Wrapped in Flannel

Abercrombie c/o - skirt / sweater / flannel / beanie 

This laid back outfit comes entirely from Abercrombie for under $100 (skirt sweatshirt and flannel.) It is a mix of feminine, with laid back touches added by the flannel around the sweatshirt and the red beanie. I remember wrapping shirts around myself as a child, thinking it was so cool. 90's babies stand up. ;) For you people still shopping, Abercrombie makes it easy to last minute shop and get everything before Christmas. Orders placed by tomorrow by 12pm EST will arrive by Christmas. AND why wouldn't you place your orders now, the entire store is 50% off!! They have some really cute things, and great deals! I just ordered these pants, and they are currently my favorite bottoms. My closet has been filling with more and more Abercrombie items, because they are so easy to wear and feel super casual and laid back. 
Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I adore this outfit and your skirt is so pretty !


  2. Such a great looking outfit on you! Love flannel this time of year--so warm!


  3. molto carino il tuo outfit :D

  4. Love the casual flannel with the skirt. Great look!

    Signing Steph

  5. Gorgeous!!! :) I loooove the plaid!

  6. Great plaid shirt & lovely flats!

  7. Your little lace skirt is adorable. I love the plaid wrapped around your waist. You're like Tai after the make over in Clueless.


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