The New Looking Good...

Here’s an advertising trend that comes up every now and then: putting glamorous apparel on models made to look sad/greasy/hostile. I’m stumped by this. Why would it help sell an outfit to show that outfit on a person who looks miserable? There must be a method to this madness, or so many designers wouldn’t be doing it. But what? What’s the thinking?
To get my head around the idea, I tried to envision how each of these ads came to be, by imagining a conversation among these characters:
Ad Exec: Mike
Photographer: Steve
Models: Zelda, Daphne, Marcia, Lisette, Brenda, Chloe and Babs
(* None of these are the real people’s names, obviously. They’re just people I’m making up in my head.)
* * *
Mike: So Zelda, what we’re going for here is warmth of coat, coldness of heart, OK?
Steve: That’s right. Zelda, give us a look that says, “I fucking hate this navy scarf and my ex-husband who gave it to me.”
Zelda: Got it. Can you guys get the lighting a little more harsh? Let’s see if we can create the effect of bags under my eyes, symbolizing the baggage we all carry through life.
Mike: Zelda, you are a genius.
* * *
Steve: Mike, I don’t feel like this is going to work. The client wants “anemic, angry, and disheveled,” but Daphne here is just too damned attractive and perky.
Mike: You’re right, Steve. Here, let’s comb some salad dressing through her hair.
Daphne: What the SHIT, you guys?
Steve: YES. Get MAD, Daphne. THAT’S the look we want!
* * *
Marcia: Um, this jacket is like four sizes too big.

Mike: Zip it, Marcia. We have a strategy here.
Marcia: Zip it? There’s no zipper.
Steve: He means “zip it” like shut up.
Marcia: You guys are mean.
Mike: Get in the pool, Marcia.
Marcia: Wha-?
* * *
Zadig & Voltaire
Mike: So, Steve, what the company wants here is to reach the audience of women who bite their nails, cut their own hair with yard shears, and perform home perms on themselves.
Steve: Because those are the women most likely to wear red pantsuits?
Mike: Exactly.
Steve: Lisette, can you cover up all that exquisite bone structure with your bangs, maybe put your hands up in front of your face, too?
Lisette: I think so. How’s this?
Steve: Slap my grandmother, that’s perfect.
* * *
Steve: Mike, I can’t work with Brenda. She’s too human.
Brenda: I don’t have to be human. I could be an inanimate object.
Mike: A day late and a dollar short, Brenda. Get out.
Brenda: F*** you guys. [leaves the room]
Mike: Well, Steve – what are we going to do now?
Steve: I’m going to bring in this freaky life-size marionette instead. See?
Mike: I love it! This works out great, Steve, because as you know, this brand is really looking to target women who identify with giant-faced, creepy-eyed, disjointed wooden puppets.
* * *
Marc Jacobs
Steve: Wow, Chloe and Babs, you two are beautiful.
Chloe: Yeah, we get that a lot.
Babs: Honestly, it’s kind of a curse.
Steve: Well, let’s see what we can do about that. Both of you, close your eyes, take these scissors, and cut your hair. Make sure you leave about 5 inches in the back. Great. Now, rub this Vaseline on your heads. Perfect. OK, Chloe, give me a look that says, “My dad ran over my puppy.”
Chloe: Like this?
Steve: Perfect. Now, Babs, I want you to give me your best open-mouthed, double-chinned, borderline mentally disturbed look.
Babs: Like this?
Steve: No, more.
Babs: Lahk dis?
Steve: Bingo
Mike: We’re all going to be billionaires, people. This is cash money on the table, right here.
So remember this fashion lesson, folks: You’re never fully dressed without a simmering glower.
* * *
Article brilliantly written by When I Blink 


On Being Busy...

When I read this article I felt guilty as charged. "I'm too busy" is something I have always tried not to say, no matter how busy I actually feel. Because busy, well, my kind of busy falls short when I see mothers of three, working jobs, raising families, and trying to stay float. I feel silly thinking I'm busy when I know people who work three jobs to make ends meat. The type of busy I do, is generally voluntary. Having two jobs, emailing people well into midnight, attending events..they're minor things that take up my days' hours. 
And then I have to wonder why I, and most people I know like to say and think we are busy people. I suppose being busy implies that we are important, needed, and are doing something besides taking up oxygen supply. When you question the reasoning behind some of the things you do, you end up realizing there's usually a root that is more profound than you'd like to admit. 
I want to be important, and needed. Essential to a process, to making something happen that makes life easier for someone else. Cliche-ly speaking, "to make a difference." But I am starting to realize that most of what I do and have done is really not that important. I am not beating myself up, I thought about a number of careers, and came up with the conclusion that most careers are really not that important. Whose services do we absolutely require in this world? A select few; doctors, teachers, nurses, pilots..etc. And those who work in social media, fashion, retail, photography, most things..some people need us, but people may not die if we don't go on. That's not to say, whatever your line of work is, that it doesn't have any purpose or value, because it does. Life just doesn't depend on it.
I truly wish I did something important. But practically speaking, unless I become a non-profit volunteer, making a living and doing good work rarely come hand in hand. So that begs the question of, how do I work to survive, and do something important? That's the question, right? I become anxious when I'm wasting a minute's time. I could be doing a million things; working, being a good friend and taking a girlfriend to lunch, because even being a friend has to fit into a schedule. Doing nothing is also the equivalent of doing nothing important. 
Why must everything we do be important though? It doesn't. But that's the struggle. Trying to stay busy to ignore that noone really cares about what I do. Adding things to my life because the search for more to pile on to more, to end up with less is what we do in America. I add another gig to my job to make an extra hundred dollars, to end up feeling emptier once its done, because though I'm $100 richer, I am dragging along with anxiety and, yet still wanting to do more. 
I want to do nothing and feel at peace. When you recognize your work is just part of it, and your life is a collection of people, memories, lessons, and adventures, you find that being idle can bring you more success than running on empty. In a moment of nothingness, walking, painting, and not being busy, the birth of great ideas, life long relationships, and real happiness fills the place of a busy life. I don't want to be busy, I want to be available to explore new ideas, places, and people. 


Pink and Grey

Oasap (on sale for $44!) Bag   / Prada Sunglasses / J.Crew 25% off with code SHOPFALL Sweater / Sam Edelan Booties / J.Crew jeans (same sale code)  Jeans / J.Crew (same sale code) Earrings / Lipstick

This outfit combo is my favorite to date, though I own not one of the pieces. If any of my relatives or great friends are reading this,view as a wish list ;) I love the contrast of grey and light pink, paired with these black heeled booties. And the pink celine look alike is so cute, for only $44! 


Dolled Up

Lulus Skirt c/oAsos tank / Lulus pumps / J.Crew Necklace (on sale!) / Oasap Bag 

I wore this getup on a surprise date my husband and I went on to Meat Market. I felt so feminine with the high slit, large baubles and milkmaid braids. I thought of how glamourous Blair Waldorf must have felt every day on Gossip Girl, dressing up fabulously every day. If only I had the energy to dress up like this daily ;) 


Tweed and Leather

Hinge Tweed Jacket / Nordstrom Shorts / J.Crew rhinestone shirt /   Gigi New York Monogrammed Bag  c/o Target silver heels / Sunglasses / Fresh Trend Earrings

ps. apologies for re-posting this post and for the comments lost, I was able to read them all, but the site's html messed up and I had to delete and re-post!


#GlamVacay Travel Giveaway

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Sweatshirt Perfection

BCS Designs Sweatshirt / Patricia Nash Backpack / Forever 21 jeans (similar) Ray Ban aviators / J.Crew flats

This sweatshirt is the embodiment of perfection for me. It is a blush shade, comfy fit, GOLD GLITTER MONOGRAMMED. What more can a sweatshirt be? BCS designs has every color, font and glitter imaginable, it's a dream! People sometimes ask why I get a K, since my middle name is Gisele, but I prefer to get a K for Kyle, my husband's name, sap I know it. 


Top Dresses

My top eight dresses on my wish list currently, in every price range! 


Floral Reds

 Nordstrom hat / Handbag (similar) / Sheinside Skort / thanks to Urban Philosophy Blouse / J.Crew Booties / Free People Sunglasses

I am back from a lovely weekend with my parents. There are no visits like mamma visits! I wore this outfit to dinner, and I love the play of red hues. With the beginning of Fall, I feel like reds and burgundy are great to wear. This floral blouse/sweatshirt came from Urban Philosophy, and they are giving one of you a $50 to get a piece of your choice!

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NYFW Recap with The Hunt

Happy Friday! This has been an extra long week, as I've been sick as a dog, with a mile long list of work piled up, and I have been anxiously waiting for my parents to come visit this weekend!
Today I am recapping my experience at my first ever NYFW!
I attended on behalf of The Hunt, a community that tracks down the things you covet simply through a photo, to be their guest instagrammer. See my photos here. I loved being part of The Hunt's family. They are so kind, and I love the concept of their work. Today, I did a hunt for a font, and minutes later it was found. So innovative and practical.
I had a great time, was inspired by the shows I attended, and street style alike. New York City is one of my favorite places in the world, and being in the heart of it for a few days, taking cabs, walking in a fast paced crowd, and eating street food is music to my ears.

The main trend for Spring 2014 that I picked up on was black and white. Solids taking over patterns, French simplicity and sophistication taking precedence over American laid back coolness, structured and loose fitting cuts saying bye to bodycon styles we have seen years past. Pointy toes continue to adorn feminine feet, while heels are shorter and take a closer approach to kitty heels than stilettos. Leather sustains its ground and is vividly advanced through pops of colors like this fushia Kat Lionovich number. Other sighted trends were crop tops, crop statement jackets and satin. 

 Amongst many bloggers I met, Wendy was one of the kindest and ever inspiring!

 NWFW was filled with parties, dinners, meetings and the like, but this one was special, as I got to dine with part of the Glam Media team, and chat with these sweet girls who I had virtually known for a long time. 

If you've never felt like a celebrity, fret not, because outside the Lincoln Road center, the paparazzi will make you feel up to par with the likes of Nikki and Paris Hilton, and Jessica Alba, who were frequently sighted along this hallway. 

And this photo of me getting in a cab, having a Carrie Bradshaw moment circulated all the way back to the Huffington Post. 
I stopped by a couple of showrooms, and snapped a quick photo to show you guys what it looks like! The concept of showrooms is that you go to pull pieces to wear to that designer's show. 

And of course, "big lights will inspire you..."

And lastly, a quick street scene shot on my first night there. NY architecture knows no bounds on loveliness! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
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