in Miami. I had so much fun with the team backstage for all of their shows, and I got to learn quite a bit about make-up, and the looks selected for each of the designer's collection. I spoke with Sarah Lucero, celebrity make-up artist and Global Artistic Director for Stila Cosmetics about how the make-up looks come about, and she explained that she meets with the designer, sees the collection, and collaboratively, they create a look that compliments it. 

For Swim Week '14, Stila did all make-up for Clover Canyon, Mikoh, L'Space, Bellusso, and Mara Hoffman shows. 

I wanted to share with you guys some shots I got, and the gorgeous make-up created for the shows. 

  • INSPIRATION:  "Sun Kissed Siren" - beauty focus on the lips
    • "The makeup was minimal with a fun pop of color.  Skin was kept young, fresh and healthy and just warmed up with orange tones on both the face and lip."

  • INSPIRATION:  Modern Beach Beauty
  • "The look was a take on a bronzey day at the beach, just woken up from a nap in the South Pacific. Soft stained lips, bronzed dewy skin and long lifted lashes for a bright eye effect"

  • INSPIRATION:  Mystic Mermaid
    • Notes from Sarah:  "We wanted to create looks that were representative of a seaside nomad in search of the perfect water – and beautifully drenched from head to toe"

  • INSPIRATION:  Radio-Active Renegade
    • "Think Modern Tribal - New York girls go to Miami. Highlight of this look was the neon nouveau rosy coral power pout. Warm ambers and sienna tones highlight the eyes with a peak of paradise pink."  

  • INSPIRATION:  Jungle Queen
    • "The Mara Hoffman look was inspired by Amazonian jungle beauty - natures tropical greens and rainforest dewy skin.  Mara wanted a full brow and a pop of emerald in the corner of the eyes – Brooke shields meets blue lagoon!"

I had all the looks done on me for the shows, and I've tried them at home since. They are so wearable, light and natural. I love a radiant look that is absolutely effortless and almost bare. 

These are some shots of my my time with Stila during this hectic and thrilling week!

Sarah Lucero is the global artistic director for Stila. She is the mastermind behind the looks and she is so graceful and kind! She did my make-up a few times, and she's a genius! 
The girls at Bellusso. I was obsessed with the coral lips. 

"Jungle Queen" look with Mara Hoffman herself. I loved the thick brows for this one. 

And the leftover goodies that I've been playing with! 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I look forward to seeing your take on these runway make-up looks!

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