a leathered walk..

                  Shirt:  Sheinside / Skirt: Genesis / Shoes: F21 / jewelry: F21 - watch: Michele

Took a little stroll down Lincoln Road, my favorite street in Miami. It's filled with shopping and restaurants. I'd compare it to Time Square, but tropical. Recently read in a magazine that it's also Kourtney Kardashian's favorite Miami spot. Don't you hate it when celebrities try to be just like you? ;) 

Have a fabulous Thursday! 


Wednesday Inspired..

A little inspiration... 

Everything I'm currently inspired by seems so New England to me. Nobody does Fall quite like them. I love the deep colors, the deer and moose, plaids, pearls, and reds, and a cup of hot cider. Sitting in Miami, that seems like a dream.


Fact is...

the chiffon diary

Greetings from the couch with apple cider on the left and peppermint ice cream on the right. My teeth are screaming. 
Fact: I have drank more apple cider in the past week than there are apple trees. Anywhere.
Fact: I dream day and night of going to NYC during Christmas time. I just picture myself falling everywhere in my relentless ice skating attempts, watching the Rocketts with a dramatic tear of joy, and walking around bundled up like I belong in a Macy's display. 
Fact: Peppermint ice cream is out! This stuff is out of control. I'm the one who is out of control with one of those buckets. You don't even know that I'm stuffing myself with it as I type..
Fact: Anyone else love getting the mass "happy thanksgiving" texts? Your face has genuine written all over it. Speaking of genuine. Sending your ex-boyfriend's mom a Christmas card with your husband on it. I would never. On purpose at least. Lest someone was addressing my cards with me and used everyone on the address list. Awkward high five. 
Fact: Taking evening strolls to the doggy park has become my favorite thing to do. The little puppies trying to get my anti-social bug to play with them are just the cutest. 
Fact: I am having the making the decision of a lifetime with wrapping paper for gifts this year. Call me crazy, I'll gladly run with that, but it's just the prettiest to have matching presents under the tree. And who doesn't like to open a pretty present? I won't even tell you what my husband had t say about that. "Nobody cares what the outside of the present is..." RUDE.  
Fact: My best Black Friday purchase was a juicer. I don't know if I'll ever do something significant with it, but I figured in case I ever decided to switch my Chick Fil A runs for a healthy juicing exchange, then I would have the means. High unlikely though. 
Have a great Tuesday! Thank you for reading! xo 


Neon for Thanksgiving

Shirt: BCBG / Skirt: F21 / Shoes: F21 / Bag: Grateful bags
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We celebrated away from family, at our friends' and had a great time. We (not we, if you know what I'm saying...) fried a turkey cajun style, and contributed a sweet potato marshmallow casserole. Then, we played a very intense game of Cranium, in which our group of 25 decided I'm just about the smartest Cranium player out there, said nobody. 
And then, on Black Friday..(who are we lying to here? Black Friday was on Thursday this year at 9pm) I went hog wild. This is like.....my day. I realize that some of you haters out there may say Black Friday is stupid and you Ebay folk will claim you probably find better deals any other day of the year...stop it. Despite the arguments (some valid, some not) I am a believer. I stayed out all night Thursday, and all day Friday. 24 hours. I bought everyone's gifts, hurt my shoulders from carrying so much (real talk) and was on cloud 9. 


Five things...

Five things:

1. Phone calls from my best friend, every day. Friendships that stand and grow despite distance, and new friendships that make life full. 

2. A husband who does funny dance moves to make me laugh. And has a way of being my sunshine.

3. A mom who teaches me how to cook, and how to live a graceful life. A dad who never complains, and teaches me generosity and kindness like the best of these.

4. A puppy that smiles for the camera. 

5. The movie Bridesmaids that I can always pull quotes from. In that case, also Anchorman.

Everything. I give thanks to God for it everything. Good days that make me happy, and bad ones that help me appreciate the good ones more. Everything I have and don't deserve. Everything I take for granted. And everyone who has ever done something small for me with great love. 

Those are some of the things I'm thankful for on this beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you and yours! 


a little doll..

Blazer: c/o Oasap / Shirt: c/o Oasap / Bag: c/o Grateful Bags / Shoes: F21 / Sunnies: House of Harlow / Necklace: F21

I love a lot about this outfit. That blazer is so fitting, it actually looks like I'm a woman and have curves. On a regular day, I look like I'm 12 and haven't hit puberty. Then the shirt, well here is the deal with the shirt. I love it because it makes awkward situations a lot less awkward. I can just point her out. Tell people to touch the tulle. Which in reality, makes things just plain ol' weird. But a good conversation sparker is all you need in your wardrobe. Especially when you can play with her skirt alll day babyyyy. Alright, calm down there tiger. Then the purse. A moment of silence for that monogrammed bag. All you Southern gals keep on keeping on with that moment of awe. It's beautiful. And the shoes. They are that color I won't talk about because it's on my hair, lips, toes..do the hokie pokie...they were $19.50. Tap that. 

Other than that. last night we got to participate in giving less fortunate people turkeys for Thanksgiving, and that was so fun. It's the most refreshing thing to just focus on others, see those beautiful smiles and imagine all the happiness that turkey will bring at the dinner table :) And lastly, but jolly holly flippin knows that it's not least: we are all set to fry that Turkey tomorrow. Golllllllllly excited! 

I hope that your Walmarts are not sold out of your last minute yams, and that you're having a wonderful week! 



Breakfast for Dinner

This past week we went to a little "breakfast for dinner" party with our great friends. It was so fun. Anytime pancakes, hot chocolate, and bacon are in the same setting, it's typically the best ever. If you've never had a breakfast for dinner party, I say you get one in the works. 

We made banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, ate all the croissants before anything was cooked, and we had a bacon feast. Fuzzy hot chocolate was there, and Aunt Jemima made an appearance. 

There was one piece of bacon left. We played an intense game of rock, paper, scissors for it. Look who won...

Laughing until two in the morning reminds you how blessed you are to have great friends <3

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! 


a pretty little bag

Jeans: PacSun / shirt: F21 (love this tee) / jacket: old / boots: Charlotte Russe / handbag: Angela and Roi (SO many quality/gorgeous handbags/several colors available)
I like this outfit for two reasons. One, I love what it says. If you're new around here, you should know I pride myself in speaking the most broken French you never heard. After figuring out that "beutif sans spines" means "beauty without thorns" I made a special place for this one in my closet (aka heart). It's  a neat concept. To me, beauty without thorns signified beauty that only comes from taking pride in yourself and personal flaws, both physical and emotional. Then again, I could very possible be looking much too deeply into the situation. Let's all agree on that. Or let's all leave a comment with what you think "beauty without thorns means."
Reason numer dos why I like this outfit is the bag. Do you see that wine color? (there's a new name to oxblood, maroon, bordeaux, burgundy ...) it is such a great bag from Angela and Roi and so affordable too. Needless to point out, (why do people say that? if it's needless, why are you pointing it out, right? right.) ever since I went burgundy headed (not pictured above) I decided everything I wear needs to match my hair color. Isn't that a lovely idea? For reals. 
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