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 Hi Friends! Welcome to the follow party!! We are so excited to have you and meet new friends! Since we all love our social media as much as that latte beside you, this gives you a chance to link up ALL of your media (blog, twitter, instragram, fb, you name it) and show them off for thousands to meet you!

Your co-hosts this week are  Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings, and Jessica at Jessica Who.

Blushing and Surprises..

Pants: F21 / Shirt: Madewell / Shoes: Milly / Bag: Tory Burch / Bracelets: Cartier, Love collection 

And now for the surprise:

The Chiffon Diary

 Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair and myself are introducing a photo challange that you can have so much fun with weekly!
We give you a very interactive list of five photos to take throughout the week for you to share them on Tuesday. No, it won't be like the monthly photo challenges where you take pictures of leaves and tree stumps. It'll be photos you'll love taking!
You choose what to take them with, your iphone, your amazing professional camera, your disposable one...and then, you post them on your blog, link up and use the button so everyone can see them!

Next Tuesday's list is:


Can't wait to get my snappppp on. Yes, I went there. Apologies. xoxo

Happy Tuesday! 



At the Marina..

 Hi y'all!

Hope you had a great weekend!

We sure did with my mom in town!

Shirt: J Crew / Shorts: J Crew / Shoes: Guess via TJ Maxx / Purse: Tory Burch / Sunglasses:Prada/ Accessories: F21 necklace and bracelet, Michael Kors Watch 
Have a wonderful week loves!
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Friday Happies and Life Updates

Some of the things that make me happy today are:

  • The Chiffon Diary and Sheila Sheridan Photography have been selected for the cover of Radiance magazine in August! Best news ever!! Can't wait to show y'all!
  • My mom is coming to visit tonight!
  • It's the weekend, I don't have to work.
  • My boss has agreed to let me have a week day off so Kyle and I can have a day off together. Great news since he works weekends!
  • I may or may not be getting a real camera tonight, really just to take pictures for the blog! I'm looking into a Canon Rebel t3i
  • I recently started a job I thought I wouldn't like, but to my surprise, I sorta enjoy it! It's marketing for an automotive company.
  • Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair and I are starting a link up next week!! Stay tuned!
  • I may be flying to Los Angeles' fashion district to get an inventory for a potential store!!!
  • You guys are my happies..
  • I enjoy the view of the ocean from my office

  • I put up helium balloons with reasons why I missed Kyle while he was visiting his family and when he come home they were deflated on the floor...don't know why that makes me happy.
  • Helium is running out on the planet, party city restricts you to a maximum of 6 balloons per customer. So long helium..
  • I want to inject this glitter shot into me..thanks Kelly for bringing it to my attention..

Happy Friday!



What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I'm loving this promise that we will be successful at everything we do because of His grace.
"The LORD your God will then make you successful in everything you do. He will give you many children and numerous livestock, and he will cause your fields to produce abundant harvests, for the LORD will again delight in being good to you as he was to your ancestors." Deuteronomy 30:9

I love this chic fruit serving option

Obsessed with these two make-up looks. 

Pattern mixing: currently crushing

Needing a pair of floral denim, ... amazing floral denim that is. Number 4 is my favorite, if only it wasn't $200!

Pattern mixing on the bed

This will be my fall go-to. 

She is so beautiful, and I love the nude, natural look.

And, confession: One day I'm having a bloggy party where every one will trail glitter.




A White Tee

Hi y'all! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sheila Sheridan Photography photos

A high waisted skirt can be worn in so many ways. With a panama hat, a tee and baseball cap, or a chiffon blouse. And although it looks yellow in pictures, its neon, which is always a fun touch!

Skirt: Skirt: F21 White V:anywhere! mine is from H&M but its not online. Sandals: Target Hat: J Crew

Pin, pin, pin!!




Feminine on a Budget

Hi y'all! 

This is a feminine look on a very small budget! You can wear this on a Sunday to church, a Saturday date night, or a Monday office day. 

One thing I like about this one is that it combines bright and summery with toned down lace that can be worn year round. 

Shirt: Forever 21 $14
Skirt: Forever 21 $16
Necklace: F21 $9
Watch: Armani 

 Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! 



A Metallic Affair

To view more photos visit the amazing Sheila Sheridan Photography

Shirt: Charlotte Russe (in store) $24
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old sale)
Necklace: F21 (similar)
Shoes: TJ Maxx (other hot ones here) $47

Have a happy, thankful Thursday! I'm off to Memphis to stand beside my best friend as she walks down the aisle!

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What i'm Loving Wednesday!

How flowly and perfect is this! Yes, perfect.

I'm at it again with the monograms..but how precious and classic is this bedroom? sighhhhh

Southern gals will love this.

love that dress! It's not fitted, which usually isn't a flattering look (for me), but it looks fabulous!

Give me a hot pink wall. Please. Husband, please. 

Or at least hot pink accents? come on! Do you guys have the same pink issues as us?

Need I even comment?

Love cheetah pants!

Love the shorts! Got some mom jeans at Goodwill, cut them and now waiting on the studs! 

So making these this weekend! Just apple slices dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Now, who doesn't love sprinkles!!

How cute-and no piercings needed

Claim this for my living room-please!

Have a beautiful Wednesday my ladies!


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