Peeta & Katniss' Wedding

Ran across this editorial, and I had to share with you guys. It is "Katniss & Peeta's Wedding." I felt it was right on point, accompanied by a vivid imagination. Enjoy!




Hunger Games Shirts

As promised, here are the directions for the Hunger Games shirts. They are time consuming, but the end product is unique and fabulous. Unfortunately, I am not able to link a downloadable file to this post, but if you'd like the free stencil, email me at nicholl.vincent@gmail.com and I'll be glad to share it :)  

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

First, I designed the stencil, cut each letter and the logo individually and traced it onto the shirt with a fine tip, silver-metallic sharpie.

Then, I painted with gold fabric paint using a fine brush. I used cardboard inside the shirt so the paint wouldn't bleed. 

After a few hours and high hopes, the shirt turned out perfect! I stuck it in the microwave for a minute and it dried immediately. I was originally going to trace it with white paint, but I found it easier to just do silver sharpie as an outline. 

I used the same logo for the front corner or the shirt.




The Weekend

Wow, what a hectic weekend it's been! Thursday, I flew to Memphis to see the Hunger Games with my sweet friend Aubrey, because it was she who introduced me to the books over a year ago before they were famous at all, so I felt I owed it to her to see the movie together. It was a short trip, I was in Memphis in and out, but I SO enjoyed making shirts and just seeing her and the movie.

I'll put the stencil and shirt tutorial up very soon! Huge success! 

Saturday, I returned home to Miami to welcome our best friends, Mark and Morgan for a visit. I cannot explain how thrilled to see them I was. Best part is, at the end of the week when they return from their cruise they will be staying with us for a couple of days again. It was so refreshing just to be with Morgan again and go out and shop and do everything we do. Kyle and Mark are equally infatuated, and we pretty much didn't see them from the moment they reunited. That said, we pray and hope they decide to make the move to Miami!!  See her blog here.

Meeting Cooper!

Miami shopping! 

Check next weekend for more adventures with them! 

Sunday, believe or not, I went back to Memphis, this time for an appointment I had to attend in person. My amazing friend Kassie picked me up, and I got to spend the day with her. It was wonderful to be with one of my best friends and have ultimate girl time. Cake, ice cream, tons of food, and The Hills for a little old time sake.

Hanging out at Jerry's Snocones..BEST snow cones ever. A Memphis-exclusive.

Tried an all tofu meal at Mosa in Memphis, which is similar to Pei Wei. Memphis folks should try it! Very good! 

From time to time I miss this view.

Good news is, both Kassie and Aubrey just notified me that they have purchased airplane tickets to come visit me after my graduation in May! I cannot contain my excitement!!!! So much so, I fell down the stairs. Seriously. 

Although busy, I was so, very happy to see all my best friends! 

Good friends are a blessing from God.

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!




Color Craving: Smitten Mint

Mint is this Spring's lovely color. It is such a perfect mixture of turquoise and green. I am already head over heels for it, and our bank account has taken some serious mint hits. I love the color because it makes me look darker while keeping in step with living at the beach. But beyond all my reasons, I think we can all agree it's a beautiful, soothing tone. 

My favorite colors to wear it with are blush and cream with gold accessories. But, I think I may venture with something brighter, or even darker like navy or yellow. 

All best,



Jean Spring Shirts

Jean shirts can get tricky because you can't wear them with jeans, but they are perfect because you can easily wear them with everything else and accessorize them differently, creating a very versatile piece.

I found a couple springy ways to rock a jean shirt that I love and hopefully you will too.

Happy Spring!



Desserts on Vacation

I chose my five favorite desserts from my trip to Colombia to share with you guys! I LOVE dessert, I am a sweets person, and that leaves a huge understatement gap.
Dulce de Leche Waffles

Colombian fuit salad 

Banana Ice cream covered in pastry 

Lychee's Cup with orange ice cream


I hope this leaves you with the desire to dive into a pool of chocolate.

Cheers to indulging!



Sister's Spectacular Home Cont.

Like promised, here are additional photos of the Poveda home. If by now you are wondering what they do for a living, he runs a petroleum company and they are both engineers. Needless to point out, their children are little Einsteins. And that's because of their aunt, of course.

The backsplash of the stairs. 

Spa Bathroom 



The small fridge-looking apparatus is a wine refrigerator that stores wines at different temperatures according to the color of the wine. Cool huh? 
And that's Vivian pretending to cook ;) Actually, she is a master chef. 

That concludes the tour of the beautiful home I was fortunate to stay at during my visit!




Sister's Spectacular Home

Hello friends!

I have been gone all week. I was visiting my sister and her family in Bogota, Colombia, my homeland. It is always a pleasure to visit, and to see my incredibly-loved twin nephews, Simon and Sergio.
They just moved in their new home that they have been building for over a year. Wow, was it worth the wait! 6,200 square feet of pure luxury. So happy for them!

Because of the enormity of the house, I will double post so I can share bits and pieces of this alcazar of theirs.

All of their furnishings were designed specifically for their home using some of Colombia's renown designers, and materials unique to the country.

Outdoor furniture, this was made by weaving plantain leaves. Don't ask how. 

Their flower garden. Behind this, is their vegetable garden in which they produce their own organic vegetables.

Upstairs living room

Downstairs living room

Movie theatre 

Every wall in their room is protected by super heroes :) 

Outdoor living room

See the tall spikes in the corner? that is a tree trunk lamp.

Purse closet..my sister is living every girl's dream. 
Gucci, Prada, Chanel...

Possibly my favorite gadget. The upper right one is an espresso machine. 

Guest bathroom

I love that wall. It is encrusted marble. 

Indoor garden under floating stairs

12-seat formal dining

I apologize for not taking my camera with me, the quality of these pictures don't do it justice. 

Isn't it dreamy?



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