12 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Blogger + J.Crew Giveaway

Let's make this intro quick, shall we?  The name's Bonnie, I blog over at The Life of Bon where it's always a party. I steal underwear off of mannequins and spend hundreds of dollars a year in speeding tickets. We friends now?

We all know what a terrific fashion blogger Nicholl is and I started thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if we could all be fashion bloggers?"  Lucky for you I myself am a very experienced fashion blogger.  I mean, I'm practically a pro!  All you gotta do is get dressed and have whoever is around snap some pictures of you, right?  I present to you, everything you need to know to be the next big fashion blogger!  Thank me later, gals!


1.  Pop your elbow or your knee. Or even better, both! It might feel a bit uncomfortable and weird, but trust me everyone will think you are so legit.  Hello fab!  (Oh, and never make a face like the one I'm making below.  Never.)

2.  Find a real photographer.  A self timer will only suffice for so long until people will realize you ain't the real deal.

3.  Wear bright lipstick.  Duh!

4.  If your budget is small, go to an expensive, gorgeous store (think Anthropologie or J. Crew) buy something, wear it for a picture, and then just take it back.  Everyone will think you've got mad style and you don't have to spend a cent! Win win!

5.  Try to stick your head out as much as possible.  Your head may look a little big, but it's totally worth it because the rest of your body will look so little.  Everyone will think you're a skinny mini!

6.  If you're feeling totally lost, remember these three things: polka dots, stripes, chevron.  You can't go wrong, my friend.

7.  Don't wear sandals with socks.  Ever.

8.  Don't wear white socks with dress shoes.  Don't wear socks with heels.  In fact, the only time you should wear socks is with sneakers.  And don't wear sneakers with a dress.  We all clear here?

9.  Maxi Maxi Maxi.  Oh, and please don't jump for your pictures.  You'll look like a fool!

10.  Take pictures in the middle of the city.  No one will think it's weird when you stop for photos all by yourself.  They'll think you're a celeb!

11.  If your makeup ain't looking too hot or you were up way too late, just throw a pair of sunglasses on and you're good to go.  No one will ever know that your face isn't at its best!

12.  Never look directly at the camera.  It'll totally give you away.  It doesn't matter where you look, look anywhere except for directly at the lens!

12.  If all else fails, hide behind a big purse, a plant, or a dog.  We'll still be able to see part of your shirt and we'll just assume that you are a fabulous dresser!

Congrats!  You are now ready to be the next big fashion blogger!  Go take on the fashion world!  Oh, and to help you out in your fashion blogger quest I'm offering fifty big ones to J.Crew.  Yep $50 gift certificate to J.Crew just for you.  Enter below and make sure to come say hi at Life of Bon!

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  1. Ha ha ha I loved this post! So funny! Perfect advice! Thanks! Xo


  2. I'm sure this was a joke...right? Haha Hopefully it was because I laughed at quite a few of them!


  3. I love Bonnie, she is too cute and funny!! haha! :) This was thee best post!!



  4. Very funny post! It made me laugh out loud! And I love your haircut! Super cute!! Susan

  5. great giveaway and funny post!! just entered :)

    XO Meghan

  6. What a cute and funny post!
    Just entered your giveaway!

  7. hahaha this post just makes me laugh because there are so many truths here!! hahaha


  8. This was hilarious! Definitely needed.


  9. Ha! This post is ridiculous and SO TRUE. Thanks for the photos, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right!


  10. Best. Post. Ever. But really...so much of this is so true!


  11. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  12. But I love wearing sneakers with dresses! :P So funny! And thanks for the giveaway :)

  13. OMG soo hilarious, now I know what I've been doing wrong all this time. Off to becoming a successful fashion blogger lol

  14. lol love this post!
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    Instagram: pokergrl8

    Amanda Sakovitz

    Thank you!

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