Shining With Sweat- Indoors Edition - Crossfit with adidas

Today I am coming together with adidas, to show you what my indoors workout routine consists of. A couple of months ago, I joined Crossfit. I was so hesitant, but my husband has been doing it for a year, and is completely addicted, so when I decided to give it a go, it was more to join him and see what the buzz was about, than for myself, considering I am no athlete. However, two workouts in, and I was hooked. I threw up the first two times I tried it, four minutes into the work out. Though that was discouraging, it gave me the drive to want to conquer it, and at least finish one work out. By the fifth time, I completed an entire wod (what a workout is referred to as in cross fit terms). Glory day. Since then, its been history in the making. I feel stronger, more determined, better able to go through my day with energy, and altogether better about myself. I love that I get the opportunity to share this fitness journey with you, and I can honestly say I have seen major results in a short amount of time. 
Although I still have work to do, I have gotten more toned, and feel overall more confident in the way my body looks and feels. 
I am sharing what a typical workout routine looks like for me (I modify it to target major muscle groups like arms, legs and abs) 

Bottle of water and loud music for starters. 

3 sets / 10 reps each of goblet squats. 
This gives you a butt. The end. (GO HEAVY) 

3 sets / 10 reps each of one arm shoulder press:

2 sets / 15 reps each of medicine ball russian twists:

Hello ABS!
3 sets / 10 reps of ab extensions 

3 sets / 10 reps each of ring rows:

3 sets / 10 reps each of box jumps (or steps ups, at this point you are dead)

3 sets / 12 reps each of back squats (try to do the heaviest you can, but complete all reps. If its easy to get to 12, you're going too light)

2 sets / 8 reps each of good ole' push ups:

Run, don't walk out of that place, and get back in it the next day. 

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  1. I've always been slightly tempted/intrigued to try a Crossfit session, but I'm am not a fan of people yelling at me which is why I don't go to the gym. I don't know if someone yells when you're training, but just the fear of that keeps me from even trying :(


  2. Way to go! I am really needing a good workout routine... maybe this is the one ;)

  3. I could never do CrossFit! Way to go!


  4. everyone starts somewhere


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