Awkward and Color Blocking

        Shirt: Genesis $23 / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Aldo  
Selling this shirt over at my shop Genesis, it's adorable, go get it!

Yesterday I ran into a what's awkward and what's awesome link-up, and with as many awkward things in my life, it felt perfect.


-To watch 9 consecutive hours of Flashpoint..because it makes me feel like my scrawny 90 pounds of weakness is really a tough SWAT member.
-To hide behind the door with a fake gun (my two fingers) pretending to be a sniper while Kyle tried to keep a straight face to the UPS man.
-To go into the apartment's mail office twice a day every day and be greeted with "sorry, your package isn't here yet" in a really annoyed voice. Listen woman, you have no idea what that necklace means to me....
-To walk into Subway and be asked if the reason I frequent so much is because I don't know how to cook.
-That I literally think my brain has random collapses and I can't think for 10 second intervals.
-To receive a comment on a blog post with someone telling me they are actually my cousin. I have never heard their name before. I have no words.


-That I've been working from home all week.
-That I wait for the "right gut feeling" about everything. Including the $6 necklace. You know, I just have to feel like it was waiting for me my whole life. Never fails.
-That this week I worked really freaking hard and Kyle noticed and left me flowers with a note saying "keep up the hard work"..just when I thought it went unnoticed.
-That this week I lost two pairs of shoes to a wretched dog and decided I really don't care



Leather Loving..

Hi y'all!

Hope you're having a great week so far! 

I am loving my leather skirt. It's the little edge every outfit could use. It makes me feel like I'm slowly falling into Fall and that makes me so happy. And the best part, it's at Genesis for only $10! Get over there and get chuuu oneee. yeah, sleep deprived, very tired. 

Shirt: Great find at Marshall's / Skirt: Genesis only $10!!! Shoes: local / Jewelry: F21 Accessories 

Also, I wanted to share this printable with you, it's free and customizable! I printed one for my office and I'm loving it! See it here

Cute right?!

xo lovelies! 


Genesis NOW OPEN!

Hi y'all!! 
Guess what?! I'll wait..
I am so excited to announce the opening of Genesis! I had previously said it would take a few weeks to open, but with a stellar team, we were able to kick it into high gear and get things rolling for you to shop!
It's still being worked on, as with anything new, but as far as products and being able to purchase, it is now open!
I ask beg that you are ever so kind with spreading the word! Please check it out, do some shopping, the clothes and prices are amazing, and post on Facebook, your blogs, twitter, pin the products..you know the drill..I will be eternally grateful! 
You can go to ishopgenesis.com and start now!
The top below is one of my favorites because it is so easily worn with anything, dressed up or down and it's only $15

 Top: Genesis $15 Shorts:American Eagle / Shoes: DSW

 A girl's always gotta sparkle..



A Maxi & Baseball Tee..

 Hi y'all! 

Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend! We spent it indoors due to a hurricane, but we are okay, and it was fun to snuggle up and watch movies with chocolate covered strawberries. 

We had a little dinner party with our darling friends Danika and Jake, and their adorable baby, Lyianna on Sunday. We did crafts, wine smoothies, and lots of eating.. 

And onto what I wore..

Skirt: Old Forever 21/ American Apparel / Bracelets, necklace: F21 Accessories / Shoes: Cotton On
I love combining a dressier piece with a tshirt and a necklace, I think it's a fun look!
And..you can preview my shop at ishopgenesis.com and pre-shop before the official opening!



Dress: Similar Forever 21 / Shoes: Target / Bag: New Tory Burch gift from the hubs! 
J Crew Giveaway still going on here!
And now...
 Yesterday I twittered that I had some amazing news to share and I just couldn't wait! Well...
Drumroll please..
I am opening my own online clothing store: Genesis 

I could try to explain how humbled in gratitude I am, but I could't do it justice. I am partnering with my wonderful and stylish mother to bring to life a long awaited dream. I will be dedicating to this 100% and our goal is to provide you ladies with fabulous, quality apparel for very low prices. 
We love fashion, but what we have grown to love more is the calling that we feel is upon us to help beautiful women who could otherwise not afford the high cost of looking fabulous. In reality, the way you look is often the way you feel. So, we want to help you look and feel great and unique for prices that won't break your wallet. 
The clothes will be chosen by me, and will often reflect my personal style as well as an array of choices  to meet every heart's desires. 
As I know you will, I thank you in advance for your support. This is my sole source of initial advertisement, so I ask for lots of love and lots of shop and tell. 
The opening date is yet to be determined, but we have a 2-4 week goal. I will be keeping y'all closely updated. I ask for your prayers and well wishes, as we know we are standing on solid ground. 

The LORD your God will make you abundantly prosperous in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your womb and in the fruit of your cattle and in the fruit of your ground. For the LORD will again take delight in prospering you, as he took delight in your fathers. -Deuteronomy 30:9 

Cheers to Genesis! 


Dinner with the captain..

Skirt: Zara/ Shirt: H&M/ Belt and bracelet: gift / Necklace: F21
It's always fun to make an otherwise traditional lace pencil skirt flirty and fun with some neon accessories, &..
Pina Colada tastes better in the pineapple! 
J Crew Giveaway still going on here!


Happy Go Lucky



On an Island..

A day on an island..

              Dress: J Crew / Shoes: Target / Bathing suit: Target



J Crew Bubble Necklace giveaway..& cruise

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We are back from an amazing weekend in the Bahamas! The cruise was a lot of fun, a lot of food, and a lot of relax time. As I promised, I ate a lot of bacon..a lot.

Shirt: Zara / Skirt: Lily Pulitzer (thrifted) / Bracelets, necklace: F21 / watch: Michael Kors

Shabby Apple $50 gift card winner is: Megan from Just a Small Town Girl who shared with us that she needs the gift card because shopping is not in the budget due to her husband's medical issues. Well, I hope this helps!! xoxo

And today I am a co-host with Melissa, so check that out if you want to link up to the best hop out there in a sea of hops!



Black & White..Polka Dots & thank you!

Hi y'all!

Today is such an exciting day, I can barely handle it!! 

First, forgive the sappiness. Buttttt, I would like to say THANK YOU, thank you and thank you to you for reading and following. Last night I reached the big 1,000 and I was thrilled. While blogging for me is not about the numbers, it is so rewarding to see that something I love is growing. This blog to me has meant a lot. 
It's allowed me to meet amazing people. 
It's connected me to a community of the most supportive people who I feel I can be completely honest and open to. 
And, it's given me something of my own. My own space to love, take care of and be proud of. So, thank you! I can't thank you enough. 

For knowing sake, I pray for you every single day. Obviously, I do not know every one of you by name, but I pray for all of you to have favor, success, breakthrough and happiness in your lives. I truly care about you guys, and will continue to go the extra mile for the most fabulous gals out there! 

And in second news-

We leave on our cruise in a couple of hours! Bahamas bound for the weekend! Can't wait to eat one piece of bacon for every follower ;) jk jk, but my favorite part of the cruise experience really is the bacon..I love bacon. Don't judge me. 

When I return on Monday, I will be giving away one J Crew Bubble Necklace, color of your choice as a special thank you, so stay tuned! And lastly, I will be keeping my advertising prices for the rest of August, they will be changing in September, so take advantage now and advertise for veryyy little! 

I leave you with one of my favorite new looks: polka dots! (the ice cream is what I really like)

 Awkward mid-sentence..
awkward stare at?
Shirt: Forever 21/ Pants: H&M / Shoes: (old Aldo) / Bracelet: F21 / Sunglasses: Prada

On Monday, I will be announcing the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway, so keep entering here!

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Have a wonderful weekend! 

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