Valentino Sale

80% Off via Amuze

I rarely get so excited about something that I have to tell all of you about it. However, this is something I cannot keep from sharing with fashion-loving people. I feel my fingers hitting the keyboard harder with excitement, and I can't wait to hit publish. I found this site, Amuze, and it is a game changer for luxury fashion obsessed people. For a period of time, a specific brand, and specific items are on sale, for about 80-90% off. What I am saying is, these Valentino's above are mostly all UNDER $200! These shoes retail on average $1,000. In real life, I would say, "I can't even." Insert hands on cheeks emoji. This Valentino sale is over 7/15, so run, don't walk over there! Currently running are also YSL, Gucci, Georgio Armani, and Tom Ford sales! It's too much goodness in one place! I just saw under upcoming sales that they will have a special 4th of July markdown starting tonight. Ah! 
Y'all have a great weekend! 


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