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Hi y'all! I have been wayyy mia. I was out of town, back home in Memphis for a week, (and blogging while away/being on a computer seemed like the biggest waste of my family/friend time) and then I got back, worked 48 hours in three days, and moved to a new place. Yes people, moved. Actually, my poor husband had to do the whole move. My liver is paying for all of this. Cheers to that. I wish I could offer you some before/after pictures, or what I wore. But nope. All I have for you is some phone pictures of the chaos in my living quarters. At some point things will look up...or out into my new ocean view which is the better part about it all.

I am doing some decor face lifts (excitttteddd) and a cow had to come along, naturally. That would be my closet. And above is what I mean when I say I'm doing it all at the expense of my liver.
Your whole life in boxes in quite unpleasant. But the rug makes me happy, and it's the first sign that things are coming together.

I really wanted to see these anxiety-inducing photos, Nicholl! -all of you.

To make up for it, here is this incredible lady-and a $25 gift card to LOFT!

Hi everyone! I’m Lindsay and I blog over at Pursuit of Pink, which is my little place of happiness on the internet. I blog about all things that make me happy: beauty, personal style, home décor, recipes, organization and more. And yes, my favorite color is pink, so there is plenty of that great color all over my blog. I am a person who tries hard to stay positive and I certainly hope my blog is uplifting to each of my readers.
Through Pursuit of Pink, I hope to bring a little bit of positivity back to the internet. If you are looking for a place full of happiness, smiles and a silly gal who tries not to take herself too seriously, then please stop by. I love connecting with my readers; I truly believe we can all learn from each other (man that's so cliché, but true). I’m all over social media too, so follow along on facebook, twitter and instagram. You’ll be sure to see plenty of pics of my hubby Tolar, our sweet pup JoJo and our crazy adventures of living in the nation’s capitol.
See ya soon!

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  1. I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN. I just moved too, and my apartment looks quite a lot like that -- HA. It will get better though, right?! ;)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who gets anxiety looking at a messy apartment... hence my constant worrying :) can't keep this place clean to save my life.
    x Hilary

  3. Hi hun..
    stopping by from blog hop!
    i enjoy reading your latest post and hope we can follow each other.



    Stop by and say hi sometimes :)

  4. Hi, I´m from the blog hop! :)

    I´ve never moved but I think I think anxiety would probably take over me. I really hope you get to feel at home and that you enjoy this new experience!

    Have a nice day!


  5. NICHOLL! I've missed you! I've been MIA too...meh LOL.
    Ocean view huh? Now THAT I would love to move for...considering I live in central Texas LOL. But I HATE moving too. When we moved last summer to a different (better) part of Austin, I think my liver totally went to poop lol.
    Hubs gave me the go to do some facelifting to our place here too *insert jumps of joy and hollering*

    Miss ya my love!

  6. hi what a great guest post and welcome home

  7. What a great blog! I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Hope you follow back! :)

  8. You will have that place looking fabulous before you know it. I have faith!

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  10. where did you get that awesome rug? i'm in love!

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