How to do Spring Break

1. You don't have a real spring break. Because you're no longer in college. So you take a week off work. 
2. Have your best friend come in town. 
3. Join the herd of spring breakers who painted the town...a shade of neon drunk. 
4. Dance. At every pool, street intersection, store, dance floor. 
5. Do other boring things like shop and eat your weight in ice cream. 

Go to Pink's Spring Break Dance Party. AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. 

Keep following written instructions on foam hearts.

Jump and throw beach balls around. Why not. 

Participate in a Harlem Shake video. 

Make a collage. Not before jumping in a pink bounce house. #pinkspringbreak

Dress up.

Take several of these jello courage things so you can do this...

Sing Milkshake.."my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."

Dress up again. And trust your better judgement that those heels are coming off. off. 

Get to South Beach

The Clevelander, for specifics. 

DANCE. Break the chain on your purse, have your purse fly off all while losing your phone on the dance floor so that strangers pick it up and you get a perfect chance to ask for a dancing photoshoot. 

Get thrown up on. Wash off in the bathroom. 

And off they came. 

 Spend your mornings on the beach

Play Pitbull's "Don't Stop the Party" because if you're in Miami and you're not listening to Pitbull you're in the wrong place. 
Finally, ride a bike. And cry because it's all over. 


  1. OMG sooooo freaking awesome!!! I think next spring break I'll come and hang with you for a week...I think maybe I should start planning this now lol.
    Just like the god old days huh? lol You got thrown up on?! or was it your friend? Either way = YUCK!
    So glad you had an amazing week :-)

  2. Sigh.. I miss college spring break!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! I wish I followed your rules for spring break ;)

  4. Looks like a great time. I need a spring break!!

  5. The photos are gorgeous!!! It sounds AMAZING!!! :D

    Jen xxx

  6. I am officially jealous. I haven't been on Spring Break in like 10 years. In fact, it's spring break right now and I'm....at work. Man, being an adult blows sometimes!


  7. Haha this was an adorable post - cling to those young years!!!


  8. I follow those foam heart instructions ALL the time..... totally acceptable. Right? ha!! looks like you had fun!!

  9. Love it all! But yuck-a-puh-tooey to getting thrown up on! But you guys took it like champs, I would have FREAKED! Yipes!

  10. EEK! Which one of you got thrown up on? YUCK. Y'all both look pretty despite the puke. Looks like a blast girl!


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  11. i spent my "spring break" in london, museum stalking and eating good ethnic food while drinking bad flat beer; it was fun, but definitely not enough dancing!


  12. Oh Spring Break, how I miss thee! I actually get a Spring Break this year (the perks of working in a school!) but wedding planning doesn't exactly allow extra funds for a trip :) Maybe I'll just break my no tanning bed rule and get a little Vitamin D the unsafe way for a couple days.

  13. Haha, I love this! I wish I still had spring break! I love your part about Pitbull. My girlfriends and I are coming to South Beach in June so I'm excited all the Pitbull I can take in :)

  14. I'm so jealous, this sounds amazing! Slash I'm also pissed because I didn't do anything like that. Maybe next year. Yeah, I'll plan on next year. PS -- you look amazing and I hate you.


  15. I am so jellos this looks like a fabulous time!!! wish i could of been thought!! PS you look great in the yellow top and shorts!!

  16. SO jealous that you got to attend the VS PINK Spring Break Party! Looks like you had a ton of fun though!!

  17. I love (& miss) Miami and that fabulous, night out style you were rockin'! Looks like you had a blast.

  18. I need this in my life RIGHT NOW!! What a fun Spring Break (well, pretend SB for the working girls).
    Also- I'm gonna need to make a trip into your closet ASAP. PleaseAndThankYou.

  19. OMG sounds like a blast!! I want to do spring break in FL!!! and ew to getting thrown up on!!!

  20. first of all, this post was hilarious... haha i love that you still brought the party all week post college. so much fun!

  21. The best recipe I've ever found! Wish I would have taken off and enjoyed some of the break!

  22. i once saw something that said dont cry coz its over, laugh coz it happened.


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