Oscar's Party Recipe

 Being excited about lithe things keeps life fun, and thankfully, we have award show season to look forward to, swoon over red carpet looks, get nervous over nominations, and have an excuse to create get-togethers and roll out red carpets ;) 

I partnered with Bailey's, my favorite party cocktail, to share a recipe to create on Oscar night, appropriately named Rich and Famous. 

Can I take one per nomination? …

Don't they sound amazing? To accompany them with a bit of food, you could do simple things such as hot dogs wrapped in black paper and tied with a bow tie, and star everything--cupcakes, brownies, cookies…I have a vision of black, white and gold for a table, with comfort foods that I would get at a concession stand. Lots of candy, pop corn, soda and hot dogs. 

I am so looking forward to this night, especially to see the red carpet looks. I am posting an Oscar inspired look the day after, but I am thinking ahead, with a a vision of black and white with pops of gold, much like my party inspiration. 
Do you guys like to have themed parties? 

Bailey's Irish Cream. Stay Stylish. Drink Responsibly. 

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  1. Love the hot dogs!! Ha!


  2. going to have to try this out one day

  3. This is so great! I was going to have an Oscars party but my friend is having a bridal shower that day instead, selfish, just kidding I love her!


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