Snake Skin...

Shirt: BB Dakota (similar here) / Pants: old / Shoes: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: Hellofab here / Purse: Aldo 
Hope you had a fun Halloween! I was lame and didn't dress up. Any great costumes you guys had? I wanna hear about them! 
Have a wonderful day with lots of leftover candy! 


Fact is..

Last night's moon at sundown!

the chiffon diary

Fact: Yesterday, the hubs and I took a little window shopping spree down the good stuff isle. Tory Burch, Prada, Kate Spade..the real good stuff. And Kate Spade was having a fairly generous sale, {this is a very sad story, close this site if you're not emotionally able at the moment} and I loved this classic black leather tote that pretty much held my heart and sinew in its polka dotted lining. After the pathetic caressing of the leather, carrying of the bag, staring at the mirror, picturing the outfits it would compliment and essentially having an affair with it, my very generous love said, get it. Whether it was because he could not stand in the flower wallpapered store anymore, or not, he said it. Seriously. He even said three times. And that's how many times I'm going to kick myself in the rear end for not getting it. 1...2...3. 
Fact: I took Cooper to the dog park for the first time! He...well a little background. His breed, Shiba Inu are not generally social dogs. He is very gentle but very timid. And he hates the outdoors. Yes, basically I have a hamster for a pet. But he did alright in the dog park. If alright is considered laying under a bench the whole time. 
Fact: Let him fool you not though. Because he is not shy when we go to sleep. He ripped a hole in the butt of Kyle's jeans the other day{LOL}...hey, can you blame the dog..why where the pants on the floor? I could go for a "that's what she said" right there, but truth is Cooper was on command to teaching Kyle a lesson on putting dirty clothes in the bin. 
Fact: While writing this I turned over to Kyle and asked "if I say 'his pants are on the floor' is that 'that's what he or she said?'" jokes on me, y'all. 
Fact: This one deserves a pause. 
Fact: End pause. IT WAS COLD YESTERDAY. I wore a vest, boots, the whole shebang. And well, in theory that means nothing because I wear that stuff anyways and fare the sweat and smell....but no sweat. I was cold. It was AMAZEBALLS. 
Fact: I started my weekend gig at the golf course this past weekend and had so much fun! For 10 hours I rode around in a golf cart, avoided all flying balls and learned what "four" meant. Thankfully I was still conscious for that lesson. 
Fact: Kyle surprised me when I got home and a had banana split party for us. And us is truthfully a lie. who's gonna make that oxymoron call? It was for me. A big ol' bowl of everything that's good and wholesome in life. A way to a guy's heart is his belly? Questionable. (again in my head I'm thinking of how I could incorporate a "that's what he/she/someone/no one said" there.) What's never to be questioned is that the one and only way to a girl's heart is ice cream. 
Fact: We had the best evening! Got to enjoy the sunset on the cold beach, and a wonderful dinner with friends in a beach side cafe. This was a good time. And a shout out to all the Floridians who were wearing coats, hats, boots, scarfs and gloves today in our 60 degrees. Everybody back off. 

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Pardon my French..

This sweater was bought after a night where a glass of sangria went to my head and I thought I could speak French to my moroccan waiter. Shameful. 

Sweater: here / pants: Pacsun via Bullhead / necklace: hellofab

Hello Fab and I are coming together to give a lucky one of you any piece of your choice. 

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Life these days..

Mushy warning: yellow

Hi y'all! 

What's going on in my life, you ask? no, you didn't. But because I love to know what't going on in y'alls, I'm going to go ahead and assume you take some interest in mine also. 
In fact- I should start by thanking you for the interest that you do take. Thank you for your love, comments, support, encouragement, friendship. This blogging community is really a loving place. I'm so thankful I get to be a part of it. 

Mushy warning: green..safe zone. 

Life updates:

-This one is a tricky one. We bought a house almost a year ago. A house that was being built and due this year. This month, we decided we no longer wanted the house. Fortunately, we received a full refund and all is well. Allow me- 
We bought the house because it was a buyer's market, and we felt it was a worthy investment. Then, when six months passed, we realized we did not want to stay in Miami long term, and keeping the house would be a hassle. We wanted the house, but felt it was smarter to give it up. After a lot of praying and seeking we asked for a cancellation. And we were told no. We would lose our deposit, which was a big chunk of moola. We could not afford that. We then got an attorney, who also told us it was hopeless. So in the hopeless situation, we just figured we would keep it until they built it and try to sell it, but that was going to be our last option. Thank goodness we serve a God who is the best attorney. About two weeks ago, we got a call. "We are refunding you 100% of your deposit." When we asked why they said "although it is breaching the contract, we felt we should make the exception." So that's that. 

About not wanting to be in Miami long term. 
Kyle's job is very stressful. {he's an air traffic controller} and working in such a large city only makes his job ten times more difficult. That's reason one. Reason two, we don't want to raise children here. It's too big, too hectic. Third, I can only take one year of no seasons, maybe two. 
You ask, so where will you move? {again, this is me pretending we are in an enthusiastic convo in which you don't ask questions}
That's yet to be decided. We still have some time here. Not sure how long. A lot of praying and seeking direction needs to take place. Maybe we have ten years, or maybe just one. And where next? No clue. 
For now we love it here, because what's not to love. If you don't know the answer to that, you obviously haven't watched The Real Housewives of Miami. 

I have been working here and there..when I first graduated school this past summer, I thought I absolutely needed to start my career and have a full time job and that jazz. And I did for a couple months, but it was not what I wanted. For now, I want to work part time, doing something fun. I don't think I'm ready to throw the 9-5 rope around my neck just yet. I am starting to work on golf course as a cart girl. Which I think I will enjoy. Matt Damon was there on day one, so yeah..I'll enjoy it. For serious though, it's a fun thing to do, ride a golf cart all day and only working a 2-3 days a week. On the other hand, I will help with events and writing at a company and see where it all goes. 
And right now..
-Our apartment lease is up soon, and we are moving beach side. Which we should have done the day we moved here. But we thought practicality trumped a fun time. Wronggg. 
-No more news, for now. Except as always that we are loving our little fur ball. And he turns one next month. Fireworks. 


Miami Fall..

Hi ya'll!

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen the snarky remarks I've made about the heat around here...boy....DO I HATE IT. Like, "Darla, you're the scum between my toes" hate it. Replace Darla with heat and you've reached my deepest sentiments. 

However, in the past two weeks, either I've become numb to the back boob sweat, or it's been a lot nicer. It's warm, breezy and fuzzy and I could just cuddle a palm tree. 

Pants: Sheinside / shirt: Genesis / bag: Tory Burch / Shoes: dollhouse 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!! 



Fact is..

the chiffon diary

Fact: I find it so awkward that American's Next Top Model is still on TV. Tyra, GO AWAY already. No idea is cool after 16 years. 
Fact: I go by Lindor chocolate every time I go to the mall (like...twice a week..) and the employees always give me a complimentary orange truffle. Don't focus on the frequent mall visits, or the abhorrent chocolate eating. Focus on the free orange truffle that make my day. 
Fact: I am at my finest procrastinating hour once again, and decided one minute ago that I wanted a Halloween costume. Which at this point is probably not going to happen. Lest I take my husband's idea and be the Dwayne to his Lebron. Eh. 
Fact: I think this deserves a post in itself. What is not pictured here is my ridiculous full of joy and pride smile. I have cooked every.single.day for two weeks. This is like...bigger than life in my accomplishment schedule. Some of you who cook breakfast, lunch and dinner are puking, I know it. 
Fact: A friend and I showed up at a work meeting an hour late..this is a work meeting that was supposed to last an hour and a half. It was a fine thing to do, ya know..in front of 50 or so people..hold the applause. We still got free lunch, which was the reason we were going anyway. Now applaud. 
Fact: Must my dog decide to drop an accident every time a guest is over? Yes, he must. 
Fact: Sitting on the floor at a Thai restaurant is a lot less glamourous than it looks on movies. Butt cramping that I will not go into. 
Fact: Going to the Pumpkin Patch had opposite effects on Kyle and me. For Kyle, seeing all the kids happily running around made his heart a love puddle that proceeded to say "I can't wait to bring our kids to the pumpkin patch one day." For me, the sweaty moms chasing screaming offspring made me  lift up a prayer for sleepy kiddos and a bottle of wine. Cringgggeeee. 
Fact: This is my favorite thing to write all week because it allows me to expand on all the inelegant in the world. Thank you for reading. 


green patterns..& Style Love Living $40 gift card

Shirt & Skirt: Gap / Shoes: Cotton on
I think if my grandma saw how I wore these two things she would throw up and think I went blind. I can hear it already, "what the hell are you wearing dots and squares together for?" I should probably listen to that versed wisdom. 
Today, my favorite place to get arm candy from, Style Love Living is over here to offer a lucky winner a $40 gift card to their shop. Which you've seen on Pintrest, no doubt. 

amazing, right? Look through their shop, you're gonna want that gift card. 

Here is how I wore it:

(you've seen this picture 2 million times, I know. I love it.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
A little about our weekend. Last night Kyle said, "we have so much fun stuff planned I'm stressed out." Leave it to him to stress out over having fun. We are going on double dates, pumpkin carving parties, Steeler football parties and probably cleaning the house parties. 
By the way, I heard "drink on it" by Blake Shelton yesterday for the first time and had an immediate attachment to it. I couldn't explain why if I had to. It's been in my head all day long. And turns out the song is as old as me. I'm so behind on country music. That was the absolute most unnecessary explanation of me liking a song. I'm sure Blake appreciates it. 
Have a great weekend!!


a little dress I love..

Dress: Heritage 1981 / Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Shoes: Love Culture / Necklace: J Crew 
I love this dress. Unfortunately because it is quite noticeable, I can't wear it every day. But on the day I wore it, my boss liked it and had me go shopping for his wife. All day. A lucky piece of fabric, I tell ya.  


A fall hat..and a giveaway

I had wanted a fall hat all summer, and then when I got it, I had to wait for it to drop down one degree to wear it. The fact that sweat was dripping down the back of my head is overrated. I love the hat because it's a gorgeous color, it matches a lot of stuff, and most importantly because it covers up a bad hair day. Forget that wearing hats makes me feel awkward, I feel like everyone stares at me and laughs. And then when your husband tells you you look like Pocahontas, you doubt your ability to wear it even more. But I'll wear it. I'll get on a canoe and travel to Jamestown, Virginia if I have to.  I'm Nicholl Vincent & I approve this message. 

hat: Target / shirt: old F21 / pants: Bullhead via Pacsun / shoes: local / jewelry: Michael Kors , F21, Aldo
I am head over heels for arm candy. Like I may like it better than pop tarts. And I truly believe in my heart that the chocolate chip cookie dough needs a star on the Hollywood trail of stars. So I really like arm parties. 
And Daisy Gem has some pretty fun stuff to create neck, fingers and arm parties. And what's better than knowing someone who throws cool parties? Being invited to one. Today, Daisy Gem is giving you a piece of your choice from their website! But since not everyone wins giveaways (I have the luck of a homeless dog) they are also giving everyone 15% off from their website with the code CHIFFON15. 
I got the lock and key from them, and I am in love! 

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A little something new..

 Genesis, my shop got a couple new fall goodies..

Skirt here

Polka dot sweater here

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Well that's it with boring stuff. Just got home from watching Taken 2 and my nerves are climbing up the chimney. The chimney that I don't have, and even if I had it, the humidity would probably burn it out. The movie was great. Liam Nelson can kill 300 people with his bare hands. Such a bad.....


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