Farmer's Market

Sundays are my favorite days. Growing up, I dreaded them because school started the next day, and it gave me a melancholic feeling that I associated Sundays with. But now, said day means brunch, my absolute favorite thing. This past weekend, I met up with the sweet Kristin, (you guysssss, I love her!!) and she introduced me to her favorite brunch spot. It was a darling hidden spot inside a Farmer's Market, and they offered the largest variety of the best mimosas in all the land. Take ours for example, Lemon Rose and Mango Honey Mimosas. What heaven did I just enter? 
Naturally, the relaxed atmosphere of a Farmer's Market made me think:  tank and sneakers. Funny thing, Kristin was adorably opposite in a layered pattern dress and plaid shirt, (Farmer's Market perfection). We may think differently where style is concerned, but when it comes down to a good Miami happy hour, or a brunch excursion, we are one and the same. 


  1. Brunch is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!! I wish we could brunch every day ;) I'll take those mimosas too...

  2. i just want to come drink mimosas with you and brunch all day, errrday.

  3. I loveeee this look! God wish I could wear it - it's 20 degrees where I live right now! The pants are amazing!


  4. Very rock n roll!


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