Style Spotter

Today I want to introduce you to a fashion app/service that will make your shopping life 100 times easier. Style Spotter is an iPad app that makes shopping a one stop shop- comparing thousands of stores, prices, items,  and designers. 
By using the highly customizable search tool, you can narrow your search down to color, style, brand, and price range. Say, for instance, you were on the hunt for white wedges (which, I am) you would select shoes, color, price range, and if you have specific brands in mind, you can specify those too. 
You can create collections, like mine, "Vacation in Cabo,"  "Spring Shoes," and "Everyday Style." You can see my profile, with my saves and collections, and follow it here. In those, I save items I like that are pertinent to the collection I created. This helps me stay organized, and I can even save things I already own, and seeing it all in one place will make packing easier, in the case of Vacation in Cabo or the like; as it helps me visualize everything in one place. The things you save, can also serve as a tool to improve bad shopping habits, (overspending- Nicholl, stand up.) because they will notify you of price reductions and sales on those items. 
I love all of the apps and coupon sites that make shopping a breeze, and are economically conscious, and Style Spotter is definitely one to keep in mind while becoming shopping organized and savvy. Shop smart! 
Steve Madden shoes / Faux leather shirt


  1. I am going to download this. I get tired of losing items I wanted and making zillions of bookmarks.

  2. I just got this app the other day and I love it! It's like Pinterest on steroids! I love how it notifies when an item you like goes on sale!


  3. Love your dog!!!!!!!!! :) https://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com


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