On Being Busy...

When I read this article I felt guilty as charged. "I'm too busy" is something I have always tried not to say, no matter how busy I actually feel. Because busy, well, my kind of busy falls short when I see mothers of three, working jobs, raising families, and trying to stay float. I feel silly thinking I'm busy when I know people who work three jobs to make ends meat. The type of busy I do, is generally voluntary. Having two jobs, emailing people well into midnight, attending events..they're minor things that take up my days' hours. 
And then I have to wonder why I, and most people I know like to say and think we are busy people. I suppose being busy implies that we are important, needed, and are doing something besides taking up oxygen supply. When you question the reasoning behind some of the things you do, you end up realizing there's usually a root that is more profound than you'd like to admit. 
I want to be important, and needed. Essential to a process, to making something happen that makes life easier for someone else. Cliche-ly speaking, "to make a difference." But I am starting to realize that most of what I do and have done is really not that important. I am not beating myself up, I thought about a number of careers, and came up with the conclusion that most careers are really not that important. Whose services do we absolutely require in this world? A select few; doctors, teachers, nurses, pilots..etc. And those who work in social media, fashion, retail, photography, most things..some people need us, but people may not die if we don't go on. That's not to say, whatever your line of work is, that it doesn't have any purpose or value, because it does. Life just doesn't depend on it.
I truly wish I did something important. But practically speaking, unless I become a non-profit volunteer, making a living and doing good work rarely come hand in hand. So that begs the question of, how do I work to survive, and do something important? That's the question, right? I become anxious when I'm wasting a minute's time. I could be doing a million things; working, being a good friend and taking a girlfriend to lunch, because even being a friend has to fit into a schedule. Doing nothing is also the equivalent of doing nothing important. 
Why must everything we do be important though? It doesn't. But that's the struggle. Trying to stay busy to ignore that noone really cares about what I do. Adding things to my life because the search for more to pile on to more, to end up with less is what we do in America. I add another gig to my job to make an extra hundred dollars, to end up feeling emptier once its done, because though I'm $100 richer, I am dragging along with anxiety and, yet still wanting to do more. 
I want to do nothing and feel at peace. When you recognize your work is just part of it, and your life is a collection of people, memories, lessons, and adventures, you find that being idle can bring you more success than running on empty. In a moment of nothingness, walking, painting, and not being busy, the birth of great ideas, life long relationships, and real happiness fills the place of a busy life. I don't want to be busy, I want to be available to explore new ideas, places, and people. 


  1. Powerful post and great words to ponder. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. This was such a great post for me to read this morning. It's definitely something to think about. Thank you for sharing with us!


  3. Well said my friend! You are important and that is not measured by what you do but who are xoxo

  4. Truly food for thought. I personally volunteer at my kid's school. It's one day a week, four hours (or less.) This way I can help both my own children and their teachers as well as other children.


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