On my heart, thank you.

{These are sweet Miami bloggers who came out to J.Crew Style Sessions! }

This post has been on my heart all week, I just had to find the time to properly express myself. Last week, I wrote this post, where I made myself vulnerable by sharing some of my life's difficult moments. When I wrote it, I felt skeptical about writing something that would put myself out there. But 
I figured that I have this blog as a means of sharing my story, in hopes of there being someone out there who could use that story as a gift they can relate to. 
And I was taken back, and frankly so surprised at the amazing, absolute kindness, goodness and generosity that is this community that reads my blog. I wanted to use this post to say thank you. Thank from the deepest corner of my heart. 
Thank you for making yourselves vulnerable and telling me, you too, have felt without direction. 
Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for commenting to encourage me to just keep going. 
Thank you for even taking the time to read it. Thank you for your emails, and every way in which you reached to me to let me know you were with me. That I wasn't the first or last to feel this way, and helping me believe I'm going to succeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I honesty cried my eyes out with every email I received. I received emails telling me you have been in my place, are in my place, or are simply praying for me. 
And then, I received emails telling me detail by detail what a career in dental hygiene entails, from dental hygienists themselves. Emails I didn't ask for, never expected, but were extremely helpful. Emails I certainly didn't deserve, but yet, out of the incredible generosity of your hearts, you did that for me. And that moves me to no end. 
I have said it before, but never in detail, and maybe never to you guys directly. I am very, very blessed to be part of this blogging community. You people are so real, so supportive, listeners and lovers. To each one of you who reads this blog, who took the time to encourage me, and who are constant cheerleaders of one another, you make a real-life difference. You are not strangers behind computers and phones. You are loving, caring, giving women who do great things through in form of comforting comments, emails, tweets...or at home, in form of prayers, meals, work days, and hugs. I am thankful for your impact. 

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  1. FUN! YOU all look so amazing!

  2. So fun! I love all the bright colors.

  3. you are the sweetest!! so glad i could be a little part of this :) xoxo

  4. Love love love!!! So fab meeting you darling, such a nice event! Big love and stay in touch!


  5. The blogging community can be so wonderful. I'm so glad you got such fantastic feedback.


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