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I have the most lovely treat for your eyes today! One of my best friends, Kelly- a wedding photographer, is showing us a glimpse into her glowing photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I. Don't we all love pretty photos? She has given us full permission to pin and spread the loveliness. She lives in my hometown, Memphis, but is a traveling photographer, so if you need someone special to capture your moments, Kelly is a walking talent!

My passion in life is storytelling. I'm enchanted by love stories, and it has become my passion to document other love stories for the world to see. There is something magical in a wedding day, it's all of the emotions running wild, it's the glimpse of eternity you see in each and every bride's tear filled eyes, it's the glow that every groom gives off when he sees his beloved for the first time, and I hope to spend my life capturing these moments for you all. Come visit my world: Kelly Ginn, after all I know you have a story to be told.


 I'm pretty obsessed with all things southern, can you blame me? Aqua mason jars, sweet tea, and cowgirl boots, get in line!

When I'm not photographing someone else's lovely life, I often like to make things 'pretty' in my own home. I'm often arranging flowers from my mother's backyard, and then documenting that whether it be an Instagram shot, or a professional image. I rarely put the camera down, and I'm A-OK with that."  

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  1. Now following her on IG-- she is SO talented, oh my word!

  2. Oh how pretty are these images?! Love it Nicholl, thank you for sharing.

    Chelsea & The City


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