Gold Sneakers and Palm Trees + Giveaway

shorts: F21 / shirt: F21 / shoes: similar

One of my favorite Friday outfits! Kyle gifted me these sneakers when we were dating three years ago, and I was mortified. And then one day, I put them on, and fell in love with them. They are definitely not every day shoes, but once in a while, they do the job of shining bright like.... ;) 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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White for Days...

shirt: J.Crew /  skirt: J.Crew / shoes: Marc Fisher via Macy's / Necklace:J.Crew

I wore this to this month's J.Crew Style Sessions. Monochromatic all white is my absolute favorite ensemble to wear on any occasion. Luckily for me, I live in Miami and I'm permitted to do it year-round against all Labor/Memorial day rules. White for days around here...

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On my heart, thank you.

{These are sweet Miami bloggers who came out to J.Crew Style Sessions! }

This post has been on my heart all week, I just had to find the time to properly express myself. Last week, I wrote this post, where I made myself vulnerable by sharing some of my life's difficult moments. When I wrote it, I felt skeptical about writing something that would put myself out there. But 
I figured that I have this blog as a means of sharing my story, in hopes of there being someone out there who could use that story as a gift they can relate to. 
And I was taken back, and frankly so surprised at the amazing, absolute kindness, goodness and generosity that is this community that reads my blog. I wanted to use this post to say thank you. Thank from the deepest corner of my heart. 
Thank you for making yourselves vulnerable and telling me, you too, have felt without direction. 
Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for commenting to encourage me to just keep going. 
Thank you for even taking the time to read it. Thank you for your emails, and every way in which you reached to me to let me know you were with me. That I wasn't the first or last to feel this way, and helping me believe I'm going to succeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I honesty cried my eyes out with every email I received. I received emails telling me you have been in my place, are in my place, or are simply praying for me. 
And then, I received emails telling me detail by detail what a career in dental hygiene entails, from dental hygienists themselves. Emails I didn't ask for, never expected, but were extremely helpful. Emails I certainly didn't deserve, but yet, out of the incredible generosity of your hearts, you did that for me. And that moves me to no end. 
I have said it before, but never in detail, and maybe never to you guys directly. I am very, very blessed to be part of this blogging community. You people are so real, so supportive, listeners and lovers. To each one of you who reads this blog, who took the time to encourage me, and who are constant cheerleaders of one another, you make a real-life difference. You are not strangers behind computers and phones. You are loving, caring, giving women who do great things through in form of comforting comments, emails, tweets...or at home, in form of prayers, meals, work days, and hugs. I am thankful for your impact. 

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All black

Dress: c/o Pima Doll /Shoes: similar / bag: c/o olivia and joy / hat: J.Crew 

A black dress is as we all know, one of the key wardrobe pieces. But, a black summer dress is equally important as a white pair of pants. It's easy to throw on and style in  various ways. I love this one from Pima Doll. The material is so soft. it's breezy, but it doesn't fly up. It slims to your body just enough, but is not too tight. While I'm more of an all-white outfit type of gal, a black ensemble is ever classic, yet causal. Do you prefer all white, or all black? 

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Short Sleeve Chambray

Shirt: J.Crew (on sale) / Shorts: similar / Shoes: similar (on sale madewell) / Bag: VJ Style / Necklace: F21 / Glasses: Ray Ban / Lipstick: Revlon love that pink #435
I wore this easy ensemble on Sunday afternoon to take a walk down South Beach and fill up on Pinkberry :) Can we just take a moment and just..take a moment for Pinkberry. I don't like frozen yogurt, but that stuff is beyond. This summer, shorts are my new dresses. And when this short sleeve chambray went on sale, I was all over it. I try to be very careful with what I invest money on. When I shop at Target, Forever 21,  H&M.. retailers of the sort, I pick up the trendier stuff. Like florals and pattern shorts. Things that are cute now, but in a year from now, they will be in the back of my closet. I get my main pieces, that will give me my cost per wear at J.Crew, Zara, and places like that. Chambrays are so easy to wear with EVERYTHING, that to me, it's worth paying the extra money to get one you absolutely love at J.Crew or Madewell.  I find that in my younger days, I would buy a ton of $10, $15 things, and I would only wear them so much, for so long, and I was actually spending more than if I got a few classic pieces that I can wear a lot. This is not to state that most of my wardrobe doesn't consist of $15 pieces, but still. It's worth giving it a thought ;) 

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My Heart's In Oklahoma

I had another post planned for today but in light of the tragic events that took place in Oklahoma yesterday, I wanted to feel a little bit of their pain and write my thoughts.

I often struggle with the thought of having children. Not because I wouldn't want to be a mother, because being a mother and caring for a dependent child seems like an unbelievable experience. But simply because I fear I will fall short. I don't think I can take care of somebody completely, or well. I don't think I would have it in me to wake up in the middle of night, or to make three meals a day to nourish a child well. I think I would lose my patience, and in some way or another disappoint my child and myself. I don't believe this is an irrational thought. In fact, I think a lot of women have these thoughts pre-motherhood. Children aren't in my near future, I am content being a wife, daughter and aunt for now. But when things like this happen, and 20+ children lose their lives suddenly to a natural disaster, the nurturing, caring and mother-like virtues come out in me.

I saw the news and fell to my knees, crying. Heartbroken. Thinking of the moms who left their children at school this morning, planning on picking them up and making them dinner tonight.
Thinking and almost being able to hear the whaling and anguish as their children were being searched for under the debris.
Imagining the gasp and ache in their chest as other children were being rescued alive, not their child.
I cry as I think of what was going through these mother's minds. The thought of their precious children calling out to them for help. Crying, screaming. And then no more.
The traumatizing frustration of knowing their children were hanging on for their lives and there was nothing they could do, nothing. But wait in anguish. Until they were given the devastating news.
I can picture them literally crumbling to the ground. Broken like never before. Never being the same. Feeling a pain they didn't imagine possible.

All while the rest of us are fortunate enough to carry on tonight. To love on our loved ones. To take a good look at them. We can't change anything for those mothers. They are shattered. We are praying for you. We, not knowing you, love you and are with you.

The only thing we can do is learn from their painful experience. We can love deeper because of their pain. We can take today and celebrate that we have those we love near us. To adventure with, to laugh with, to support. The chance to make our presence known in their lives. Not necessarily by doing great things, but by doing small things with great love. Today I will make my husband's favorite home-cooked meal, because I have the chance to.

As a kid I would always ask my mom how she made her meals taste so good and she would always respond with "because they're made with mom's love," it was funny to me then. Not knowing how very true it was. How those meals she made me showed me how much she loved me. How she took the opportunity to cherish me by putting my hair in pig tails, packing my lunch and making me my favorite dinners.
I am so thankful I still have the chance to adore my family. I must make it count.

"Teach us to number our days so we can have a wise heart" Psalms 90:12


A Mexican Dress

Dress: Similar / Shoes: Madewell / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Purse: Purse / Lipstick: Revlon 

This is one of those dresses I have had for years. Going on ten, or something long and dated like that. But I like it now more than ever. I put it on and felt like I was back Cabo San Lucas, while I'm not too far behind in the beaches of Miami. Anyhow, it's watermelon season, otherwise known as Summer, and my closet has turned into an agglomeration of white everything. 
My weekend consisted of a weekend trip to West Palm Beach (home of late Lilly Pulitzer, swoon) to watch my beastly husband compete in the Southeast Crossfit Regionals Competition. I can't believe he's made it this far! People, the endurance, discipline, strength and overall beastly ferocity it takes to practice this sport is unbelievable! So proud of him! I must note all this hard work is nonetheless admirable than my picture taking skills with one hand, while holding a chocolate chip cookie in the other, oh yes. Here's to all you fit and clean eating folks! 

Hope your weekend was relaxing and happy! 

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...Silk Shorts...

Bag: c/o Olivia and Joy / Shorts: Forever 21 (under $15!) / Shirt: J.Crew/ ShoesSimilar / Glasses: Ray Ban

These silk shorts are amongst my Summer favorites. A pair of silk shorts gets you a long ways. You can go out at night with some heels, or daytime it with sandals. And for under $15, these are a steal! 

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