10 uses for the magic that is translucent powder

I have recently become addicted to translucent powder, because I have discovered more uses for it than I would have ever imagined. You people take these to heart, and translucent powder will change your days. 

For starters, I just purchased a cheap cover girl one. In some areas, I do believe you get what you pay for (face moisturizing being one), but powder, all it is..its powder goodness gracious- powder - {fairy dust}- How many times can I say powder before stepping off my soapbox? 

My favorite uses have been the following:

1. Skin oil absorption. Ever heard of powder your nose? A swipe of this stuff with a brush over the nose and cheeks, and all the oil disappears. In the Summer months, it is crucial to maintain a glowing look sans the shininess. 

2. Hair oil absorption. I do love me some dry shampoo, but as a quick de-greaser, translucent powder does the trick. A little bit on the roots, brush it out and grease no more. 

3. Armpit whitening. I can shave for 48 hours and still have dark spots under my armpits. Solution: a swipe of translucent powder over deodorant. 

4. Eyelash thickener. After my first layer of mascara, I roll the mascara brush over translucent powder and it thickens the look of my lashes by at least 50%. 

5. Setting powder. When all make up is set and done, and I'm ready to walk out of the door, I throw on a little powder for a matte, clean look that works as the face's shellac. 

6. For the "barely there makeup" look. I don't use make-up for a good portion of the Summer, since I spend it outside. But to lighten up my face a little, I use it as a form of very light foundation. It evens out my skin without the thickness. I use it for the gym and water. 

7. Under eyes. It can double as a concealer and illuminator, because you should get it in a shade a wee bit lighter than your foundation, so it does the trick of lightening and opening your under eyes, giving off a doe eye look. 

8. Lips. To set lipstick that will stay on the whole day, I put translucent powder over it. It makes the color matte, and it keeps it from running throughout the day. 

9. Touching up and refreshing. After I stared using it, it's the only thing I carry in my purse make-up wise. When I'm out and about, I just refresh with powder, and my make up looks as fresh as it did when first done. I make sure I don't go over my blush with it though, as it will disguise it. I go around it to frame my face, and focus on the nose. 

10. To not look cakey. Compact powder can often thicken up on your face, especially after foundation. I have boycotted it for that reason. And because for four dollars, I can have translucent powder, which as you can see, is a game changer. 


  1. These tips are amazing! Who would have thought about using powder on your armpits...genius!

  2. these are lovely tips! i've always appreciated translucent powder in my arsenal!

  3. Awesome tips! I also use this on my hair, but I never thought about a lot of the other ways to use it. Thanks!

  4. I love translucent powder too! Before I got into make up it used to be all I wore, over my SPF and a bit of concealer. I'm rediscovering my love for it now too :)


  5. How have I never owned translucent powder... I did not know there were so many magical uses for it!

  6. Saving on chiro bills? please tell me what this means...lol

  7. This makes me want to go roll around in translucent powder... !


  8. OH MY GOSH! These are GREAT tip!!!

  9. hmmm im very intrigued by #3 and will have to try it!! xo


  10. Great tips - I may have to give translucent powder a try! :) I'll be sharing these tips with my Design Your Dwelling Facebook followers for sure!

  11. I've always wanted to try this stuff! I'm not real big on make up either but I like the idea of just having something to make my skin look nice and fresh and polished.


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