White, Grey & Hunter

Shirt: LAmade (on sale) / Pants: similar (only $15) / Trench: Gap / Boots: Hunter / Jewelry: Miss Chic & LaPosh Style

Some of my week's best:

-Yesterday I was at the eye doctor's and first thing she says when I walk in: "last time you were here your hair was down. You know what, you look so much better with your hair down" Why thanks, you wildly polite human. You are the 126563th reason I constantly need a face to punch. 
-When Instagram won't load...talk about annoying things. Do not interrupt my day like that.
-Probably not as annoying as my car making the loudest noise. Like walk an extra five blocks so nobody who knows you hears it loud. 
-The other night I couldn't fall asleep so I ate an ENTIRE bag of family sized jalapeño chips. I'm not even gonna act like I don't take pride and push my shoulders back, chin up. 
-I need to go to sleep because tomorrow I'm starting yoga on the beach again and it's going to change my life. 
-To support my healthy lifestyle (chips above included) I had the same meal from McDonald's twice yesterday. Southern style chicken sandwich if you were interested, is one of the best things out there...



  1. Gorgeous as always! I think when hair is worn up, it makes someone look ever more gorgeous, because you can see their facial structures more! Love the trench coat!

  2. Love this outfit girlfriend. And for the record I think your hair looks fabulous up!

  3. love the whole outfit..

  4. yoga on the beach sounds great! I love your hair up :)

  5. I'm trying to imagine you punching people in the face...heehee. Love your hair up, it looks comfortable and I'm all about comfy!

  6. i'm so glad i'm not the only that leads a healthy lifestyle (mcdonalds included).

  7. Don't listen to your eye doc, it looks cute up!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  8. yoga on the beach... jealous!

  9. That Doctor is insanely wrong. You look fabulous no matter how your hair is worn. We all have those pesky tough weeks, and I'd have been right there with you scarfing those chips. They're delicious, and it's wrong to not eat the entire bag :-)

  10. hunter boots makes every outfit better -- you look great! xo


  11. Very nice outfit. Casual and chic.

  12. Sometimes you just need some junk food. I ate oreos and cupcakes the other day and couldn't stop myself. I think you look so cute with your hair up or down!!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  13. This post is featured today on my "this week I loved" post! love you chica xoxo

  14. love that jacket!!!

    i am a new follower :) so glad to be here!

  15. This dress is very beautiful.And you are beautiful.

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