Oversized Ruffles

Marshalls skirt / Kohls booties / Prada purse / Mac lipstick / Asos shirt ℅  

You guys….this shirt. I saw it, and didn't hesitate for one second. I knew it was for me. Usually, when I shop, I rely heavily on my sixth sense. I just know…A lot of things, I will like, even love, but I won't feel like they are for me. Especially with trendy items, I often think about them twice. I like to evaluate the cost per wear when making a decision. And usually, I will go with not-so-notorious pieces, so I can style them broadly. This top however, is very notorious, with the exaggerated ruffled neckline, and it made no difference to me. I could just live in it. It speaks glamour and uniqueness! Don't you agree? 

more ruffles…

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