A Neon Favorite

Shirt: BCBG / Dress: F21 / Shoes: H&M 

This is hands down my favorite shirt in my closet, I love how versatile neons are. A pop of color to brighten a Monday! 




White, Grey & Hunter

Shirt: LAmade (on sale) / Pants: similar (only $15) / Trench: Gap / Boots: Hunter / Jewelry: Miss Chic & LaPosh Style

Some of my week's best:

-Yesterday I was at the eye doctor's and first thing she says when I walk in: "last time you were here your hair was down. You know what, you look so much better with your hair down" Why thanks, you wildly polite human. You are the 126563th reason I constantly need a face to punch. 
-When Instagram won't load...talk about annoying things. Do not interrupt my day like that.
-Probably not as annoying as my car making the loudest noise. Like walk an extra five blocks so nobody who knows you hears it loud. 
-The other night I couldn't fall asleep so I ate an ENTIRE bag of family sized jalapeƱo chips. I'm not even gonna act like I don't take pride and push my shoulders back, chin up. 
-I need to go to sleep because tomorrow I'm starting yoga on the beach again and it's going to change my life. 
-To support my healthy lifestyle (chips above included) I had the same meal from McDonald's twice yesterday. Southern style chicken sandwich if you were interested, is one of the best things out there...



Shades of Blue

Top: Collide Boutique / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Forever 21 / Bag: Target (in store only) 

I liked this top because it felt like I was wearing nothing. And wearing nothing is better than wearing something. aaaaayoo. I also like it because I happened to be on the beach that day and it felt oh so romantic to match the ocean. Also, see that "rent me bike?" if you're ever in Miami, after calling me, go rent that bike. I haven't ridden a bike in a good five years and was surprised to see I still got it. I find it hilarious when girls say.."after this many years...I still got it" because I'm not sure what they still have, since the only thing "I still got" are my bike riding skills. 
Ps- my hair is not that red in person.

Here's to a great week! xo 



Striped Scarf

Shirt: F21 / Sweater: Cotton On / Scarf: Scarves / Boots: Hunter / Purse: Target / Sunnies: Target 
Yesterday I had one of those days where I just sat around wishing I had a big bucket of ice cream and some sad movie to cry to. Just for no reason. Does anyone else ever get in those moods? no? probably not. I hate being a girl sometimes. Then I buy myself a pair of shoes and all the hormones re submit to their authority. It's a bit wonderful when that happens. 
Happy Wednesday! 


neutral layers

dress: old TJ maxx / shirt: Collide Boutique / Vest: Sheinside / Jacket: Sheinside / booties: Cotton On 
I rarely wear dresses. And this day reminded me why. I wanted to wear one to go out on a girl's night. And then I realized I was driving and having to kick the door open myself, and get out of the car in the most unlady like manner there's ever been. Like the classiest wide open, kick the door, try to get the purse, don't forget the keys type. And then, sit down and make sure for the life of you, don't get a picture taken because you can see all the way up your butt, which is oh so unattractive. And when you walk up the stairs, either run or just bear with the fact that people are seeing all up in your dress. All that to say, girls who know how to wear dresses have got sophistication down to the t. 
Have a great day! ps. do yourself a favor and listen to the Luke Bryan Pandora station. Certain it's all my phone's been good for since Friday. (and instagram, always instagram) 


Turquoise & Floral

Sweater: F21 / Pants: Sheinside / Purse: Target / Accessories: F21, shopbob 

This week has been as follows: 

-Got to see my husband's ego inflate due to your very sweet comments on yesterday's post of our Notebook inspired photoshoot. Yes ladies, I see that Ryan Gosling resemblance somedays too ;) all mine, all day. Thought about an "all night" one there too but deemed it inappropriate. 
-Went thrifting twice. And one of the times I found new nightstands for our room. They are beauties, and can't wait to share their face lift. The better part was that I got them both for $30! The second time I ended up getting in a fight with the man who wanted to charge me $25 for a lamp. He thought he was West Elm for a second there, before I punched him in the face that is. I didn't really do that. Sounds cool though. 
-Last night I went to Young House Love's book signing. They are the coolest. I mean, when you make a living off doing DIY projects in your house, you're a walking dream come true. 
-And I've made dinner twice and it's only Thursday. Man, it's been a good week. 

And we move out of our current apartment in 3 weeks and still don't have a new place because the one we had lined up fell through. So say a prayer for us in today's search! 

Have a great Thursday! 


A Notebook Inspired Shoot

This is a little shoot we did a couple months after we got married. I love how it turned out! 
Our inspiration was The Notebook (heeeeey captain obvious) 
This little happening was at 6am, after Kyle worked all night. He jumped in a murky lake, a pool, dressed like his worst nightmare...the things men will do for you in the beginning. 
Looking back now at it, I'm glad he was a trooper and we have these. 

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