Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hi guys! 

Hope you had a relaxing memorial day weekend! 

We had an outstanding one! Some of our best friends, Kyle and Brittany, drove down from Atlanta to Orlando to celebrate Kyle's birthday (confusing, they are both named Kyle) so we decided to show up and surprise him for his birthday! He was so excited to see his best friend, and we had a great time! 

Friday night, girls night!
Okay, I have to note. I am ONLY 5'2. Why is it that I look 6 feet tall towering over the world? 
I was wearing wedges, but not considerable enough to look this tall. I will never know..

While we were in Orlando, I introduced our friends to the spectacular wine smoothies, and they were quite a diary in the making as you can see.

And then I opened my eyes in the morning to find this sweet little love laying like this

Disney boardwalk! (no amount of iPhone editing apps can remove my red eyes, it's my special trait)

This is Kyle and Brittany:

And on Saturday night we had a double date with our friends Christina and David, and saw Men in Black 3. I'd never seen the previous ones, so I was thrown off a little bit, but it's worth seeing! 

I wish you guys the BEST week!!



Friday Foods

I recently made Fresco Chicken Tacos and they were a hit around here. Here is the recipe for you guys to try out:

What you'll need:
Chicken- sliced in strips
Fresh salsa
Taco Bell Taco Seasoning package
Shredded cheese

How to make:

Grill the chicken breasts. Either on a pan, grill or forman.
After the chicken is grilled, put it in a pan with half of the taco seasoning package and two tablespoons of water to allow it to soak.
Leave the chicken in the seasoning for about five min.
Meanwhile, heat up the tortillas on the stove until they begin to bubble up, that's when they are ready. (1-2 min).
Chop cilantro, and slice limes and avocado.
Put the chicken on the tortillas, add cilantro, avocado bites, fresh salsa, shredded cheese, and limes.


Prep time: 15-20 min.

Go crazy! It's the weekend!




This week I am loving:

When I got home yesterday, this darling surprise was waiting for me at my desk. Ky knows me so well and is so thoughtful! I love them! 

I am loving raspberries and strawberries! They are the perfect summer treat and they are higher in Vitamin C than even oranges! 

I love a neon accent right now.

I'm a sucker for a geometric pattern, and I'm loving these rugs. We are looking for a bedroom and living room rug for the house, so these might be contenders. 
And by the way, I am loving that in 58 days our house will be finished! (if you don't know, we are having a house built) I can't wait to flood the blog with house endeavors! :) 

This wine we tried last night- Cupcake Moscato. We're really not huge wine people, but this one is true to its name. Tastes just like a cupcake! 

Cooper's little fox tail under the coffee table. He has been so crazy lately, seeing him calm is noteworthy. 

English muffin with maybe turkey and oranges.

Yogurt, granola and berries.

I want to start eating a healthy and balanced breakfast that's high in protein and low on carbs and sugar. Suggestions are welcome! 

Happy Wednesday!



Weekend Recap, etc.

First of all, I'd like to extend a warm welcome and a river of gratitude to all my new followers. Thank you dearly for joining, you are loved and appreciated. Can't wait to get to know you lovely people! 

I spent this weekend with my parents in Seattle, and we drove across the border to Vancouver, Canada. These places are beautiful. The vegetation is so picturesque! It was pretty cold, which I didn't expect. I guess the weather channel would have helped. 

Here are some highlight pictures:

At Blenz Coffee: A Canadian "Starbucks" SO good!

Unexpected hike. I was afraid a Grizzly would come at me..

Dinner with my parents:

Most amazing caramel mochiatto: 

And here are some thoughts to start off your week:

Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me- (Isaiah 30:15 MSG)

Remember, most people live with FAR less than what you have. 

And who wouldn't melt if someone did this for you..

Hope you guys have a great week!



What I'm Loving...Friday!

This week, I am loving:

These wedges I ordered last week!!
 They should be perfect summer loves!

 My dream-come-true monogrammed necklace that Kyle surprised me with!
I am head over heels.

The Seattle Space Needle I was at last night. I am convinced the cast of Grey's Anatomy is up there.

This beautiful private island we found in the middle of Miami. We were on a little "get to know your city" adventure, and stumbled across this piece of paradise. And along the process, turned into the grandiose statue of liberty....

I am in the process of re-creating this collar, wish me luck! 
I did not want to spend $70+ on a shirt I could likely DIY.

This encouraging book that I'm reading this week. It challenges women to be like a lioness and rise up to the hurting world around us, using the strength and power that God poured within his women. 

 I am crazy about elephants lately, and this pillow makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

And this song...okay, don't judge me. One, I assume it's a really old song, but two, in my defense, I never listen to country, but stumbled upon this one, and it just made me happy. Her voice makes me laugh...no offense to her fans.
Baby girl- Sugarland.

I love that I'm going to Vancouver, Canada in a couple hours! It's a short drive from Seattle, which by the way, I am loving. 
This is my first time in both cities, and in Canada. I LOVE traveling and seeing new cities and cultures! 

Have a fantastic weekend lovely ones!




Guest Blogger: Summer Trends 2012

Hi ya'll! I am in Seattle for the weekend, so please enjoy this fabulous guest post by Tiffany, a fellow Miamian, with an impeccable fashion sense. 

Summer Trends 2012
Hello there everyone! I’m Tiffany Gonzalez from The Fashion Bible & I am so excited to be guest posting for the fabulous Nicholl Vincent.
As we approach the end of spring, we can feel summer rapidly approaching and the new trends coming about. I bring to you today the Summer Trend Report 2012! No girl dares to be caught in last season threads and although a lot of spring trends stuck around, summer brings us some new and fun fashion styles!
Orange: Orange isn’t going anywhere this summer. We saw it all spring and we’re sure to see it all summer. From shirts to dresses to pants we’ve seen this color everywhere. It’s a perfect color to add to any outfit for a splash of color, but you be careful to not overdue it or you’ll look like you stole someone’s prison jumpsuit.

Neon: I am pleased to say the neon trend is also here to stay. This is one of my personal favorites. You can wear it on your nails, shoes, accessories or clothing! Neon is a fun way to show your personality. Neon bathing suits are a perfect idea for summer or get your hands and feet ready with a neon mani/pedi! 
High Waisted Shorts: Vintage style shorts are super in for summer. From shorts with designs or just plain jean, you can wear them to the beach or out on the town with your favorite Jeffery Campbells.
Tiny Tops: Tiny tops are a go for this upcoming season. From neon crop tops to bustier style short tops, these are everywhere. You can pair them with a skirt, either long or short or with a pair of those high waisted shorts. 

Florals; Also seen in spring, florals are sticking around. Large, loud flower patterns are all the rage.  Pair some floral shorts with a cute orange button down and your right on trend and super cute! I personally love the floral pants and blazers coming out. Floral pants with a plain crop top and some banging heels and you got yourself a perfect night out outfit. 
Mixing Prints: Step outside your comfort zone with this summer trend. Grab those cheetah flats and pair em’ with your new floral shorts or blazer. Mixing prints is a bit risky, but such a fun way to play with your closet. How about some lace with tribal prints? Or galaxy patterns with animal print? Just make sure the colors all compliment each other and none of the patterns are too bold and all of you can pull this off without any extra effort. 
Pastels: Soft, pastel colors are all over the stores this season! From gorgeous mint green maxis to soft pink skinnys, this is a must have for all the fashionistas. The pastel maxi skirts and skinnys are my personal fav! They are so cute and classy. A pastel bag is also a great way to incorporate the trend.
And there you have it! Your summer trend report for 2012! Get your shopping shoes ready and hit the stores to grab these items to keep your closet ready for summer. A huge thank you to Nicholl for this opportunity and a thank you to her fab followers for reading!
Don’t forget to come check out more over at The Fashion Bible.
Xoxx dolls!
-Tiffany Gonzalez
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