Shape Matters

Happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing with you guys an eye shadow palette that I tried for the first time, and now use frequently. I teamed up with Smashbox to present you their new Full Exposure palette, complete with 14 universally flattering shades, that are essential, effortless and enhanced for your eye shape. What makes this palette stand out amongst others is that it takes your eye shape into consideration, and uses every color in every look to complement your eye shape, giving you the ultimate beauty look. The palette comes with a how-to look insert for all 6 eye shapes. 

After taking the short quiz, I discovered that my eye shape is round, and I created a neutral look with my palette that could work for every day. Just like you should wear clothes that are flattering to your body shape, using the correct brush, product and technique gives you the most gorgeous, enhanced eyes. I love the matte neutrals for a daytime look, and the long-wearing, non-creasing shimmers for a night time affair. Something I love about the palette is that is comes with one quality brush, labeled to be used with all shades. One brush for 14 shades! Guesswork taken away! After Smashbox tested 5,000 eyes, they discovered 6 clear eye shapes (monolid, almond, round, upturned, downturned, hooded) and Full Exposure was born with the desire to satiate a straightforward, super universal palette that works for anyone, anywhere. 

If you want to participate in the #shapematters campaign, and enter to win hundreds of palettes and primers, simply seflie away and tag #shapematters. 

I used all the matte shades on my eyes, and created the shadows, eye liner and eyebrows entirely with the palette, and no other product. 

Smashbox lives for lipstick. Gets excited about primers. (No, seriously, they do.) But most of all,
they love sharing their makeup secrets with you. That’s why they’ve created the Full Exposure 
Palette—a set of universally awesome neutrals that’s essential, effortless and enhanced for your 
eye shape! This palette was developed because their pros needed it on set at Smashbox Studios 
in L.A. Just like you dress for your body shape, it’s important to apply makeup based on your eye 
shape—so Smashbox artists are exposing all of their secrets to get the most out of your shape 
with this palette. It’s all about being your most kickass beautiful self at Smashbox.

Compensation was provided by Smashbox via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions Smashbox.


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