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Y'all, I LOVE decorating. I am obsessive compulsive for how my house looks. I step out of bed, and go grab a broom. It's true. It makes me happy to live in a pretty and clean place. With that, people frequently ask how I afford constantly upgrading and redecorating. "Ask my husband" is what I reply. I kid. Kinda. I can afford to always be touching up my place, because I am CHEAP. And my family said, "AMEN." I spend pennies and dimes on all this. Making your house look great is little about the price tag, and a lot about how smart you shop. 
I will take you photo by photo and tell you approximately how much I spent and where it's from. I believe that paying a small price for an item does not at all mean that it will look cheap. But if you think it looks cheap, then head to west elm and forget this post. ;)

Table: Walmart for $29. Here's the deal: when you're buying inexpensive items, you will have to build them yourself. Pain in the rear end. But cheap. White Frame: Ikea $10 and Pearl Frame: $5.99 Marshall's. 

This is just to expose a little shame. Not everything is neat. This is for all of you who thought I was perfect. *wink*

Bed: We made it ourselves for $150. Nightstands: Thrifted & repainted for $30 total for both. 
Lamp Shades: Target for $19 each and Lamps: Ikea $10 each. Chevron Canvas: DIY. Bedspread: $90 with everything included from Walmart online. 
On hers/his nightstands, I used out personal accessories to style. My flower necklace, and Kyle's Rayban collection. 

 I purchased this chair this week after polling on instagram if it was a steal or no. You said it was.  It was $35. I was thinking about reupholstering it, but after a couple styling tricks, I think I love the color as is. Tip for thrift stores: BARGAIN. He started at $45 and was set on not going down. I walked away and said $30 is all I will give you. We settled on $35. Kyle is always mortified by my bargaining. His wallet on the contrary is ever grateful. 
This mirror was a garage sale find for TEN dollars! It's been painted every color, and this week I went with white. 

This is the entry way as soon as you open the door. 
We keep our photo albums and set down keys here. This little bookshelf was $15 at Target. 

This is a Martha Stewart table, priced at $2,000. It had a scratch on a corner, so they sent it to a Macy's outlet, from which I got it for $60! The chairs I got at Ikea, and I actually was not a fan of them at first. They looked cheap because the legs were a pale white wood color, and it didn't match the table. So I  stained them, and now I love them! I believe they were $40 a piece. 

 This was my first ever gallery wall. These things can get awfully expensive if you don't take your time. I got my frames at Ikea. They have a wide variety of frames there. These are the cheapest they have. I think $3 each. They don't look TOO different from the higher end ones, and to me, it wasn't worth the extra splurge. The prints I saved pictures of on google, pintrest, you name it, and then printed at Walgreens. I print there because they ALWAYS have 40% off prints coupons and are ready in an hour. Ikea frames have different European measurements, so I flipped the white lining the frames come with and put my print over it to bridge the gaps from the disparate measurements. 

This was a wood storing shelf Kyle had since college, and I painted it and roughened it up a little by sanding it after I painted it. I changed the knobs and voila. 

 The sectional was a steal on Craigslist from a wholesaler. We just typed gray sectional, and it came in boxes, brand new for $600. That is a STEAL. 
I just got this coffee table last week too. From another thrift store. I knew I wanted something with this shape and as soon as I saw it, I snagged it for $20 bucks. 

This is currently my favorite thing in the house. I love my little bookshelf! Styling a bookshelf can actually get a wee bit complicated. I may do a post on it alone. Most of the things in it I just found in my house.

And I got this bottle of Jack to brush my teeth with. Ke$ha stand up. I actually got it only because it says "Tennessee Honey" and well, I can't pass it up if it says Tennessee. 

Same as with my dining room gallery wall, I opted for the cheapest frames. Average $6 a piece.They don't have the depth that the more expensive ones do, and the outside is plastic instead of glass, but they do the job just fine for me. One of my dear friends has an Etsy Shop where she makes pretty prints like all the word ones she gifted me. With prints, if I buy them, I will buy the digital copy, and have them printed as a photo at Walgreens. The Tennessee one, I made myself on Picmonkey. I just googled a map of Tennessee and added a heart on Memphis. The boat print, I used leftover fabric and framed it. 

And to add a little personality, I used one photo of us, and one of our puppy :)

And the view doesn't hurt ;)

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  1. This is perfect. I love every square inch of it!!

  2. Wow! It's gorgeous. I love the night stands, and they were an awesome price!! I also love the elephants in the bookshelf. Great tips and beautiful home.


  3. This looks like a magazine! So beautiful! I LOVE your gallery walls!

  4. it's amazing how good styling can make inexpensive pieces look so expensive! such great inspiration for my first apartment in the fall

  5. OMG! I love your place. I so need to do a post like this!

  6. Awesome thrift finds! So fun to see other people's homes .

  7. love your house my dear. All those pictures and frames on the wall are my fav.

  8. So cute! I love the little details that make it yours! I really like your bedspread... guess Ill be shopping at walmart a little more often :)

    Kendra @ openspaces

  9. I love your house! I just can't wait until I have a job so I can start putting more money into having my place decorated the way I want it to be decorated! This post will definitely be a part of my inspiration ;)


  10. I love everything! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to have my own place to decorate.

  11. adorable! I especially love the way you styled your bookshelf, so much so that I pinned it :) and I have a gallery wall in my office all of pics I printed off pinterest on my home printer- it rocks and I only used like 1/4 of an ink cartridge. I cringe to think how much I would have spent on custom etsy prints... I'm all about the bargain, except when it comes to antiques, but we all have to our weaknesses right?


  12. Your place is amazing! I'm working on some DIY canvas right now and I love how yours came out! And I can't believe you only paid $60 for that dining room table! That is crazy (but awesome)!

  13. Your place is awesome! Love that you get stuff at thrift shops, I am also a huge fan of that! And I would kill for that view... sigh

  14. Wow - your house is absolutely gorgeous...love love love the way it's decorated! The orange chair is fabulous...and that view...amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. perfect - and where did you find that chair. It is awesome!

  16. And now I must leave work immediately and go home to redecorate my house. Love it sistah.


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  18. Your house is amazing! I'm always looking for ways to update my place inexpensively.


  19. Well this place just looks beautiful - nice touches Nicholl! Now why don't you invite me over for some tea and gluten free brownies :) Miss you friend!

  20. Thanks for sharing your home design and decor. It's very chic and modern and bold with a punch of color.

  21. It all looks so good!
    Great view!

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  24. This looks great! I am in love with your dining room table. I wish I had a Macy's Outlet nearby! What a steal!

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  26. This is so amazing! You definitely have an eye for decorating. Please, come do my house next!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  27. oh.emm.gee!!!!! This is immaculate! Obsessed with the chevron above the bed, that rug, the color pallet! The everything!!!! It's gorg!
    I went to Z gallerie this weekend and longed to own a house to decorate from top to bottom! I'll keep dreaming for now :-)

  28. Such a great job! You can come decorate our apartment, next!! I love the coffee table and love it even more that it was thirfted for $20!

  29. So impressed! I really love your couch color with the throw pillows you chose!

  30. Love it all. Love how frugal you are too. I am always looking for a bargain!

  31. I love love love this post so much. I'm the cheapest person alive. and I aspire to have your closet hahaha


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