Living Room Revamp

Over the past week, we have performed a couple changes. I am a change person. Something can't look the same for more than...three days. Okay, maybe a couple months. Give me a break.

See those purple curtains? I hated those hideous things. I sound angry, I'm really not...
 Now we have soft gray ones that match the middle gray pillow. They are good for sun-blocking, and definitely for aesthetics, and to soothe the anger. 

New rug!! The last one was getting thin and dingy, so my generous husband offered to buy me a new shaggy and super comfy one. It looks really good and Cooper loves to lay on it:)

This is the main change. I know I have promised no paint in rented places in the past, but for some strange reason, my alter ego keeps coming back to tell me stripes are acceptable. Kyle was not thrilled about more paint. He said no in the beginning. Then, I bribed him with Yogurtland and he quickly gave in. In fact, he proposed just one thick stripe around the canvases for contrast. 
So, off he went. It only took him about 30 min. to tape and paint. I offered my expertise, but he said it would only mess things up. Okay, he didn't say it, but I know he thought it. All he said was, "I got it." Yeah, we all know what that means. Whatever, now I just get to enjoy the pretty little, big stripe. It definitely adds contrast and makes the canvases stand out without making the room dark. 

What do you think? 

In the DIY'ng spirit,



Weekend fun

I feel like every weekend I say "this weekend was exceptionally fun."Weekends just make me so happy. I guess the fact that we get to spend time together, relax, do fun things, get to know Miami a little better, and hang out with friends.

The recap of our weekend:

Friday night we went to RA Sushi. It's this very cool sushi bar, where they have the best sushi happy hour. Then, for dessert we went to Cold Stone, and lastly came home and built a fort to watch movies in. Yes, we are three and build forts.

 What I wore:
On Saturday, we went to Ikea, did a little shopping, and visited the alligators in the Everglades. We live just a couple miles from them (keep us in your prayers), so Kyle wanted to go see them. I was not quite as thrilled, and I was wearing heels, so it was quite the experience. 

Sweet little babies huh?

Sunday, after church we had lunch with friends and Christina and I went to get our nails done after. Big news:
I usually get shellac, but I don't like the limited colors. Well, this salon allowed me to use essie on top of a shellac base. Amazeeee. We'll see if it lasts as long, I'll keep you posted. 

What I wore:

Sunday night we went over to our friend Jenine's house and we had some tasty Puerto Rican cuisine while watching the Heat game. 

I hope your weekend was filled with sweets, relaxation and funny people. 




Wedding Cake Link Up

Today we're linking with The Magnolia Pair to show our wedding cake!

I LOVED this cake.
It was delicious, and beautiful.
The flowers were edible, and intricately delicate.

Top- Chocolate, raspberry filling
Second tier- Chocolate, strawberry filling
Third tier- Wedding vanilla, buttercream filling
Fourth tier- Wedding vanilla, pinapple filling

This was Kyle's fun control tower cake.
We didn't get to try it...
I'm sure it was edible.

I adore, love, am enchanted by, fascinated, and much more by sweets. So, needless to say, I enjoyed my cake.

More to come on our wedding soon :)
Don't you wish you could go back to that day and make it last just a littttle bit longer?


-The Vincents


Kyle's big day!

Kyle is a stellar air traffic controller. He works in the control tower directing airplanes. No, he doesn't wave the orange cones on the runway like everyone thinks, including myself when I first met him ;)

This career appears as number one on the most stressful jobs list. He is in control of thousands of lives and he has to be 150% focused at all times. Clearly not the job for me.

He went to school for this in Pittsburgh, PA and was first hired and certified by the FAA in Memphis, TN, which is where I got the honor to meet this admirable man. To make compact a very long story, Kyle was chosen from over a hundred candidates to transfer to Miami. One of the busiest, and highest level air spaces in the world. As if the job wasn't stressful already.

Ready to take the challange, we moved across the country. In this career, every controller has to be certified in each facility he goes to. In Miami, this is a five-year training process. Throughout this process, he is required to take a number of "practical tests," in which if he misses ONE question, he is sent back to his originating facility.

Today, he takes his first test, so I wanted to take the time to express my deep admiration for the brilliant man that he is. 

He performs flawlessly at his job, which I, along with every flyer, am very grateful for, but beyond that, as his wife, I appreciate that he always comes home cheerful and happy. Like if at work he got to play video games all day. He doesn't carry the weight of his job on his shoulders, but he displays the "light and easy yoke of the Lord."

As he does everyday, I know today God will enlighten him, guide him and shield him.
And I will stand beside him, proud, knowing that my best friend is dazzling, sharp and wonderful.


-Cooper, Simon & Sergio

Taylor Swift Style Inspiration

Yesterday, I shared a bit of my own fashion icon, Kourtney Kardashian, and after that, while talking to my friend Kelly, who is a big Swift fan,  I got the idea of compiling some Taylor Swift outfits, for all the Taylor addicts out there.

It is especially challenging to dress like Taylor because one, she is extremely tall, and two, she wears vintage (hard-to-find) dresses more often than not. But, some key pieces of hers are:

Plaid shirts
Waist belts

These are easy to find on a low budget: Forever 21, H&M, ASOS, Cotton On, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Old Navy.

White Tee- TJ MAXX has the best!

Patterned dress with a cream cardigan, easy enough!

Navy skirt, easy Forever 21 find, white chiffon blouse and belt.

Heart top, (Charlotte Russe) Jeggings (American Eagle has the best)

Striped sweater, jeans and some red flats.

All black, red beanie.

Plaid shirt, beanie (super cheap at Forever) and combat boots (Urban Outfitters)

Black skirt, t-shirt, pink cardigan

This skirt I last saw at Old Navy

Riding boots, striped tank.
Plaid with belt,
 dress with black blazer and tan sandals
 jeans, black leather jacket, black boots and a headband.

13 Outfits later, her fave number too, you can easily look like Taylor with some basic wardrobe pieces.

Take pics and show me if you try this, and feel free to request celeb inspirations!

Fittingly, have a sparkling, enchanted day!



Kourtney Kardashian-Inspired

Kourtney Kardashian is my beloved style mentor. The reason being, most of the outfits I see her wear (stalking her blog), I can usually come up with something similar from my own closet. She is characteristic for combining high end pieces with more affordable ones. I err more on the affordable side.

Just a couple outfits I have recreated:

Simple H&M striped top and black leather jacket

Lazy, oversized cotton-on wool sweater, black riding boots.

Lace top (wet seal), puffy black skirt (forever 21), beaded headband (aldo accessories) 

Cotton on leopard skort, H&M basic white tee and black blazer.

High waist black shorts, white collar button up shirt (Dillards) black blazer (Dillards)

Oh, the things I'd do for a sliver of her closet, but since that's not likely to happen, I will continue to create my own heaven on earth. 


-Nicholl & Cooper's assistance 


God, The Planner.

By no means is this my attempt at being inspirational. I am just sharing something that I've learned to be helpful.

I have recently noticed how much we struggle with "what I am supposed to do next?"...after I get  graduate, what kind of job will I get? Will I get a job? How will I pay bills?  And so on. Our constant anxiety about what lies ahead.
Last week I felt God really spoke to me about this area.
All of our questions vary, but I learned the following:

Often I don't know what I want, even if I think I do. What I think I want, whether I get it or not, may be destructive and wrong, I just don't know that. But God does. (All a person's ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord. Prov.16:2). He knows the deepest desires of our hearts before we do, and just as he promised, he will give those to us because he has a plan for us. A good plan. One that is not destructive or harmful, but bright and suitable. And as with every good planner, he is right on schedule.

I tend to rush through things, to want them now, and I know many people share the sentiment. But sometimes a good thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. And only God knows that, for he gets to see the whole picture, and we don't.

So, I will change my prayers. I won't beg for that job, for that school, for that which I think I want. I will pray that God fullfills my desires according to his will and plan. And I will trust that he is never late.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord ... (Psalm

I will instruct you and teach you in the way should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Psalm 32:8)
The Lord will guide you continually ... (Isaiah 58:11)

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass ... Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. (Psalm 37:4,7)


- Nicholl


Gold Monogrammed Necklace

Number one on my wish/save for list. 

My heart just melts...

Food Festivals

Miami turned the heat up this weekend, so in celebration we visited a couple fresh markets and food festivals. They were so much fun! One we visited on Sunday was being filmed by the food network and had some delicious foods! We bought some amazing pickles, olives, and guacamole. All of them organic and made by small local shops. Showing some love to the local markets!  
Meet Dr. Pickle. He was a blast, and check out the pickle shoes.

Natasha was wearing the most adorable Tiffany blue dress, I had to share. 
We had a friend-filled, organic, food-comma weekend. Hope you guys had a beautiful weekend as well! Also hope you all enjoy a long President's Day break because I'll be at work...



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