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Today I am linking up and co-hosting with Lauren for Style Sessions, her weekly link up, where you can link up and share anything fashion related.

Welcome to Style Sessions! I've come to absolutely adore Tuesdays, you have each made this one of the best days of the week. I always enjoy seeing your outfits and have come to see certain trends throughout the weeks. For instance, last week I noticed a distinct love of leopard print, not just from me but also many of you too! Stripes have been big and it's the same story for brights! I love that this has become like a style barometer, an easy way to see what trends people have adopted in real life. I wonder what this Style Sessions will bring?

If you're new here, I believe we all have an inner Rachel Zoe and the opportunity to share this shouldn't just be reserved for those who have a show on Bravo. Whether Vogue is your religion and WhoWhatWear your bible, or you're just a girl who likes to be confident and feel good in how you dress, this link-up is for you!

Join us every Tuesday from 4pm PST and share anything outfit or fashion related. If you coerced your spouse into doing a fashion shoot, conducted your own mirror photo fest, or are on a budget and would like to create a 'virtual outfit', we'd love to see it!

Feature As Head Stylist!
Each week, I will select one person to be featured as Head Stylist in the next Style Sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity to really showcase your style to everyone!

Be Inspired!
My vision is for this to be like one giant girls night in (or a shopaholics anonymous meeting), where we share our own unique style, favorite outfits, latest fashion loves and hopefully be inspired with new ideas!

To join Style Sessions, I ask that you please follow my blog (via Bloglovin', Email, Twitter, GFC or Facebook) and because it's good etiquette, simply provide a link to this in your post or add the button to your blog. And the more we get the word out there, the more people see your gorgeous outfit each week! So spread the news about Style Sessions and tweet!
STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

Weekend Wear

 On weekends where I know I'll be taking a stroll outside, I go as comfy as possible. Sperry's are the best walking shoes that still look cute, they form to your feet wonderfully. I love this oxford because of the color. Also, whenever I wear an oxford, or just about any long sleeve blouse, I tuck in one side, or the front of it. It just gives a slimmer fit. And I say if it has a collar, pop it.
ShirtF21 / Shoes: Sperry's / Jeans: Pac Sun / Purse: Kate Spade

Meet Our Head Stylist...

Introducing the lovely Nicholl from The Chiffon Diary!

I just love Nicholl's style. It's so individual, but at the same time accessible and relatable. When I first came across her blog late last year, I was an instant fan - isn't she just gorgeous?


What is your favorite wardrobe piece? My favorite wardrobe piece is my neon blouse. It goes with everything (weird since its neon), but I always seem to be able to pair it with anything and stand out. By standing out I mean being seen from two miles away, either way... I love it ;)

Describe your style in three words? I would describe my style as indescribable. Honestly, one day I'm wearing vans and a band shirt pretending I'm back in high school and the next day, I'm in J.Crew from head to toe and pointy heels. I like mixing it up. 

Best piece of fashion advice? My best piece of advice would be to not match. I mean, please take that with a grain of salt, but the less afraid you are to fail, the more creative you will become. Mixing textures, colors, layers and patterns is what makes an outfit unique. Yes, yes... simple is best... but not always fun :)

To discover more about Nicholl, visit The Chiffon Diary!

Join now and share your style:



  1. Great outfits! I might join this linkup soon, it looks like tons of fun. <3

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  3. Great outfits, and I love the link up!! I should join the fun!!

  4. LALA LOVe both of those blouses so cute!!

  5. How adorable do you look?!! Those colors look amazing on you and that necklace is sooo fabulous!!


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