A somber mood..

Shirt: American Apparel / Jeans: American Eagle / Vest: here / Shoes: similar here

Hi y'all! 

Hope you had a relaxing weekend. We had friends in town so it was quite the eventful one.
Do you ever just feel so worn out...it almost does't even feel like physical exhaustion, but more mental and emotional tiredness. Sometimes I just feel too little for all that weighs on me. Being married so young, having moved across the country, making big decisions. I wish I didn't have to sometimes. But there's a lot to be happy about too. 

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A surprise and huge giveaway..

Hi y'all! 
It's been an exciting couple of days around here. On Wednesday, our best friends showed up in Miami and surprised us. 
I apologize for not getting up my hair tutorial like I promised, but since they've been with us we have been busy having fun. It will go up soon though! {As soon as I figure out how to properly project something on video without making it look like chinese letter drawing} 
Here are some pictures of the surprise. 

They are the cutest best friends I ever did see.

And..this amazing giveaway is to die for. Sheinside is top 5 one of the cutest shops out there in my opinion. They have everything! And two lucky winners will take home a $50 gift card, a necklace and a secret gift. Did you weekend just get that much better?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*For some reason this giveaway is no longer showing up on my rafflecopter account (this was the first time I used rafflecopter) but these are the winners: (retrieved from the emails I sent them when rafflecopter selected the winners):
Winners: Danika Doung email: ddoung@gmail.com and Mary Rubio email: pinkgirlpolka@yahoo.com

Have a great weekend lovelies! 


On Rapunzel..

     Last winter to now..{8 months}
     It grows pretty fast

Here's how: 

1. Use a good brush. This is so important. I didn't know the significance of this until my hair was getting so tangled, and my cheap plastic brush just caused more breakage. I switched to a boar bristle one. Mind. Blown. 

I use Conair, gel grip, large boar bristlehere

2. Take vitamins. For me, prenatal does the trick. 

3.Massage your scalp. This is how your scalp gets circulation and circulation is what makes your hair grow! For example, when you get cold..hair on legs...yes, grows. Massaging your scalp gives you chills and makes your hair...grow! 

4. Pull your hair. Yes, literally, pull on it, not gently, but as to cause a little bit of pain. A hairstylist told me this one, and I never went back. It so works. 

5. Don't wash it everyday. The oils that make your hair greasy are what nourish your scalp..so get some dry shampoo and put it in a bun. Now you know, when you see my hair in a bun..I probably haven't washed it in three days. 

6. Olive oil and an egg. Put it in a bowl, mix it up, put it on all over your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse. (oh, and stay away from people, it smells) But on the up side, makes your hair shine like no other. I do this every few weeks.  

Tomorrow I will be showing you how I curl my hair as I've gotten some inquiries from y'all and it takes me all of ten minutes. 

Now I'm going back to bed because I have mono. YAY. 




A dash of southern

Often times, living in Miami makes me miss my Southern ways of sweet tea and a biscuit with gravy. On those days, I twist my hair in a side bun and wear my best Sunday skirt. 

Skirt: Zara / Shirt: This is one from Cotton on, but any white tee will do :) / Purse: old Fossil / Shoes: Dollhouse 

The fact is..

Fact: I've recently discovered the unseen magic of dry shampoo. That stuff is crazy. You can be disgusting and not wash your hair for five days and nobody will know. 
Fact: My husband discovered H&M for the first time this week. What fossil has he been hidden in? Upon discovery he proceeded to get rid of all his shirts and go on a spree. What is going on in this world folks? 
Fact: It takes us 20 minutes to catch our dog every.single.day after we put our shoes on. Like some telepathic wave tells him we are leaving and he hides under the bed, and trust me when I say there is no catching him. I'd love to make a video of this for you to see. Kyle is on top of the bed, I'm crawling under it, and Cooper is running laps around it. Again, what is going on in the world? 
Fact: We purchased our first home six months ago and it's finally being built and they claim we will close on it late November. We've been so patient throughout the process, but it's getting old. We just want to move in already. Like they care. 
Fact: I haven't watched "Bridesmaids" in over a month, which automatically, by default, and obviously makes me cranky, sick, deprived..
the chiffon diary
I will be doing this link up {The Fact Is..}on Tuesdays, but started on a Thursday..who said I believed in order? Link up and share your facts..it's a fun way to be interactive with your readers and share what's up with you. yolo. what? 

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