Weekend Outfits

Hi ya'll!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Because I don't give my fashion devotion enough love on the blog, I want to share the outfits I wore this weekend.

Preppy on a rainy day:
Spring colors!

Patterns on another rainy day:
Light-weight striped scarf against floral chiffon and leather pants for texture.

Kyle took this picture, and sent it to me requesting it on the blog. Swish? haha

And, Amanda from "for love of a cupcake", made me a lovely little button that you guys should check out and grab! 




Happy Friday!

Coming from a die-hard Maroon 5 fan since I was a high school freshman thinking I'd grow up and marry Adam..
I leave ya'll with the world debut of Payphone, only the best new song out there. 

And a little note..

Enjoy your weekend!



Antiques and Gems

Today I had one of those "dream-come-true" moments that I had to share for your viewing pleasure. We have been visiting just about every furniture store in South Florida looking for special pieces for our home. Today though, we ran across the art district, and my heart found its place. There were antiques, foreign pieces, and the whole place was just filled with ravishing character.

I took some quick pics of a couple treasures while the owner gave us a tour and enlightened us on the history of the items. I will definitely be going back for more though!

I would die for this tub!

What a sink!

I think a couple of these chairs might be joining our abode..

Made from railroad wood from 1880! 

And this was just a little corner of the place! 

The owner told us if we go help him unload the new shipment he will give us a piece! Ahh!! 

Nothing makes my day more than discovering hidden treasures! 



What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I am loving..

These nude wedges that can be worn with just about anything! 

This lovely casual outfit!

The classic, neutral, elegant look.
The mix of rustic, classic, glamorous and modern.

The eclectic, colorful look

I love that we bought a beautiful dining room table yesterday! It's in the package so I don't have a picture, but it is a solid wood eight seater for a formal dining room. Best part though, we got it at a Macy's clearance center for $59!!!!! It was a $1,500 table that was brought to the clearance center because it had a minor scratch that we can just sand off! 
I think we are going for a mix of the three pictures above. 

My new personalized phone case! 

Pinkberry! the best of all frozen yogurts. 

And that we went on a little date in our new neighborhood yesterday :)

I hope ya'll are loving your week!




Our BIG news!

I hope you didn't think this would say..."we're preggers!" because we're notttt.
BUT, I did want to share some super exciting news with ya'll! 

We are now homeowners!!!! 

Signing the last page of a 500 page contract. The excitement and gratefulness I felt at this point brought me to tears. 

We are having it built, and will receive it July 20th!!! CAN"T WAIT! 

This is similar to what it will look like, but we get to pick most of our finishes so it will be more customized to our taste. 

We have gone through so much change in the past year. We got married, moved to a new city, I'm graduating school, and now we bought a house. To think that so much would happen in just one year is amazing. Thinking of it though, makes my heart fill with gratitude. God has been so graceful and generous when we don't deserve it. I am so humbled by this enormous blessing and hope that this house will be used to fulfill his plan and glorify him! 




Our Weekend

This weekend was fun, but certainly different. Kyle has finished his first stage of training so he's back to his abnormal schedule. He's an air traffic controller so his hours are not conventional. (See this post to read more on his career!) His days off are now Mon-Tue, so I suppose from now on that'll be our weekend. This past weekend though, he was kind enough to go out some although he was tired.

Friday, after a quick trip to the beach I went out with these two lovely ladies, Janine and Ashley, to see The Lucky One. I read the book some time ago, so I was really looking forward to the movie, and it did not disappoint! Anyone else see it and love it?? Zac Effron is quite the actor, and Taylor Schilling was gorgeous!

This is how real people look with wind-blown hair..as opposed to..


Saturday, we went to Dave & Busters with some super fun friends and had a great time. However, let me just say those little cards run out so quickly. We were out of game credit in no time.

Anyone else get so excited when they start stacking up? 

So excited about his prize..except at the last minute he decided he could live without the HEAT bear and save the tickets for an amazing blender they have. So now we're committed to getting 5000 tickets. I'll let you guys know when we get there..

And Sunday, after a great church service, we saw Lockout with some friends (don't waste your money. It's a movie about prisoners in space...) 

I hope you guys had a great weekend, and an even better week!



Anniversary Day in Atlantis!

Our final day in the Bahamas was my favorite for two reasons: It was our actual anniversary day, and we went to the dreamy Atlantis. If you've never heard of it, it's a spectacular resort that has an aquarium, water park, beaches, dolphin, sea lion and sting ray swimming pools, and a humongous lazy river  amongst other incredible activities.

Kyle and I both agreed it was the BEST place we've ever been to, and the funnest day EVER!!

Let us show you..

Getting off the ship

Nassau, Bahamas

 Okay, good story. See the tube-like thing in the background? That's a slide you go throw to be in the water with the sharks. I am really not a thrill seeker, but I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing, so why not? 

So off I go...until I reach the clear tube. I panicked. I mean crying, screaming, kicking panicked. It was so claustrophobic and terrifying. But, I'm kinda glad I did it..now I can say I "swam" with great whites. 

That's the tower power. Tons of slides in there! 

This is the massive currents. It's comparable to a lazy river, except high-risk. It's a lot of fun though. You go through caves, smoke, huge waves and drops. 

After my shark experience, I didn't do this slide because it was named the "abyss." Kyle, the thrill-seeker claimed it was scary!! 

What looks like a shadow in the back is actually Kyle inside the water. That's where the abyss slide drops into.

Touching the starfish! 

Pretty school of fish!

Bye Bahamas!!

I ate every bite..compliments of Norwegian Cruise Line.

We had a wonderful trip and are very grateful we got to go on it! 
Now back to real life!

Have a gorgeous day friends! 


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