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I mentioned to you guys this week, that a month ago, I decided to turn things around for myself in the health department. I joined cross fit, and hopped on the Paleo bandwagon. I changed my fries for veggies, and ice cream for berries. And though I admit it's not easy, I have honestly seen and felt the difference, and it is worth it. Feeling challenged and having a goal towards fitness changes your perspective. 

I have been looking for easy reads, blogs and magazines to get recipes and tips from. While shopping at Winn Dixie, I browsed through some magazines and picked up the July edition of All You. It was my first time being exposed to this magazine, and I am addicted! It is so worth the $3 bucks. The articles have so much information for your overall health and life. From an array of coupons I will be using, to how to improve your ab workout, to quick and simple Summer recipes, All You is a great coffee read. 

 One of the articles gives alternatives to the typical sit up that we all dread. Instead of crunches, it recommends that you switch things up and do three different reps of various ab exercises that involve the abdominal muscle group, increasing your metabolism and burning more calories than doing only sit up repetitions. This changes things for me, as this week I've been waking up and dropping on the floor to do 100 sit ups. 

 The article on quick starting your metabolism and dropping fat was my absolute favorite. Being around a cross fit trainer (my husband) and all his health freaks friends, and I have never heard of some of these tips. I am on board with them!!! I don't want to spoil your read, but some of my favorite ways to increase your metabolism included:

1.Give up Gum. Chewing gum makes you swallow and trap air that bloats you. 
2. Consume six to seven servings of dairy per day. This one blew me away! Though Paleo is anti-dairy, I am considering this information. The article states that women who eat 15 % of daily calories in dairy and 30% in protein, shed belly weight twice as fast than those with a low dairy and low protein diet. Good thing I love me some Greek yogurt!!

 Another article talked about moisturize for your skin and hair. In the Summer, although humidity helps your skin and hair by keeping it more hydrated, the water you lose through sweat and heat, can often leave you dehydrated. Using a daily sunscreen can double as a moisturizer, which is what I do, and I find it to keep my skin soft and hydrated. (I use the one below). And Fish oil was recommended for hair health and hydration. I hear wonders about Biotin, but for me, nothing compares to Fish oil.

I highly recommend this magazine! Although I am reviewing it for the All You company, my opinions are honest, and I will continue to snag this magazine! I am getting off the computer now because I am going to make a recipe I found in the magazine (amongst 31 delicious ones) turkey taco meat loaf! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day! Stay healthy ;) 

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Saint James Navy + Giveaway

Shoes: similar / Jacket: Gap

Although by now I've realized that I am instantly drawn to stripes when I see them, I got this shirt because of the history behind it. When I saw it, I liked it, loved the bright blue, but wasn't aware why it was a "specialty tee." Saint James is a French nautical brand, and they are the designers responsible for our first Navy uniforms. I think that is so neat! Oh, and if you didn't know I had bangs now, don't confuse them for a helmet. 

Sunglasses Shop is giving away a pair of Ray Bans today to one lucky Chiffon Diary reader! These are my favorite sunglasses and I wish you the best luck to win a pair! 

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Coconut, Almond, Dark Chocolate Paleo Cookie Dough Balls! {carbless Samoas}

I posted this picture on Instagram, and so many of you asked me to post the recipe, so although my cooking is not award-winning, this does not take talent. Perfect for me. And the best part is that they are Paleo, essentially carbless, and they do not taste that way AT ALL. I have eaten that entire plate, and feel no guilt! 

My husband has been paleo for a year now, ever since he started Crossfit. I saw the results, but I didn't think I could do it. Low and Behold, I set foot in a crossfit "box" for the first time one month ago, and I have been there four times a week since. Religiously. I have never been one to work out consistently, but this is such an incredible challenge for me, that I think I keep going just to prove to myself that I can do more. 
To accompany the work out, I have been attempting to stick to the Paleo diet. But because I cannot stay away from sweets, I had to indulge, and I made these treats. 


1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoons vanilla 
1/2 dark chocolate chips
1 cup almond butter 
1 tablespoon coconut oil 
For coating:
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1 tablespoon coconut oil (melted)

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl and dissolve until you get doughy consistency
-Create round balls
-Put in freezer for 15 minutes
-For coating, place chocolate chips and coconut oil in the microwave for one minute, then stir. Do this right before taking the balls out of the freezer. 
-Dip balls in melted chocolate with a toothpick and put back in freezer for 15 minutes. 

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Black Daisies + Giveaway

Shirt: c/o Sheinside / Pants: Asos / Shoes: similar
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Featured Sponsor 
Today we have sweet Laura, all the way from Scottland! She is a pleasure to work with, and totally worth checking her out! If for nothing else than to swoon over Yogi, this adorable fur baby. 
Who am I?

My name is Laura, I am a trainee solicitor, soon to be fully qualified solicitor and a part-time blogger.

Where am I  from?

I am from Scotland and currently live in Glasgow with my Chow Chow, Yogi.

What is The Fashion & Beauty Obsession about?

The Fashion & Beauty Obsession is a blog that primarily focuses on fashion and beauty - the name pretty much says it all. I wanted to do a blog that focused on up to date fashion and beauty news, outfit creations, celebrity style on a budget and hot sales and discounts. I wanted to prove that we can still look as great as the latest celeb but still live within our means, after all we can't all afford Christian Louboutin or Yves Saint Laurent, right?
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Monochromatic- Mint + Giveaway

Flats:  c/o Oasap / Pants: old / Mint Shirt: F21 / Chambray: J.Crew / Bag: VJ Style
If I'm in a hurry to pick an outfit, monochromatic is the first thing that comes to mind. It feels like a go to because it's simple, and makes a statement with one color. I threw on a chambray for the sole purpose of layering. 

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