Boots..not in season.

It is boot season! Who am I kidding..Miami is a hot 80 degrees still. Beauty is pain. 
I am excited for this weekend, as we are doing something special. Some of our best friends are in town to visit, and we rented a condo on South Beach. This is where we will be lounging, enjoying their company, and toes in the sand. 

We are so thankful that every one of our close friends has come down to visit us. What a blessing to have such loving, generous friends. 

Leather pants: BCBG Generation / Boots: Forever 21 (in store) / Shirt: old / Sunnies: House of Harlow

Ps. I have been dying to vlog, but I need some topics. Will you be ever so kind to ask some questions? Anything! Let's get to know each other!

Ps. again:

These are my two key items in my wardrobe right now:

 Perfect fit for only $13 Baseball Tee
I can't say this enough. You can wear this with everything that gets thrown at you. 

And a grey v-neck. This is my favorite under fur vests and with dressier skirts. AND It's such a great tone to style with black and white. Only $5 here

Have a fantastic weekend! 



A plaid shirt..& walking in Memphis

Hi y'all! 

If you don't know, Memphis is where I grew up, but I no longer live there. Funny how you appreciate things a lot more when you don't have them anymore. These pics are from my visit there last week. I love downtown Memphis. It has such a quaint character and a wonderful smell of bbq. 

I don't dress down like this all too much, but bringing out the sneakers once in a while does the heart good. And my feet thank me for it. 

Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: H&M / Shirt: Urban Outfitters 


Fact is...

Fact: I jus got back from Memphis and I'm feeling like packing up my stuff and going right back. It was a nice 60 degrees..that's all I really need to touch on. 
Fact: Crying on a plane while reading a really sad part of a book is..it's just okay. 
Fact: Watching all seasons of Prison Break a third time through. 
Fact: Every good Fall show comes on next week. By every I mean Grey's Anatomy and Revenge. So excited. 
Fact: Feeling like I'm already behind on Christmas stuff. Why does America rush into everything? Why do I rush in to everything? 
Fact: I am beyond sick of ignorant political discussions/rude comments via social media. Get. A. Life. 
Fact: Being grumpy this morning because my husband did not let me sleep. He has a tooth ache, and he thinks ice apparently can heal all problems, including indigestion. So, in the middle of the night he is pacing around with a plastic bottle full of ice banging them like maracas. HAPPINESS. 

the chiffon diary

Y'all have a wonderful day!


Taylor Swift Curls

Hello lovely Chiffon Diary readers!

I am so privileged to be sharing with you today and having lovely Nicholl over on my blog!

My name is Ashley and I write a little blog called

Eisy Morgan

There I share anything that inspires me, and a lot of hair tutorials!

I love hair and figuring out how to spice up the same ol same ol!
From up do's and quick buns to formal and every day hair styles.

Today I am sharing with you my most viewed tutorial which 

are these 
Loose Beach Curls 
inspired somewhat by Taylor Swift's hair.

I also saw this on Pinterest which also inspired me to find this look.



Sorry it's a little quiet.

Check out more Hair Tutorials HERE

Thanks again for having me Nicholl!!


Ashley, besides literally having the best hair ever, is a doll. How do you not love a girl who can teach another girl with hair disabilities like me to tame that mess..



Bordeaux lovin and JCrew Giveaway

Hi y'all! I'm in Memphis enjoying a lot of "y'alls", sweet tea, cupcakes, and a lot of pms girl time. Just what I needed. How sweet is this...My beloved friend Kassie paid for my ticket to come see her. Sorry i'm not sorry, my friend is straight up amazing. I get this melancholic feeling that I never want to go back to Miami. I just miss home, and being here, actually speaking English, not being cut off in traffic, and wearing a sweater and boots makes my heart real mushy. But, I'm enjoying my season in Miami and I have a husband to go back and love on. But as far as this weekend goes...just cheers to the freaking weekend. 

Pants: my shop Genesis HERE / Sweater: Old Navy / Shoes: Nordstom on sale HERE 
I've heard through the grapevine that this bordeaux color is this fall's main squeeze. I'm all about it. 
And the adorable, amazing friend of mine, Sheila is coming over here to give y'all a lovely JCrew belt! Thank you Sheila! 

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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi y'all! It's been a long time since I've done a What I'm Loving Wednesday, but I am so inspired by these finds this week that I had to! All of these are things that I put on futile wish lists. 

It's no secret I love hats, but I absolutely adore a fall wool hat! 

This one is from Banana Republic, and look how chic it looks on! 

And a fun sweater with block letters, love. I'm loving pull over sweaters! 

This color is amazing and I could use it as a neutral for Fall!

Love these pics from NYFW of the JCrew show! Gorgeousness! 

And a floppy nude one..

Cute little booties with socks and a dress= amaze

And as always, loving you gals. You are amazing. 

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A Beach Day..& The Fact is Tuesday

Another week of facts, make sure you link up and make plans to do this weekly! It's really a fun way to share you weekly facts!

the chiffon diary

Fact: I have been considering coloring my hair for months but can't come around to doing it because I hate it when people change their hair. It throws me off.  Clearly I have irrational fears. 
Fact: I want to wear boots every single day of my life. I should be an Eskimo. 
Fact: My puppy has become my other half. Waking up cuddled up to the tiny curled tailed thing makes me awfully happy. 
Fact: I haven't been to a cold place, nor worn a coat in over a year. I want to bury my face in snow. 
Fact: I feel the overwhelming need to be alone with a mug of hot chocolate and a good cry. For no good reason other than to feel like the girl on The Holiday. 
Fact: Emailing someone and addressing them by their blog name thinking it's their real name is really fun when they sign their email in ALL CAPS as if to grab your attention. 
Fact: I finally had Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate, and yes, it was good, but really...I paid $15 for a glass of chocolate milk blended with ice. It was on my bucket list though, so whatever...

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